Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29

After class I went running with Chris today who runs marathons (think Boston) and kinda told me I lack the killer instinct. I was trying to get across that Im not so much trying to improve my times, as just keep going. And Im not sure He was getting that because he again mentioned my lack of a winning attitude ;) ah well
I think if I keep running with Chris I am going to get my long long runs in, whether I like it or not. CAuse I mentioned, he runs marathons. And what we ran today was A slow as turtles for him, and B likely very short. Im not sure how one does it. I mean, where do people find the time to run so far? it takes me a long time to get anywhere and I dont always have chunks of time to do that in :) So in the meantime I will keep paddling along and just keep going. I keep thinking Im going faster SIGH but Im not.
So today we ran out the trail and back up Truro Heights Road and down the connector. If we had ran right back up to my house it would have been really close to 10 km but I stopped part way up Minerva. lol
very few walk breaks also. I didnt get winded but I did get very sore hips.

September 27

while visiting in the valley this weekend I had a chance to get out for a rainy run. I couldnt remember anywhere to go! The trails are all different, even the roads are kinda different, and YAWN boring on the roads lol I kinda found some trails and ran what I could remember, ran around my old schools which are very different from when I went there, and by the time I got home I had made everyone late :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 24

Good run while Taylor was at swimming, so I had an hour to do it in. :) Ran from pool to Bible hill and back around park street. almost 7 km (plus walking down and back up adds almost 2 more km :))
47.49 minutes.

Monday, September 22, 2008

It Took a Week

but I ran today! With making the house ready for moving and Scott being away Ive had no chance to run! And what a time to be without running, the weather is amazing and I could really use the stress relief :) Im back at it now!
Ran to the park and then up up up through the park; a slightly different route this time but still came up behind the Junior High and came down Upham/Cobequid/Curtis and back home. Took about 41.5 minutes of running so Im assuming somewhere around 6 km more or less again. Cant really measure it through the park, unfortunately. Need to get my pedometer going! lol
Really excellent run today!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Run on Hills

Last Friday night I took a class at the gym called Rock Bottom. I wondered if that meant you hit rock bottom, or if it gives you a rock bottom. Its the latter, naturally.
I usually leave classes and the gym in general feeling like I didnt get much of a work out. That must be because I am in such superb shape.
But when I left that class, my legs were shaking. Its alllll about the squats and lunges and stepping and crunching. AND IT HURT.

Friday night my body was tired but still ok. Actually, Saturday morning it was ok too. I even went to my second Yoga class. But by Saturday night, I was pretty miserable.

So the best way to feel better, is obviously to go for a run, right? Work through the pain. The pain is your friend.
and to make matters even more rediculous, we ran the park. HILLS. Totally up down up up up down up up up...and then down.
Tonya and I went over 6 km and ran the entire way, not stopping. It was easier to keep going than to stop. And we did 5 k in about 33 minutes or so, which is a good time for both of us.

It was a great run. Im going to run more often :)

This is my photo for September:

Excuse the slant lol
this was taken in the first week of September. of COURSE I picked a flattering outfit. Sheesh. what do you expect?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two catch up Blog Runs

Ran on Sept 4th with Chris et al. Thought this would be super fun! Then we went up a hill. And another and another and I thought we were going to go down for a few but then we went up more and more. HATE hills and it is painfully obvious that I need to do more of them! LOL According to Chris' Garmin we went about 7 + km. Of stinkin hill! OK there was some downhill but it was after I was MIserable hahaha

Need more hills.

Monday I did a 5 km loop in Bible Hill that is much like the Oktoberfest 5K run that i plan to do there in October. :) Practice.Also lots of hills so more practice needed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September 3

Ran with Scott today, put a lot more effort into it hoping to get a better time. 46:43 for 6.57 km. another km of walking at start and end. Hill at the end was a little harsh.

2012 km Goal