Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweat Your Thorns Off Run; Moving On!

Getting back into the groove...too bad it took so long; now the heat is actually starting to appear. I am not finding it overly warm but I know it is coming, so the early morning runs are going to have to begin. Meaning go to bed early and get up early, and if you can, grab a nap. Ahh summer.

The day after Johnny Miles was a rest day. The pool was closed so there was no swimming. And I didnt go biking. Last full week of school for the kids, so lots of busy going on there (although not much "work").  Did try to make the most of the free time. :)  Monday night I played ball. It wasnt a complete failure ;)

Tuesday a nice 6.4 km run (up the hill and back down maybe?)  in 40:05.  This seems to be the time I am stuck at.  LOL

Wednesday I had no run, and just went to soccer practice with Holly, left early to go to a ball game.  A better ball game.

Thursday I headed out for 8 km but went another way and went 10 km instead. It was HOT.  But a pleasant run, not a strenuous one tho. :) 1:03:30. 

Friday up the hill and back again, 6.4 km 39:03.  actually put a little effort into the middle section of that. Friday night was ball hockey night; we had a good game against a tough team but we down 1-0 until near the end of the second period (i think) when I caught a nice pass in front of the net and put that thing into the net.  Yay team!

Friday night we had company :D The Carreau's are back in town!  we had good dinner, conversation, drinks!

Saturday morning!  After getting up slowly and slacking majorly Lavinia and I went out for a great run :)
I joined the Boring Runner's Sweat Your Thorns Off 5 K run.  Apparently this theme does not apply to NS because there was nothing sweaty about my run. This weather has been CRAP! LOL I think I had on a long sleeved shirt and capris!  Not so sweaty. 
We warmed up for about a km, then took off (again up the stinkin' Hill) for a quick 5 K run!  I tried really hard to sweat my thorns off! LOL
Totally forgot to make a race number but Im firmly number 777! LOL
After the 5 km in about 28 minutes we cooled off all the way up the hill for another .6 km and finished with 6.6 km in 40:30.  Saturday run in!

The rest of Saturday passed in a blur!  Actually most of my time has lately passed in a blur LOL. 

Sunday morning is long run time!  Jillian and I met in Salmon River and ran the Harmony Ridge!  Freaking 8 km of uphill followed by about 5 of downhill; with some added jigs around some loops and finished 21 km in about 2:10.  Time not bad.

I started out feeling SUPER tired.  My legs were dead. LOL at the start I was very clogged up (allergies?) and had some trouble catching my breath but that cleared up by about 5 km in.  I had taken Reactine (or something) and it was kicking in; but it leaves me pasty mouthed LOL.  I left water at the end of my road to refill my water bottle as we passed but I didnt bother.  I didnt finish my water until we were finished anyway.

Once we hit the top of Harmony Ridge I felt like crying; like the end of a race!  LOL  Suddenly my legs were less tired and heavy and I felt great all the way to the bottom, where we ended our run! GREAT long run :):)

Monday = Rest day.Soccer in Antigonish for Holly.

Tuesday - Nice HOT 22C 6.5 km run AGAIN up the hill.  40:48.  Not so great but it was 10:45 in the morning and super hot.  Ball game at night.

Wednesday - midweek long run.  Had to get up at 6 to get this run in, but at least the weather was more tolerable temperatures and humidities. It's super nice at that time of the day.  12 km loop in 1:16:38...the time isnt important tho! lOL legs still somewhat tired.  It was a good run anyway....very easy.

Ok Im caught up. Will do a better job!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Johnny Miles Race 2011

Wow where did this race come from? It was barely on my radar LOL but in the end I could not resist.

Johnny Miles was the first race I did when I restarted running 3 (yes now 3) years ago.  I had been running almost 2 months when we went to our first and things have changed since then!

The startand finish is no longer at the park but is instead on a downtown street across the bridge.  Its crowded and more congested....but it doenst make a lot of difference. 
I have done the 5 K (above) and the half marathon twice;

And now I figured it was time to do the 10 K run there. I have no intentions of ever doing the marathon there; 4 10 km loops does not interest me very much. 2 was enough.
So I went over the the Expo (?) the night before and registered last minute.  Really last minute lol. I worried about being able to get a shirt; they are limited but I did get one. LOVE the red colour, the fit for women; Im not loving the fit very much but better than some wide, big shouldered shirt I wont wear; and the hats were WHITE!  Who wears white hats?  Ok I have worn it already. I like the hats, super great quality.

