Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Keeping Up with the Masters

We have become those people I always felt bad for; the ones that seem to be always doing way too much and seem overwhelmed by it.  I always kind of (and still do) think that sometimes some people make a bigger deal of it than it is....like posting on facebook or telling you in person about how they had to drive this kid here and that kid there and then go and do and buy and making it sound like the biggest burden.  But sometimes when someone asks what we've been doing and I actually tell them?  I get the "omg I dont know how you do it".   Ya just do. I try to resist putting it on Facebook because I dont want the sarcasm, but sometimes it comes out here on this blog and it's just what is it, people!  It's just our busy life!  And that comes with having 3 kids and wanting them to be "in stuff" rather than sitting at home with their iPods and TV screens. 

We were trying to figure out a schedule last week that allowed Scott an overnight trip and I just about lost my mind. There were too many things going on each night for me to even consider single parenting, being in 4 places at once!  :( We figured out a night and he went but it wasnt without stress. 

I realise this time will pass when hockey ends and before soccer starts, and 4H gets rediculous busy, but right now it is still overwhelming.  And I cannot believe in the middle of it all I am marathon training! 

Im not complaining. I think we do best when we are busy.  As long as there are enough parents to get all of the kids to their events at the same time, we function ok like this.  Well sometimes, I mean there are stressful times when people's nerves get a little frayed, but mostly when we are running around things go ok.

Of course we dont have 5 minutes to get things done so most stuff is getting part done and mostly not.

Running is actually still on track which is simply amazing at this point.  The long runs are getting done and its' not overly hard. Of course I have not managed to finish a long run in the last 2 weeks because of STUFF.  Ive come close once but just not getting it.  But running continues and its good.  Last summer I had all sorts of trouble with being sick on long runs and being just miserable. Lately it's not been a problem; I wonder if its because its not HOT.  I hate being cold but it seems to agree with my running!

Since I last logged on Valentine's day, Ive done a 21.1 km run with Toni.  She really should not have done this run with me but she was game and its so much better with someone!  We started out a little late and ran through the sunset into dark, when you could no longer see the puddles and we ended up IN them a lot. We stopped at a friend's house along the way and I changed into dry socks but can't do much about the shoes :( Ice puddle hopping should be considered cross training. This run was supposed to be a 22.4 km run but we cut it short at 21.1 km 2:24:17 before we had to climb the big ass hill on the way back to her house; her hubby picked us up and drove us back to her house/my car.  It was late, way after 7 pm and pitch dark.  The bath I had that night was awesome. 
Hockey the next morning at 7 am was really tiring. After cleaning up we headed to the city where Annika played hockey at the Metro Center :)

Although it was very exciting for them, they actually werent all that impressed by it all. We enjoyed it, but Annika was all like...just another rink. Yeah the rink that the MOOSEHEADS play in.  NBD ;)
We killed the rest of the afternoon wandering around in the rain and then in the evening we enjoyed an actual Mooseheads game, before heading home late and sleepy :)

Sunday there was more hockey, and then hockey for me, and then more hockey for Annika, and then I played soccer.  It's tiring :) I was really sore on Saturday from the run the day before, but normal sore, not scary sore.

Monday was a rest day.  That's 3 days of not running.  Its not a perfect schedule but it's ok for now. There were way too many kid events that needed to be attended.

Tuesday nooner hockey was good, then after picking up kids I went for a run on the 5.5 mile loop near my home. Included the HILL.  It was nice out. Holly had an extra hockey practice.

Wednesday I see nothing on the calendar. Ooops. Last week's running was a little patchy. loads of Wednesday night activities although some were cancelled yay!

Thursday was another 5.5 mile run (coincidence) around work.  I think it was before I picked up kids. There were Thursday night things planned :)

Friday Taylor ended up being very sick. I went home from work to be with her, and later when she seemed settled I went for a long run; I had 24 km on my plan but only made it abuot 15 km before Taylor called and asked me to come home so I had Scott pick me up in town on his way home from Holly's Additional hockey practice; 17.65 km before he caught up with me. 

Saturday morning hockey at 7 am was again rough.  I got up ok and wasnt sore but my legs were tired and I wasnt really having any fun; we had such a busy day planned and I was standing on the ice when I realised; I was wasting time being unhappy on the ice when I was so busy, so I left a little early.  I went home and did some housework while Scott took Annika to hockey; AND SHE SCORED HER FIRST GOAL.  I should have known, it was coming and I should have been there!  So happy for her!

We took Holly to hockey over in New Glasgow and then visited my aunt and her family for awhile and supper before running back to Truro where Holly had yet another hockey practice.  Provincials are coming!  Much later Scott and I went to a hockey game with some other couples and that was tonnes of fun.  And really hard. We skated with no spares for most of the 65 minutes we had the ice. IT was exhausting.  We had some drinks afterwards and tumbled home into bed around 1 am. 
And were up early again Sunday for Annika's hockey game in Debert.  After she played we went to the Mic Mac Trail for some snowshoeing!  

