Thursday, October 29, 2009

UPdated photo

Havent posted a fulllength photo in ages.

Intervals again

if not doing these regularly, Im not sure they do any good. But Im feeling amazing amounts of pressure to be getting under 6 minutes a km for the Cabot Trail Relay in May (I know, 7 months away) and I dont know if I can get that out of my head. So for the next 7 months Im going to be attempting to run my ass off and get used to staying under 6 minutes. Its torture. Im not fast. SIGH.

So I did intervals tonight; 6X400 and not tooooo fast since I was on a lot of hills but a little faster than usual and I suppose that is all one can work on. 6.8 km in 44 minutes with a warm up of about 9 minutes, then intervals with one walk break in the middle, then about a 12 minute cool.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Run run Run

Tired tonight; after classes today did 13 km on the trail; it may have been slightly optimistic all things considered (ie missed like 4 whole running days in between last run and today). Felt pretty nauseated at the end and for awhile after but improved significantly when I hit Deb's hot tub and rested a bit. Headache tonight.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Good Running Week

Had a good running week last week with 10 km on Sunday, 6 ish on Tuesday, 8 ish on Thursday, and then CRASHED on the weekend with no running and 2 hockey games. I have no idea when IM supposed to get the time to run :( Im so stressed!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick run with the Dog

Took Dylan out this morning; was only planning 5 km so i figured he could come along. He was so well behaved; but tired lol.
finished with a long uphill up WMR and Glenabbey. To thetop :) 5.15 km in 37 slow minutes!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recovery in Progress

Finally starting to feel better even tho I am still coughing up more crap than I would have liked at this point; cough has definitely calmed down a little! :D

Did 8.5 km Thursday night this week, little better than Monday; LSD Sunday was only 10 km this week; dont want to be completely dead lol. And fatique is definitely a factor. :(

When i went to leave for my run today I turned out the driveway and felt VERY sick; weird since I had been fine before; but i was SURE I was going to throw up. I managed to make it past the neighbor's front yard and the feeling passed. But I continued to feel woozy for most of the run.

Ran up Old Court House Branch; now I thought that looked like an absolutely horrible hill and had never tried it before; it actually wasnt that bad at all. I will make more use of that hill. About a km and it has steep parts but not long; it was actually very manageable. Should have tried it ages ago. Ran down College Road and up Prince to Hockeyville where Scott had finished his hockey game and he took me home :)

Missing the PEI Marathon experience today; I am pretty sure I never would have made it anyway SIGH but I wish things had been different :( Lavinia qualified for Boston and Rob got 3rd overall in the half marathon there; good for them!

Restarting week 6 in the training this week in preparation for Dec 6 in Vegas!! WHOOOOO!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Admitting Defeat

Its been a long week; saw a doc and got a bronchitis conclusion and some antibiotics that made me feel yucky and now I am finished them and was feeling somewhat less coughish and out of breath; ran this morning 8 km in 56 minutes (I actually thought the route was shorter than that distance! Honest!) and coughed and spit and gagged the whole way. Was way tired; couldnt breath deeply or a coughing fit resulted.

I admit defeat. I wont be running a half marathon this weekend coming nor the next (swim meet instead :()

Aiming for the half in Vegas I guess!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hungry Hungry Hungry

OH so veryvery hungry. So hungry I cant concentrate. Cant think. cant function. UGH. I need lunch. I need an entire buffet.

Went running last night. Wasnt technically a run night but I totally scrimped on the weekend long run and Im not going to ahev the time nor should I attempt at this point to squish it into an already overloaded week. So when Leanne called and said lets go I went. 1.3 km light run then 4.2 more of run/walk. It was good to stretch legs. Was pretty much asleep by 930 pm tho....forcing to remain awake til after 1030 tho trying to get things done and failed miserably anyway at everything.

Have a scheduling conflict with the half marathon of choice; the Moncton Legs for Literacy marathon; I had settled on this one because of the extra week being allowed for recovery for the still present cough cough cough. Taylor has a swim meet the same day. In another town. In fact, in another province. SO do I let her go alone (with father or nanny) or do I say she cant go, or do I run the PEI marathon a week earlier instead? WHAT to do, what to do.

I dont know what to do.

Just keep running running running.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

CIBC Run for the Cure 2009

Despite the rain and wind was a pretty good event; I didnt find Shelley there and that was really disapopinting since I was there to run with her:(
We got there early for once which was pretty amazing considering we have lateness issues lol. We looked around for ages and didnt find anyone we knew, actually. And I know there were other people there. I mean, that I know.

But by the time the run was starting I hadnt found Shelley SIGH. Bummer. Its like the one day a year Ive seen her for the past 2 years! :(:(

So I ran the run, trying to stay at a hard working pace and using the downhills to pick up some rest and lower time; the uphills were plentifull but I didnt really find them difficult. There was a point at about 3.5 km that I was regretting the pace but it passed and it was good.

Finished up the last corner and knew there as no way it was going to be a 5 km race SIGH. Bummer because I was on a really good pace. Last year I did the 4.8 km in 30:27 minutes; This year it was 28:21 minutes! Im happy with that; average a 5:54 minutes per km pace. That's excellent for me lol Speed just isnt my thing but Ive been working on it!

Went to Cora's for lunch then bought a new sport bra and went home. SLEEPY.

Now I still have to get my long run in for this week and I have NO idea when I will do that.

Trying to get the runs in

but not really anything Im thrilled about lol

Missed Thursday run (Scott away and working late) and Friday was a rest day but didnt have time to get a run in anyway

Saturday morning was bright and sunny and I got out for a bit so I did 10 nice slow km. Took 1:07:56 (maybe) but the last km was up the hill at the house so Im not really counting that. It was a really hilly run. Good for the legs. Still coughing a lot and it leaves me dizzy lol.
Went and rode a pony in the afternoon then crashed for the evening after visiting grands and taking some photos of the young people.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mid Week Run

I really need to get more than one run a week in. Ran Sunday then not again until Wednesday evening; a little late now to be worrying lol
Wednesday night a nice run from the pool to home; didnt want to run up our hill so I added a few side roads through Truro and ended up .5 km over :) its all good.

Still having a lot of coughs; felt rather out of breath a lot of the run. Rested at 3 km to catch breath and stretch then ran the rest more easily and comfortably. it was a good run.
Wish I had gotten a Tuesday run in; I finished this month 3 km short of getting a new monthly record ;) 117.24 km for the month.

Im amazed at home dark it is getting now; I mean I know it was like 7 pm in September but it seemed dark! lol Daylight savings time is coming!

Maybe get a run in on Friday then long run on Saturday and the CIBC Run for the Cure is Sunday; a nice little warm up run :)

2012 km Goal