The race expo was super disappointing...there wasn't really one. There were about 4 booths and none of them were anything worth going to.  Wasted very little time there; the people in the booths were kinda bored!

Race morning the entire family got up and went over to New Glasgow; we had a family thing afterwards and being Father's Day we spent time with family around town.

The start was a little congested until the 5 k runners left; with staggered starts that no one bothered to adhere to; half the 10 k runners that started with me were half marathon and full marathon runners who were supposed to start behind us.
I feel like I started this race with every single thing wrong. LOL I kind of only entered for tradition; I ran this one first and I have done it each year now.  But I didnt prepare properly thanks to the tailbone injury and being crazy busy and burned out at work last few months.  I didnt do any intervals; no tempo runs; I ate poorly the day before; I did not rest; I slept badly; I drank a lot of coffee LOL. I went for a nice long bike ride the day before in a lot of humidity lol.  Is there anything else I could have done wrong?
So I started a little too fast, and felt pretty tired right from the beginning.

Half the run is on road and the rest is on trail. The trail part was nice although a little muddy (surprise, with this weather).  It was VERY congested the first 5 km or so; I got elbowed in the head, stepped on, pushed, and had more people run right in front of was annoying as hell.  At the first water where I grabbed a cup as I went because I started out pasty mouthed; this woman lept in front of me and then stopped...dead. Grr. I spilled most of my water on her; good thing I only wanted enough to wet my mouth.  This continued until the road cleared a little. and then there was the bottle neck at the start to the trail where it narrowed and there were porta potties with people jumping in and out randomly ;) The trail was crowded with requests to keep right and pass on the left (or other way around?) being completely ignored.  I KNOW with these small town races you get a lot of people out for the fun who may not be aware of etiquette but most of these were 10 K or more runners who are not just out for a walk; you would think they could mind their manners. And I was tired which made me a little cranky.  SIGH.
Anyway, at about 6.5 km I just wanted the run to end; I was tired, had another very tall man elbow me in the head, and the sun was kind of out which made it hot and muggy which is NOT the weather we had been experiencing lately.  Through the park and onto the road I could not believe the run wasnt over yet.  The first 5 k was done in about 28 minutes which was a decent time compared to what I expected for my lack of preparation.  The second 5 K (+) took 30 minutes.  Most of my kms were under 6 minutes which was my goal, to just hang onto that sub 6 minute pace.  I had to walk twice thanks to crowds and an ache in my hip; but soon enough the corner came and I was heading back across the bridge to the finish.
My family was waiting at the finish line for me :) In 58:01 I came trotting in. 
You cross the bridge and come around the corner to the finish line with bleachers and some crowds still there...I saw friends and my aunt and uncle waiting for us, and of course Scott and the kids. 

1- 5:36
2- 5:21
3- 5:45
4- 5:48
5- 5:29-28:01 for 5 km
6- 5:52
7- 6:04 (feeling pretty crappy)
8- 6:05
9- 5:52
10- 5:42
0.1- 4:35 sprint to the end :) 58:01 / 5:44 avg pace
My Garmin measured a little long with 10.1 km at the end. 

Place 190/514
17/87 in age group
Gun time 59:04/ 5:49 pace.

So Johnny Miles is over for another year :) Maybe next year I will feel an urge to run the full there.

Still Chuggin' along

Making plans and keeping on running.....
The weather has not been at all hot which I suppose if Im running is a good thing BUT it has been SO wet, and we are not getting other things done that we should be, like lawn work and flowers.

Taking up where last note left off...
It was a Saturday in the middle of nowhere and stuff had to get finished....
I barely remember the morning but I mowed the lawn in the afternoon for a couple of hours. That's not running but it is some serious walking ;) I enjoy lawn's good for ya.
But we went to Halifax that evening and had some seriously decadent supper at Five Fisherment; I had Swordfish for the first time and it is SOOOOO good. Too bad it costs so much!

ok That is Saturday. Im SO far behind, I should just give up! lol

Quick Stuff to get to fun stuff:
Sunday - Ball Hockey.  We won out game 2-0 which is great fun ;)

Monday I swam 2 km. This laps thing can be super boring.  Im not so sure about it but thinking some open water lake swimming this summer might be more fun.  Will see.

