Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 6 Catchup

Week 6 was a super hard busy week. The kids had 4H Achievement Day at the end of the week, which means every waking second was spent finishing last minute touch ups, walking and clipping animals, and setting up for the big day. 
Monday morning I got up early for a bike ride before more busy started.  I met Lavinia part way to town and we went up big hills and back to town for breakfast at Fletchers before we got caught in a downpour and she drove me and my bike home.  Our legs were very tired from weekend runs and heat.
34.5 km in 1:29:36 (although only 32 were before breakfast and rain) :)
The rest of the day was more 4H finishing, scrapbooking.

Tuesday back to running; a run with Toni on even deader legs that was a drag lol. 
9.72 km Run / Jog 1:00:43 762 kCal 6:14 min/km; the time and route were so routine.
More 4H; shopping, making cakes. A quick drive to New Glasgow for some soccer.  Taylor's calf was ill and we heard just before I left for NG that she had passed away; Taylor's 4H project took a drastic turn:(:(:(

Wednesday morning I got a quick 6.6 km in before a busy day running around, making icing, finishing Vet Science stuff...Annika had Soccer practice and Taylor had a dog meeting; I took my bike on the car and went for a bike ride while Annika practiced soccer. 

                        6.6 km Run / Jog 40:55 514 kCal 6:12 min/km
                        19.42 km Road Cycling 49:53 479 kCal 23.4 km/h

Thursday was a CRAZY busy day; finishing off projects that were due at the church by 1030 am!  I got up super early and did day time stuff which still needed doing (laundry, dishes)  and then went out for a quick run; I needed to be home by 7 but we didnt go until 7, which kinda sucked because I was behind all day!  :P
9.8 km Run / Jog 1:00:53 776 kCal 6:12 min/km
Then finished decorating cake, picked up spare kids, delivered 4H stuff, Made it to soccer practice, picked up kids and fed, took them to barn, ran barn errands and picked up Achievement Day stuff, Watched the pig show, ate quick supper, and took the kids to the pool.  We tried to get the kids into bed early but it didnt work so well.

Friday was up early and off to Achievement Day.  There was no running going on.

Taylor and Maggie
 Taylor showed the dog first thing.
Annika and Whiskey
 Then the Cavy show went off :)
Taylor and Truffles

Holly and Guiness

Holly and Wicka
 Goat was next
Annika and Lily
 Then the main event; Dairy calves. 
Taylor and Hush

Holly and Danny
 Taylor was top Jr Showman; Holly had Grand Champion Calf.

There was a couple of hours after the show for getting animals home before heading off to the Banquet.  It was a long! day.

Saturday morning we got up half early but had a little sleep in; ran the 8 k loop instead of longer.
8.36 km Run / Jog 51:40 654 kCal 6:10 min/km
The weather has been holding hot and dry; Fire index is up, lawns and soccer fields are gasping.  No rain in sight as the girls had soccer games in Truro and we spent the morning and afternoon on the soccer field.

Sunday was Long Run Day; it was a step back week so only 16 km on the plan.  I ran to town and back with a stop at McWilsons for new water.  It was hot but early so nice. 
17.0 km Run / Jog 1:48:25 1,328 kCal 6:22 min/km...the last bit up the hill is the crappiest.  It's just not much fun to end long runs with that hill. 
No swimming this week. Not sure how that happened ;)

Ends week 6 with all runs intact :) not exactly on plan but who is following a plan? ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 5 Marathon Training

Week 5 is finished and despite the fact that only 3 runs were completed last week, I am going to say it is going well.
We are having a nice run of sunny weather. My gardens would love some rain, but it's not coming. It's good for the running, although the heat is really taking the energy out of us.  Everyone is tired and cranky. It is nice to be in the clearer air of Truro, and out of the suffocating Valley.

After the long run on Sunday, Monday was a rest day.  We got home late on Sunday night, sleeping in a bit on Monday was nice.  I think we had a pool day, We often have a pool day.  After the pool was Annika's soccer, then I met Toni and we went for a nice slow bike ride.  We went over East Mountain and to North River before heading home.  Almost 32 km in less than 2 hours.
At home I jumped off the bike for a BRICK and the legs were not so wobbly; an easy bike ride helped.  1.56 km in about 9 minutes.

Tuesday was hot and sunny again (shocker).  I made it to town for a few minutes lane swim;  0.8 km in about half an hour?  It was nice to swim, but my shoulders were pretty sore.  I have a lot of trouble breathing smoothly during my swims;  I get so out of breath even tho I am breathing every third stroke, I feel like I might be breathing too fast but I need the air!  lol

In the evening I was planning 11 km and went to town to do it for a chance, and because it was getting dark; We were pretty tired and took about 1:10 to do 11.52 km.

                   11.52 km Regular / General 1:10:00 623 kCal 6:04 min/km

Wednesday; I did nothing. I dont think that was my plan but that's what I did.  I took the kids to pool party, and Annika had late soccer.  Taylor had a dog meeting, and I mostly drove around the entire day.  I dont think I planned NOT to run, I just didnt do it.

Thursday I wanted to get back to morning working out so that I could get away from evening working out.  It doesnt help me sleep.  We went early and I met Toni for 11.54 km again. We ran towards town and back home again.  It's a boring road, Salmon River, but it's pretty simple.  Our speed was incredibly consistent but for our walk break.

