Thursday, October 18, 2012

Not bothering to catch up

Because it's been too long. Running has been pretty hit and miss; between last post and now Ive had a cold, cross country and work are kicking my butt, and Im barely getting the runs in. No long runs. And no marathon or half marathon for me this coming weekend. I totally screwed up. I shifted focus away from the marathon when time and bad runs got in my way. I then didn't register for anything, despite having 3 nice choices.  So without a goal, then with sickness, I let things go. Im still running 4-5 times a week; but it's junk miles, calorie burning miles, not training.  Im going through the motions. 

Cross Country is going really well.  My team is running well and my kids have ran particularly well, being very proud of themselves and improving with each race in some way.
Yesterday was Regionals. Both of my girls ran as Intermediates so that they had a good chance of going to Provincials.  I knew Holly could do the distance because she did 5 km with me in June so 4 km was NBD. But she did get herself a little worked up and was really scared about the increased distance from 3 km as a Junior.

She didnt need to worry since she went through the added distance with a smile on her face and mud on her shoes :) I believe she had a lot of fun!
She finished 33/47 and 3rd in her school. 

I love this picture of her heading for the finish line with her coach in the background cheering her on! :):)

Taylor looked super strong on her run, although she doesnt feel it was a good race, with her chest being tight and she said she didnt feel good.  I think she looked fine :)

 unfortunately one of their team members was DQd and they did not make provincials by 2 points :( but it was a great race for all of these girls and Im super proud of them. 

The kids really are racing more than I am lol.

It's too bad that my running takes a dive during the best running weather; despite our tone of rain it's been nice, warm and sunny some days too :). And my time isn't m own :( soccer for the kids ends soon; basketball might take its place. There is always something. Hockey is taking a lot of time; but its never seemed so busy as it has this fall.
May pick a closer race this Sunday and just go to it ;) it's been ages. I had to miss the most local fall race and I want another before the Lucky 7 Relay in November.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2012 Beer Mile

Was run on a trail loop in the rain on a warm day and was a success!  :)

I decided after the last time, I could likely run a lot faster although I doubted I could drink faster.  LOL the first time was a hot day and I think that was much better for beer drinking than the cool, rainy day we ended up on this year.

I arrived with my beers to find there was another female running this year!  I had to really defend my title!


beer was drunken, then a 1/4 mile lap was run.
First lap, was bubbly and burpy. Most of the run was both.

Second beer was messy lol. 

 Now that is a bad race photo :)

The trail was muddy and had tonnes of water on it. Entertaining :)

3rd beer, 3rd lap unnoteworthy except that is where I passed the other girl.

4rth lap was kinda gross.  I felt bloated like Santa and although I could burp and had no nausea, I just felt terribly uncomfortable from 4 full cans of beer. And on that lap, naturally the first beer was kicking it took more concentration than the other laps to make sure feet were carefully placed. 

  So much a better photo....or not.

Time?? Under 12 minutes!   YAY~  4 beer and a mile done! 

What a brave, foolish bunch! 

Til next time, remaining Women's champ ;) at least at beer drinking/running.

2012 km Goal