Tuesday was Long run day since I didnt get a long run on the weekend.  And needed one before the next weekend.  The weather was nice; I did 14 km (I do not really remember where I bet it was the long loop around Pictou Road and across Village Line Road).  It was ok; 1:29.  Dont remember much.

I guess Wednesday was a rest day. I dont remember it.

Thursday apparently was a tempo run. 8.4 km in 50:50, and the first 8 km were in 47:38.  Wonder where I went that day? Maybe up to the Cream Horse.

Friday morning I swam 2 km with Deb water jogging; that was nice :)
That evening we had a ball hockey game where we lost 4-1 SIGH.  lol

Saturday I went for a bike ride with Jillian; her first time on her new bike. My legs were tired; she kicked my butt on hills LOL.  Rest for some of the rest of the day; working on shed and Scott was away so I got to lift and hold and run around for supplies; we went to New Glasgow later in the afternoon to register me for the Johnny Miles run (10K) and then supper and home for Taylor to babysit. Not so early to bed for me!

Which brings us to the Johnny Miles 2011 run :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Running Since the Relay

has been super hit and miss.  Life has been busy; very busy. And Ive been tired. Super tired. Im not sleeping well and I cannot seem to get to sleep at a decent time at night. Mornings are still coming early, despite late nights.  It's a trend I would like to see change LOL. 

Since work stopped things have not slowed down at all. Things still go on, soccer has hit full gear, and the kids still have school which means, really, nothing has changed except after the rush of getting the kids to school, I come home to do stuff instead of going to the college.

I have still not managed to restart P90X despite my intentions to every day.
Ive not gotten to the pool like I wanted to; there is always something to do and days like today when I should be there; I ran instead. And I could go later but I just cannot seem to convince me to go back into town at noon. LOL

I will try to break it down day by day so I can see where I am going wrong and can fix my day LOL

Monday after the relay was a rest day. I woke up with a super sore left hand; index finger and knuckle hurting a lot. I can barely lift a cup of coffee with that hand.  Ball hockey injury? I dont remember a hit or a weird shot....weird.
Tuesday I got out for a nice run; it was sunny and not cold once I got out there. Cold has taken on a whole new meaning, considering it's not January anymore and Im so very happy about that. Do so wish the rain would let up; it has rained some most days for over a month SIGH. 8.5 km on the Valleydale Road route; 53:37 minutes (still tired. Resting.)
I did housework and kid stuff and played some ball later that night; not much tho so I didnt even put it on the calendar.
Wednesday I went to the city with Scott and completely forgot to go to Costco. That was my entire reason for going lol. Sheesh.  Once home, I did after supper go for a fast run up the hill and back before meeting the Glenabbey Drive Run Club lol 5.75 km in 32 minutes (more or less) and then a leisurely 2 km. 
Thursday I didnt run. I have NO idea why not; the weather was nice after a brilliant storm the night before. Our power was off until lunch time and I snuggled in bed with a book rather than running. I had an upset stomach and no was disturbing.  Again no idea why I did not run later in the evening. Time is getting away from me. Must have been busy with stuff....

Friday morning I dressed for running before School drop off and took the dog with me; we went from the Jr high to the park and ran the trails. HILLS!  I miss the trails.  It was fairly leisurely again; the dog seems to be having some limps and I waited for her sometimes while she was sniffing bushes. She loves the park.  And so well behaved!
7.6 km 54:39 minutes. 
Friday night was Holly's first soccer game in Antigonish. Long drive!  They played really well and won that game 2-1.  Late getting to bed that night.

