Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cross Country is really OVER :(:(:(

Cross Country season ended on Monday and although this gives me a teensy bit more time to do things like write blog posts and spin off bows, and maybe even some work stuff, Im still intensely sad to see it end. The reality that some of these kids I will not see anymore because they are going to graduate is setting in. While there will be times I will run into them and see them at the end of year party, it wont be the same.
But all good things come to an end and there will be new kids next year...SIGH.

I did get my run in last Tuesday afternoon before picking up the little kids. It was good :) I ran around town a bit, down through industrial park and up to Walmart.  Across from Walmart/Kent there was a small field and I had to stop and watch for a bit because there was an odd group there; 3 deer and a fox were staring back at me.  They were so close together! One of the deer pretended it was alarmed that I was watching and put on a little snorting, hopping away show...but none went far. Pretty cheeky.
8.05 km 47:38 minutes.

Wednesday I saw the Osteopath again.  Im not sure if you can tell a difference after 3 visits or if I should be? No idea. But with a little less running and seeing her my knee doesnt seem to be bothering me much at all. Wednesday was therefore a rest day.  I had some spare time in the afternoon and the kids and I went for a nice walk.

Thursday was pouring rain!  LOL It was a busy day for me with Scott picking up the kids and my lab going late; it was easy run day and I hirried to the park in my work clothes to send the XC kids off on their last easy run before deciding what I was to do. It was not just raining there were rivers everywhere but it was super warm; 19 C!  I found a small group of dedicated runners and Lavinia waiting for me there so I changed quickly and Lavinia and I headed up into the park behind the kids and wandered around on the trails for an hour!  It was SUPER pretty; leaves on the ground everywhere (hiding roots and bumps oops) and tonnes of ankle deep water. After the first while trying to keep feet dry (ha) I gave up and just paddled through the water.  Some areas were foggy and were like running through a dryer vent; hot!  Other areas were cool. The river was running way high and the falls were exciting! Where was my camera? In my dry car ;)
Estimated 10.5 km in 1:02 ish. Pretty fast considering we walked up some of the steepest hills.  One of the best runs I have had lately :) I need more run companionship!

Friday was clearer and cooler.  I made it to Holly's hockey practice for 6:40 am and had a good skate with her for 50 minutes; brutal way to start a long work day LOL
We met the XC team at the park for their last hard workout before Provincials and the end of the season :(  It was not too hard a workout, 4X30 seconds then 6X90 seconds with equal rests.  I did the workout with them although not toooo hard LOL.  afterwards there was a little bit of Parkour (which seems to be them clowning around and climbing everything in sight) "Parkour (sometimes abbreviated PK) is a method of movement focused on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency. Originally developed in France, the main purpose of the discipline is to teach participants how to move through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing and jumping. Traceurs (parkour practitioners) train to be able to identify and utilize alternate or the more efficient paths. Parkour can be practiced anywhere, but areas dense with obstacles offer many different training opportunities."  Then they had a contest to see who could gather rocks and build an inuksuk fastest. I think I see more team-building opportunities next year :)

Saturday was busy "sigh" with hockey for me, bows, hockey for Holly, Hockey for Annika, and then more bows before the 4H Auction fundraiser in the evening. Not an early night.
Sunday there was more hockey for Annika (X2) and me (X2) and Holly (X1) plus Taylor had Drama, the kids all went to church, more bows got "done", and we had the XC Pasta Dinner party at Lavinia's place.

We had a little bit of yoga before heading in to the fooooood which was so good and there were games and coach presents which were SO incredibly sweet :):):) Im so going to miss my team!

 I had to leave the party early for our 2 hockey games; this season is going to be a little brutal I suspect; some unpleasant changes to our team might be hard to overcome :( I did get a very pretty goal, popping a pass up over the goalie :) Could not do that if I meant to! lol.  I need to learn to lift the puck.

Sunday night could not come soon enough for me UGH!

