Monday, October 20, 2008

Oct 20

Ugh its been 12 days since I last ran. 12 long, sleepless days and nights. And its gotten a lot colder in those; 12 days. what a great time of year; cold and rainy; I should not complain since really our weather has been ok and it was just drizzly tonight lol
Anyway ran tonight, thouight i would do a nice short run while Taylor was at swimming; Ran around town and was thinking it would be a slow 4 km; I got to the drug store near the pool to buy shampoo for Princess and wouldnt you know it was closed so I had to run up to the other drug store at the other end of the road and added 2 km onto the run. It was slow and painful lol. Had a nice bath to celebrate!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October 6

Ran with Chris. What IS it with him and those hills? Wood Street hill is crappy! lol or maybe I was just lacking in energy from the day before running that awesome 5 km run in HFX :)
We did about 8 km in 55 minutes 18 seconds which isnt great and includes walking on some hills and being a complete wimp. Poor Chris. I think I broke him just before his marathon this weekend.

October 8

Ran while Taylor was swimming; 7 km in 47 minutes. Not so fast :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

CIBC Run for the Cure 2008

Was a really good run for us! It was a beautiful sunny, crisp day; perfect running weather. We were not too terribly late, as we tend to be. And we found Shelley and Earl waiting for us without too much trouble, thanks to Shelley's technicolour cast.

Them waiting for us. We were not exactly early but we were all warmed up :):):)

Before the race; I gots my awesome race shirt on :):):)Thanks Shelley :):):)

Shelley resting her sore leg during the run; even just standing is hard when your cast is pulling on broken bones UGH.

Me finishing in 30 minutes 14 seconds and that includes stopping to retie my shoes and walking for 30 seconds waiting for Scott to catch up (he never did HEHEHE)

The crowd after the run thinning a teensy bit; it was a horrendous crowd with thousands making the run/walk that morning :)

And one more for the road before we left and had dinner with Shelley and Earl. Nothinjg like a run to make you wanna eat and eat lots! Didnt I have the filet mignon? hahah YUM.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1

Run for today with Scott - about 5 km, with the dogs. And with a little speed, for me. Going for a new best time this weekend on the Cure for the Run run, Sunday morning :)

ABOUT 34 minutes for this run today. need to pick it up a bit.

2012 km Goal