Satuday June 4; I have trouble remembering these days LOL.  OK Scott was puttering around somewhere and disappeared for hours. We did yard stuff and house stuff and during a short period of he's home, I went for a fast 5.2 km run 32 minutes including warming up.  Had company for a bit; kept my cousin for the night so the kids could enjoy some more leisurely time.  :)
Sunday morning the kids all went to Old Barns so I could have a long run; I planned 18 km but mapped out more and finished up the hill with a change of route with 19 km still....little long but I felt ok. The weather was cool enough and I had water in the belt; was very hungry when I got home. I had some belly discomfort part way through thanks to being hungry but it was ok and I had 3 walk breaks and walked a little of the hill up to the house (just a short walk; I was tired LOL)  19 km 2:06:33 ick. 
Played ball hockey that night after having a scrapbooking class all afternoon; not well planned. STILL tired from that I swear LOL
Monday was rest day; I spent the best part of the day cleaning Scott's REALLY messy nasty car out.  Seriously, never seen anything like it. Was not finished after the first day lol.
Tuesday; hmm why didnt I run on Tuesday? LOL.  I dont remember; it just didnt happen I guess.  I finished cleaning Scott's car...yes it did take 2 days; in the middle I went to School to see Taylor off on her French Class Trip; 4 days away!  SAD!  Picked up the kids then came back and finished the inside of the car; washed the outside later on while it was raining.  Not that it mattered. Annika had hockey in the evening (in the rain) and Scott took Holly to 4H.
Wednesday AHhhhh I did run.  I again dressed before School drop off and I went right out from the library; ran to Cheesefactory and back for 8.2 km just under 50 minutes.  I felt really tired; maybe because of too many days off; too much going on in between.
I then finished cleaning the house and got everything ready for a BBQ; Scott was away but the littles and I hosted the entire Cross Country running team for some food before heading off to soccer for Holly and the awards for me.  IT WAS LONG.  3 + hours of speeches and awards; I had to hand out the awards for our team and Ive never attended the awards before; someone told me I would not have to talk but I DID!  I had to talk a little about the team and then why each member got their awards. I LOVED handing them their awards LOL.  Few surprises.  I got to present a favorite runner (ok they were all favorites) a special award and talk about her (in front of 60,000 parents and athletes) which was a thrill for me to get to remind people why she is so great; 3 people on my team got special awards including athlete of the year; Runners rock!
Late late night for me and the kids and the neighbors who kept the kids while I was gone. These speeches had kept me from sleeping for at least 2 nights; anxiety about the rest took care of the previous week.
Go team!

Thursday I did the unthinkable; after the kids went to school I went back to bed.  I didnt sleep; I just layed there wishing I was sleeping.  LOL.  After the awards Wed night I cleaned up from the bbq and did some puttering while the dogs did their running around and by the time I got to bed it was super late. I was still a little hyped up and didnt sleep too good again.I treated myself to part of the morning in bed before I got up; I planned a run but was surprised (only a little) by a visit from a friend for lunch and then it was time to get the small kids and we had appointments at the chiropractor and then a stop at the library, home from some tree trimming, supper, and back out the door to soccer game (Annika) and then practice (Holly) where I played goalie like a rock star *giggle* and then home where there was garbage to put out, dogs to clean up after, house to set straight; I only got the garbage done really, then the littles had to go to bed and they were following me around putting out the garbage so I climbed into bed with them and once they were asleep I dealt with the dogs before getting to sleep myself.

That alarm rang very early this morning. once again I considered just staying in bed and turning it off but I knew I would regret is so I got the kids up and off to school, dressed for my run so I could not turn back; I parked at the Big Stop and ran up the hill, down to the trail, back to town, and up the hill to the Big Stop again; finishing 8 km in 49 minutes.  Not bad for all those hills and I had only planned a 6 km easy run anyway :) Just to get back out.
I felt really awesome while running; no walk breaks, no trouble with hills. I may be catching up a little.  Ive felt more energetic ever since.

So Tell me, why have I not started P90X back up? I KNOW I want to! LOLOL

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cabot Trail Relay 2011

I think Im not so enthusiastic about writing this post because I have almost no running photos! I guess I was caught up in the race, forgetting photos and most things until it was done and I was like...well crap, Ive nothing. Plus I ran in the dark so there were no photos ops there; Scott didnt take any of me running or at the start/end. And BLOGGER has been giving me a huge headache trying to upload the photos I do have SIGH.