Great exercise and great fun in chilly but not too cold temps and some great snow!  It was deep and fluffy and right for snowshoeing!

The kids were so tired when we got home but it was almost time for me to go to hockey so no rest for the weary! 
hockey was ok, I played defence and we tied with no score.
After supper was a soccer game which I didnt want to go to as my head was aching in that nasty pounding way; but I went and I did score a goal so we tied that game 1-1. 
And then home and to bed.
Monday morning came way too soon and Taylor and Holly were both feeling off but went to school and I waited all day for them to call to go home.  I ran just before it was time to pick them up; 6.4 km in sunny weather :)  Holly had a hockey practice last night and we put them through Dryland before that. Bed time was another wonderful experience; lol my fav time of the day!

Now it is Tuesday and its already been a hell of a morning.  Holly is home sick and it's Taylor's birthday and she is gone to school but still isnt feeling so well.  Im taking her to the doctor tomorrow. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's been...

14 days since my last post!  14!!  The blogging of the days has not gone so well but the runs are going fine! Well mostly.  Around the weather, we are making it work!

I didnt run or bike on that last Thursday; I think it was just crappy and my house was warm and there is SO much to do on Thursday nights, I just didn't. 

Cross Country Trail at St. FX

Friday was a 4 mile run :) We were in Antigonish for a hockey tournament with Holly so it was an away run;  it was REALLY cold but the sun was out and I took advantage of a lull between games to get out on the streets and trails.  Yeah Trails because much of the snow was melted and refrozen, and it was easy running on trails :) I enjoy getting to run somewhere different!

Saturday morning Hockey was good warmup
Because Saturday afternoon I went for my long run; 19.2 km in the schedule turned into 21 km at -17 yay; but it was sunny and a pleasant run; I felt pretty crappy during part of it when thewind was face on, and felt fine when it wasnt.  I actually called home for a pick up at about 20 km but that ride never came and I did the entire thing.   It was good.  2:17:37 in that cold was totally Hard Core LOL. Pace wasnt great but running in snow and ice is hard work!  I'll take it!

Sunday we were away early for Antigonish again because the girls had somehow managed to come in first in their division and were in the semifinal game.  They won that and went to the final game where they lost in a very long shootout :( it was a hard loss for them :( I actually went for a teensy run but was in a lot of discomfort in the pelvis; it felt like I was broken!  lol was better the next day!

I missed hockey due to the tournament. The weather going home was absolutely terrible; we were happy to be home.  There was a meeting that evening for the Truro Triathlon Club which has become a reality!  :) I am excited about the possibilities this summer with training and completing a triathlon!

Monday as always is nuts at work and no run happened. 

Tuesday I managed to get to 30 minutes of noon hockey, and then later I went for a run; ive no idea where but it was 6.8 km.  :)

Wednesday after a long day of working I met Dara for 5 km and then continued on for 5.6 more, finishing 10.6 and making a huge mistake by forgetting my keys for my office, where my car keys were locked up; I was so cold!  I was lucky when a coworker walked by and let me into the schooll so I could pick up Taylor and get home :)

Thursday was a day off,
Friday morning we were up early to get Taylor on a bus for Quebec; Farthest and longest trip away!  Friday was long run day this week because we were expecting a blizzard on the weekend :) I ran to Toni and in total completed 15.1 km.  and it was COLD.  Theme?  I had a cold coming on and was trying to be kind to it; sort of ;)

Saturday we woke to a lot of snow and blowing so I went back to bed rather than hockey.  I spent some time resting and some time knitting and some time marking assignments, and then finally headed out for some snowshoeing with the kids and friends. 

It was super nice out despite the wind and snow, and we had a great time!  We finished off with supper and then visited friends and played pool all evening ;)

Sunday morning we woke to worse snow than Saturday!  It was heavily snowing and blowing and kept that up all day!  we were tired and cranky, housebound and feeling it!  We helped a friend move a tree from her driveway (OK Scott did, I ate pancakes ;)) and then I had hockey which I played goalie; I sure could have used some higher-intensity exercise that day!  Soccer was cancelled, all of the kids stuff was cancelled so it was a low key weekend. Totally complicates next weekend tho!

Back to Monday!  Which despite a busy day at work and Holly's dryland training in the evening, I managed while Holly had hockey practice to get in a 4 mile run on very dark roads with another hockey mother.  She had a light and we went out 2 miles and back; It was actually very nice! 
Tuesday was a crappy day so I went to the treadmill and watched The Following while running 10.3 km.  It was hilarious because the show was scary and I almost fell off the treadmill a few times when something scared the crap out of me. It was on headphones so I think it was just really loud and sudden which threw me off.  :)

Wednesday after work I met Toni again and we did 8.3 km on some pretty wet puddly sidewalks. Totally soaked shoes.  I love winter in NS. One day its a foot of snow then it's puddles.

So the running is still sort of on target and although slow, none are overly taxing. Its all good! 

2012 km Goal