No running for 2 days; Monday came in nice and foggy and I worked for a couple of hours before heading away to Halifax's Point Pleasant Park for the XC Provincials!  The park is beautiful LOL and we had a nice 2 km walk through on the course before the race start, and I did get a chance to run a warm up with some of the team members :) And spent the day running...from the bottom of the hill to the top and back at least 25 times ;) then to finish and to our cozy tent staging area overand over :) It was another exciting day which came out sunny with fog and temps up and down but no real wind; perfect running weather.  The teams had good races with Senior Boys taking a bronze medal.  Lots and lots of good running and an awesome course (sure, I know I didnt run it ;))

Tuesday was back to early morning class and long day at work; it started raining in the morning but I steeled myself and went for a 6.5 km run after lunch; it was not cold (9C) and the rain (more like a heavy heavy drizzle) was pretty wet.  39:20 minutes.

Annika and the Golden Jersey
After drying up and another meeting I was able to go get Annika and take her to hockey practice; I forgot my skates and was useless in the warm room.  House was cold and damp when we got home; Fall is so hard temps wise as it's often too warm to keep a fire going but too damp and chilly to have none :( so shivery waiting for house to warm up. 

And now it is Wednesday and I managed to get a run in at supper time before going home to family :) 8.7 km 52:45 minutes and I felt awesome BUT had some knee and hamstring issues :(

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NSAC Homecoming 5km Trail Race

Still having fun!  I think I need a vacation. Away from real life.

Managed a run last Tuesday :) 8.2 km in 50:36 which isnt awful :( Just short of what I hoped it would be.  I think Tuesday night I might have taken one of the kids to hockey. I cannot remember LOL Yes it was Annika who had hockey. They were being evaluated.

Wednesday is always a long day not made any easier by a longish lab in the afternoon. I am sad that I cannot join my XC team in a good Yoga workout; work is interferring with my fun! LOL After lab Holly had hockey so more rink time and socializing;)

Thursday I ran before lab I think lol I did a test 5 km run to check pace and was not unhappy to see 28:30 for 5.2 km which is a 5:29 pace.  And I thought it was pretty slow on the roads :) More hockey for Holly that night.

Friday; off to Antigonish for the Cross Country Regional competition. Our runners did SUPER well, trying hard for banners and taking 2nd in Senior boys and 3rd in Senior Girls and Intermediate boys. Our one intermediate girl made top 15 and will compete at Provincials next week :)

So running Friday would have been difficult. There may have been some time at the meet but I would have been sweaty and uncomfortable and it drizzled most of the day so I kind of just didn't. Besides I was running around from place to place trying to see our runners in as many places as possible!  It was a fun day! And I ate at McDonalds for the first time in like a  year.  I NEVER leave that place thinking Hmm that was good. I did have a milkshake and no matter how much plastic is in them and how many calories (560 for a small GASP) I still did enjoy it. I miss smoothies and milkshakes that never seem to get made anymore.

Saturday was the NSAC 5 km Homecoming run. It was on the trail this year, with 2 laps around the Bible Hill Rec Park before heading back up the trail to the ending. That trail is pretty rolling with hills; and at the park we had to climb a steep hill back up to the trail...twice! LOL It was challenging!  I played hockey first thing in the morning and although I knew I might be a little tired I was still kind of surprised at how heavy my legs felt when I was warming up.  It quite worried me!  But once the race started I sort of forgot about it.  Too busy thinking about climbing and coming down! LOL  the weather had started out kind of rainy in the morning but was totally sunny and quite warm by this time and sweat was pouring :) A very humid day; I love NS weather that has us facing snow last week and a Humidex this week. 
So we all started in the woodlot parkinglot, and ran a little loop around to the end of the trail, where we headed up hill. up up up lol.  We ran behind the farm complex, where it was later reported there was a bear the night before. lol  Then we ran along the edge of a drop off to the river, to the rec park. When I made the turn I could see the front runners already heading towards us for their second loop (while I was starting my first).  The loop was about a km long I think. I was passed the first time on the way down. We went around the ball field where there was ankle deep water.  And then crossed a parking lot with some "trash" in it. lol What is WRONG with people? Then back up the hill where I was passed by some members of my XC team :):) Did my second loop and it was slippery in the mud on corners :) and just as I was ending I passed some people just starting their second; that was kind of neat.  I headed back up the trail, never did catch my rabbit as she was quite speedy :) But I caught up to a fellow I ran the Cabot Trail run with, Im not sure he knows me but I remember him, he's been on our team both times I ran it.  We ran together until just before the end when I just couldnt stay with him; I finished to the cheers of my team and friends :):) and was in place 42 overall; I checked my time and it was super close to my watch at 28:20 ish.  I liked my time. I was in the open category which apparently means no freaking category at all; those people between 20 and 39 who belong no place; I was SECOND in that non-category but there is no age-group award for those people; I dont need a medal but it sure would have been nice to have that recognition!  :P Very happy with my run on tired legs and my time :)  We had a half decent meal (with water; no drinks, and not enough rice crispie squares for everyone?) with the team members who came out, and then I had to go to the Ex grounds to see how the Fall Fair Open Holstein show was going; Taylor was working with a farm there with her father and they were busy and showing. I went home for bows and mowed the front lawn before the littles came home. Saturday night was "another" early night for us!