I was again part of the Tidal Boars Runners on the Cabot Trail Relay 2011. It was great last year and better this year; mostly lol. Out team was quite a group with a mix of very fast and some slower runners, led by Jody who is fast and Chris who is recovering from a stroke in 2009 and leads by example :):)

So Saturday after the yard sale we ate and packed up and took the kids where they needed to go, and we skipped town only about 2 hours later than I would have liked. The weather was....cloudy with a little bit of rain. It's ok I dont mind rain. Much. I had not slept the night before very well with getting stuff ready for the yardsale and worrying that we were going to oversleep. Taylor was away for the night and I worried a little about her getting back on time. I was tired ;) But also glad for the chance to nap, since I had a feeling sleep was going to be hard to come by that night.

Crossing Causeway

crossing the causeway
It was still kind of half sunny and pretty when we crossed the Canso Causeway but we could see ugly clouds ahead :):)  
Looking back at NS Mainland

Lovely weather as we drove up my Last-Year-Leg.
 We headed up the trail backwards, like we always seem to.  Timing was a little off and we had to either drive all the way around the trail to meet the relay, or just park somewhere. While we were driving up what was my leg last year, we ran into some rain. It was about 13C.  I was wondering if I had brought the right clothing choices :)
End of my This-Year-Leg - 13. Joe's Scarecrows and something.
So my  leg this year started at the Co-op in Cheticamp. I took no photos of a Co-op, not even in the dark.  LOL The end was this kinda odd spot called Joe's Scarecrows and Diner.  I didnt see a lot of Scarecrows LOL And I wonder if the "diner" is still open?  Ah well. It was dark  and I didnt even see it.

My route; VERY close to the sea :)
Too bad it was dark.
 When we drove this route last year I remember thinking what a pretty leg this was (it was sunny last year) and that it was a shame that it was run in the dark. Leg 13 starts at 2 am LOL.  PITCH dark. not a lot of street lights either.

Driving up my Relay leg...backwards.

Pretty Mountains in the Rain

I ran here.

It kinda smelled bad when I ran across here.

Too bad I could not see this in the dark

Pretty :)

Behind the start

View from the Chalet

The chalet *Giggle. 
 So our team had a chalet in Cheticamp GOOD LUCK for me because I started in Cheticamp. LOL we got the key and stopped in to eat, afterwhich time we were going to meet up with the next leg and do some cheering.  I took some photos and we ate and got back in the car. The temps had dropped to about 8 C and I was wishing I had brought my winter running coat, I was sure the temps would be that miserable by the time 2 am came along.
We were sitting in the car trying to figure out where we should drive to meet what leg at what time and none of the times were very pleasant; if we did this couple of hours of driving I was not going to get any sleep, and my tailbone was really paining after sitting in the car all day and being on my feet since about 6 am :(  we got out of the car, went back into the chalet, set up sleeping bags, and went to sleep.
There were a few interruptions but we got at least 2 hours of sleep LOL. At about Midnight a group of runners landed and there was no sleep after that. It was actually pretty good; by the time I had to get dressed I was actually awake and had had my coffee, and was not groggy at all.  :) The runners were pretty hyper and had lots of stories to tell :) there were some showers then it was time to head out to meet the next runner and send me off :)

LOL It had warmed up to about 19C!  I was so surprised; at 2 am it was the warmest it had been all day!  I had overdressed in a long sleeved shirt over a tank top. I had to wear a reflective vest over top and it was so big and rubbed and draped on my neck terribly; next year I will have my own, lighter, better fit to my size :) I had to carry a glowstick which was fine, I always carry stuff.  I tucked a half a bar into my pocket but never did eat it.  I didnt carry water; I had a banana and had a little upset stomach, likely from being up most of the night? LOL  I visited the portapotty 3 times (darned coffee) and then when people were starting to overuse it (non-runners sheesh get out of line) I wandered behind the credit union and peed behind the air conditioner *giggle* it was much faster. And it did the trick; no pee issues LOL.  I cannot stand running while I have to pee!

We started before our last runner arrived; I was sad to miss seeing her come in.  Off we went in the dark.

