Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 31

If I dont start getting out every second day, Im going to go nuts! LOL its awfully hard to get out of bed....while everyone else sleeps...

Adding more hills to the run, I ran down Glenwood to Willow, which is all downhill, got to the connector road and ran to Walmart which is all up hill, then down Wade street which is down hill, over to the Cobequid trail to go home, where I met Laura and she ran part way with me which always makes things a little faster.
Gotta start increasing distance if I am doing the Cobequid 10 km.

Monday, July 28, 2008


So glad to have my blog back was checked as spam? huh. no one even reads it, who was I spamming? ha
Not getting out every second day as hoped. Got out last Tuesday, then Friday, then today (Monday) again. Not often enough, but the runs are getting better. If I stretch during the run my hips dont hurt as bad although that doesnt always work, its something to keep up.
I only did a little over 6 km this morning. It has been extremely hot. I hope the humidity leaves soon. It can leave the hot but not the humid lol
planning to run again wednesday.

Friday, July 18, 2008

July 17

Managed to get out for a run in the morning at 7 am which is a great time to be running (although not the best time to be awake SIGH I love sleeping) but anyway it was cooler and clearer and very nice.
Had to be a shorter run because the kids needed to be to the dentist by 8 am, so I only went for 8 and 10 minute sets. Run was shorter at about 4.5 KM but still by near the end my hips were painful and dragging my feet forward was really unpleasant. SIGH.

Still good to get out for a run. Will go again on Saturday. Trying for every second day now that Scott is home again.

Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11

Aching aching hips. I wonder if I should be doing some sort of stretch that would keep my hips from absolutely killing me after about 4 km.
Not too cool this morning but better than waiting til the heat of the day has sapped all energies :)

I find running the roads I run further than I would on the trail; its just less monotonous and more interesting. PLus you take this road, and that road, and you dont stop when youre tired, you stop when you get to the end of this road. and That road. and if you need more distance, add another loop.

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 1

I didnt get a good photo for my July 1 photo this month but I do have one that will have to do ;)

July 7

Been doing a few runs on the trail since last week, taking the kids sometimes on their bikes. Getting fairly far; have issues with the trail being too flat, I am sure its going to kick my ass to run on hills.
its also gotten far too hot most of the time for running with the kids. They complain a lot lol.
I got up early this morning (ok earlt for me) and was running by 8 am and since the fog has not burnt off it was tolerable. I ran down the streets and over some nice gravel by the train tracks to get some different terrain. I also ran sets of 11, and only had to alter one for darned stop lights (I dont like running in town, it wrecks my stride lol)
I think getting outta bed and running straight away is nasty. I had a sore back and my left hip was Brutal painful almost the entire time. I need some get up and move around time.
I like running in the morning tho. It is nice.

I didnt get out of breath at all, wonderful running when the air is cooler and clear. I did however struggle with the aching body. Im getting too old for all this. I can, tho, see the 10 K in sight. :D

2012 km Goal