Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Post

Im not training for anything at the moment so its been a little bit difficult to motivate. Hopefully the New Years Resolution will help.
Last year I wrote down almost 900 km of run. I didnt include all the runs and I didnt always get them accurately but when it matters I will have a secretary to do that for me ;) until then I will wing it.
In 2010 I intend to increase distance to 1500 km. Maybe a little bit optimistic but it breaks down to less than 5 km a day so its totally doable. I also would like to shed a few more pounds and inches. I bought a scale today; my first scale ever. It does body fat analysis and hydration status. Now Im not stupid enough to think this would be an accurate measure but it might be interesting and might give an idea of trends. And hydration could be interesting; Id love to see what it is before and after a run lol.
I also want to try to do something active daily. The tv just had a commercial that mentioned that 60 minutes a day of activity. Where do people find the time? There isnt that much I can just leave out of most busy days. maybe I should walk instead of eating? lol. no wasted minutes.

I ran on New Years day. It was cold and snow kept me on the road but I did the 5 km run. I did not run on the 2nd of Jan; a snow/rain mix kept me in, I still have this lingering cold and cough and Im not pushing it in cold rain. I did however play hockey so I did some activity and feel ok about that. Maybe a little Wii Fit tonight? Gotta get back on that thing sometime soon.

Tomorrow- still expecting crappy weather but I will get out if possible even if just for a run up and down the hill. a couple of repeats would do the job.

5 km down, 1495 to go.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, good job getting out there!!!! I've been there...trying to run but having no goal race. Ugh.

But now I have a dog and a elliptical to motivate me! Yay!!!

Hope you keep up the pace!

2012 km Goal