I started near the back of the pack because I dont love the crowding and I hate it when a lot of people pass me; I prefer to have someone to pass myself.
Within the first few km I had passed the slowest and was tucked nicely in behind a couple who had headlamps and I was watching the upcoming road from behind them.  Until she slowed down and I had to pass her, and I guess he sped up because I didnt bother keeping up.
There was some light from the headlights but most of the crew vehicles follow the lead runners, which i was NOT one of.  Us back of the packers run in the pitch dark.  And the road was rough and potholed so I didnt always feel comfortable running fast. OH and the side of the road had been graded so it was nice and soft and deep. SIGH :P
I picked a few people off at the water stop; it was at about 6 km and people were stopping there, including dreadlocks dude. How can he run with that much hair?  Anyway they stopped and rested and I zipped past.
The support crew is not allowed to stop on the side of the road in the dark legs so I did not see much of them but as they passed and whooted. 
I didnt see any of the scenery. Glad I drove across during the day.
The dark was both a good thing and bad.
The good?  We could not really see what we were running, so hills were hidden, and we could only tell by the effort level needed. There was one spot where the hill was steep and we could see it in front of us for quite awhile; the cars were backed up on it so there was a distinct line of red lights showing us exactly how steep and long it was. This route was hillier than last year's but still not too bad. it was no mountain :)
The bad? Car headlights were blinding, so when they came on us;particularly from the front, we were unable to see and then when they went past we were left in darkness that seemed even darker than before.
Something was rustling  in the bushes near us for a bit; I kept running lol.

Around 10 km I felt very queasy and wondered if it was going to be an issue; gurgling died down at about 12 km.
There was a second water stop; I only grabbed a cup and kept walking fast; only walk breaks were for the water, about 20 seconds each.  There was a third unscheduled water stop lol a fellow gave me a bottle of water and I was so glad for it; Im not sure how far to the end but I was dry despite the high humidity. Very salty sweaty. 
I found I drifted off a couple of times, rather than running hard I would be lost in thoughts and slowed a bit :( crappy, needed the time, stay focused!  Must have been the fact that it was the middle of the night; except that happens on daytime runs too :):):)
With about 4 km left to go, still feeling ok, I noted I was catching a few people.  I passed 2 and then hung on the heels of this one lady for about 2 km; she would speed up each time I caught her heels and I let her go then reeled her back in.  We passed another runner and then on a downhill I went to the gravel and passed the rabbit (actually she had a chicken hat on????) and pulled ahead of her, expecting to be finished soon.

Heartbreaking; I could see the finish line a bit away, by the lights and music I could tell time was tight; I was running very hard; expected to be finished before 16 km, and that was what time limit was set for; 15.88 km at 6 minutes a km.  For most people it's no big deal but Ive had such a hard time with the tailbone and getting training done, that few minutes mattered to me :( Because it was actually 16.4 km long, not 15.88 as the course said. That extra hald a km was my difference between getting a time and not. I could see the timers packing up and driving away; I missed them by about 30 seconds :(:(:(

This sucks!  LOL We could not see where to go; it was so dark. And I got a DNF despite running my ass off to get there :( I had the same time as the people walking; when we were driving back to Cheticamp there were people walking miles out, and I had the same time as them; the last timed runner plus 5 minutes.  SO unfair!  People say "well just run faster" I have nothing to say to them. I ran very hard :(

Ah well I did time myself so I know my time was 1:40: 18 which was only 2 seconds a km slower than last year on a more difficult leg, so Im not totally beating me up :( but seeing the timers drive away was awful :( Some runners were very angry LOL 330 am is not a good time.  LOL

I loved running the dark leg, even if I have no photos. It was good :)

We drove to the chalet, showered, picked up the last runner there, and headed back to catch the end of the leg after mine;  we caught the beginning and ends of the last few, and then went to the end to cheer the "glory leg" which is always a party.  Scott went to sleep while we went to the meal afterwards; awards and such.

Eating with the Tidal Boars; note the yellow shirts; the tech shirt was awesome this year!! Thrilled!
I was very touched when Chris won a watch; Run NS sells tickets for Timex watches, which I need with Tri training coming on; waterproof watch is good :)  Anyway Chris bought tickets and won a watch; he generously passed it on to me, so sweet of him!  He has been very generous always, and particularly with his recovery and his vow to "repay" everyone involved. As if. we love Chris! 
We pulled out at about noon and headed for home; I got a little sleep on the way but spent most of the time just groggy watching and scenery; there was again sun on the mainland lol and once we got home the kids were busy so we had a nap; love naps. Ball hockey that evening was super hard; very tired. I swear its been over a week and I am still sleep deprived. Us old people just cannot recover LOL!

Cannot wait for next year's Relay!!!!

2012 km Goal