Sunday was WAY too busy with hockey, and BBQ, and more hockey; and a band concert for Taylor; I did not get a long run in. I had thought I might in the afternoon but I was doing bows and it started kind of raining and I was hanging out with the kids and I just did not go. Not like it matters. Im not training for anything I guess :)

Monday I ran my first 4 km with the XC team, we did 4X30 second intervals of not quite full effort, with a rest between, then 2X4 minute intervals of race pace, then 2 more 30 second sprints and some cool out; before heading off to pick Taylor up from band; while I waited for her I took a few minutes and did 3 km in the park and around the school for 7 km total in 40:22.  Thought I might get a little more in later but got busy at home and ended up sleeping ;)

Bringing us back to Tuesday. I have planned to run after lunch and before XC; have to pick up little kids and it's a bit confusing with the Choir and some sort of a sign language thing afterward; I suspect if I dont run before 3 I wont be running at all today SIGH.  And tomorrow is a long day here so I dont hold out any hopes for then; plus I have an Osteo appt and I wont be able to run afterwards :):):)

Running is going ok; life is really busy and as much as I hate to think it; I don't actually think I CAN do it all SIGH.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time Flies when you are Crazy Busy. Don't talk to me about Fun.

Where has time been flying? I cannot believe it is the middle of October (well almost) and students are starting to talk about MIDTERMS and I was like huh? Midddd terms?  Um. Crap. Where is my fall going?

Since we last talked, I have NO idea what Ive been up to. Lemme see if I can remember  ;)

Saw the Osteopath and had another rest day.

Run less than usual.

Spent a lot of time standing in my room spinning up bows and watching On Demand tv and movies.

Started Hockey and Im aching head to toe.

Skated with the kids.

Annika got her cast off. Her arm is more sore now than before. And stiff.

Taylor started school band. She is playing a French Horn.

OH I know where the time suck went. PRO SHOW.  Spent 3 days at the Ex grounds with the kids and their calves. Holly's calf won it's class. Taylor's was buried deep in 7th place.

It rained for 8 days. Starting to look at the shed and think that wood would have made a great ark. Our roof leaked. YIKES.

During that rain we ran the finish line for the last XC regular season meet. Regionals are this week.

KM Count for year has reached 1375 (almost).

Had thanksgiving weekend.  We had company at our house.

Had turkey dinner. Just one. Having leftovers today for lunch :):):)

missed my planned fall Marathon. It was this weekend past :(:(:(

Cleaned up the back gardens somewhat and started the front ones.

Read a book.

I clearly need to get more sleep.

I had like 3 runs last week which is ok; had some rest and actually my knee seems to feel a little better. Rest? Osteo?  Foam rolling? Not doing Nearly enough of that.

Ive not had a long run in 8 days. And that run was shorter than usual. Time is just not on my side, and I was getting that run in between rain showers so I was just lucky to get it done.  XC is almost over and then rather than being easier to get in runs it will actually get harder.  I know. But I use that time to run quite often. Not today :) Annika plays hockey after school and choir.  We had a thanksgiving practice yesterday and that is the only reason I got my run in. 

But today I feel a little more under control. Maybe we will finish painting the shed, cleaning up the lawn, and trimming the driveway.  Maybe. Only limited sunlight left and days are getting cooler. We have had some amazing weather this week; last week it snowed. SNOW!. And then it was like 23 C this weekend. We wore shorts. Confuse much?  Its hopefully going to be nice today at some point. I have some run to do :) 

2012 km Goal