                       11.54 km Run / Jog 1:14:07 712 kCal 6:25 min/km

The kids had soccer (yeah someone has it every day) and then we went to the pool, shocker.  Thursday night was a night off. Im sure we did something with the goat or the calves or something.

Friday morning was another rush around morning, I managed to get into town with 20 minutes left for a lane swim and got in 17 laps.  Pathetic :( It was super hot so we stayed at the pool and "rested" up for the evening Ball Hockey game.  Annika played soccer in Antigonish so we had a nice drive and her team won their game, then back in a rush for the Bal Hockey. We played a tough game and lost 2-0.

Saturday morning I got up super early and took Taylor for a bike ride. That was slow but she did good and we covered almost 17 km on the way to town and back.  I showered quick and took off for Bridgewater where Holly was playing soccer all day. It was HOT down there; 33 C and little breeze. We got loads of sun.  I didnt run, work out, do anything, and the heat was oppressive.  Cooler evening, dinner and friends over.

So very energetic when jumping out of bed on Sunday morning for a long run.  14 miles (22.4 km) on the training plan to end week 5.  Felt kinda crap after drinks the night before; Who said strawberry Daiquiris were a good pre-run drink?  SIGH.  I was out the door by 7, one way or another.  And The weather was pretty perfect. It was not windy, cloudy skies, pretty decent temp of 20 C.  The run wasnt great speed wise, but I ran smart and slowish, covering 21.8 km before running out of road.  I ended feeling ok, although once I hit the house, I was tired and a little crappy feeling.  Shower fixed that up. 

                                        21.84 km Run / Jog 2:27:44 1,420 kCal 6:45 min/km                 

 I got some rest through the day, then another Ball Hockey Game in the evening, the team was physically rough but not hard to get around and we took it easy, won that game 4-0.  I was SO tired, considered skipping the game, went if I could play defence, ended up playing center but convinced my wingers to do all the running for me, as I felt stiff like my pelvis might pull apart into pieces. :( Long Run Bliss!

And that ended week 5 of the training schedule. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just to get Behind again

Im glad its only blog posts that I am always behind on. Oh that and Laundry. Always the laundry.

After Canada Day long run, we went off for a night of camping at the shore nearby.It was restful and peaceful on the beach and lots of food and fun were had around the fire.

Fireworks on the beach topped off the night.

After we returned the next day, and having a little meal, I climbed tired and cranky onto the bike and had a ride over Harmony Ridge.  Legs were super tired, and I actually walked up a steep part of the road, with a corner too sharp to keep momentum. 

When I got back to home I did run up the road and back for a few minutes; legs like jello.  Biked a little over 18 km with a 1.5 km run at the end for 20 km total moved.

Tuesday I think we went to the pool and I did a 4 mile run. I think I ran out the trail for 3.2 and then back for 3.2 from Old Barns.  It was getting quite dark.  And the bugs were bad :) i think I ate a few.

Wednesday I had to run early because we were going away for the day.  I got up and did the 10 k loop; I don't remember much about it but it was hot and I watered and planted when I got back.  Then we were away for the day in Mahone Bay, just for a drive. Bought some plants for my pots.

Thursday Toni was home so I got a run in with her.  I dont remember where we went but I have a feeling we went around the Bible Hill loop and ran through a little rain which kept us nice and cool. 
8.6 km Regular / General 52:24 465 kCal 6:05 min/km. 

Friday was a rest day and I got up early, planned and carried off a Card Making 4H meeting which took many hours longer than expected, packed bags, and hauled off to the Valley for a family visit and Holly's Gunn Baldersson soccer tournament.  I didnt do anything "workout" related, but I was dead on feet by the time I fell into bed.  Holly played a soccer game, and that took most of the evening.  The kids were super happy to see their cousins and the older stayed in the camper overnight.

Saturday I got up and ran early :) It's unbelievably hot in the Valley, Truro is just so nice and cool that we forget that it's like that in the Valley. Lucky, it was cloudy and threatening rain, so it wasn't as suffocating as it was later.  I ran UP Lockhart Mountain Road, and then back down English Mountain Road. I think that was my hill workout for the week!  9 km when I was done, 55:48 time. 

Saturday Holly had 2 soccer games, both of which their team lost; Holly got a goal in the last game against a goalie who hasnt been scored on, so she was pretty proud of that. 

After the tournament was over we had another night at my brother's house; The kids were having so much fun with the boys! We had a bonfire and some Marshmallows!

Sunday morning I got up not as early as I wanted for a long run; 21 km on the plan; it was hot and I was tired and decided to go as far as felt ok.  I took phone and would call if needed.

I ran out to my mother's house where I got a cold bottle of water and then ran back to Coldbrook on the trail; that part was cooler and nice.
Actually other than the humidity it was a nice run. That and my upset stomach; a few Nature Breaks required. the run itself was ok.  The 2 bottles of water I drank were not enough.

18.01 km Long Run 1:55:47 984 kCal 6:25 min/km

I ran out of road before my 21 km were finished; I settled for 18 km and called it a long run done.  I felt pretty nauseated at the end; Scott brought me a Gatorade Recovery; It was better than normal Gatorade, but I had trouble drinking it; We made some toast and that was hard to eat too.  A shower and clean clothes improved things.
After dinner there was a family party/bbq/celebration for Quade's Baptism.  It was nice to see so many people and relax. 

Week 4 Finished. Total Km: 47.2 running, 20 bike.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Am I caught Up?

Only until my next run. :):)

I had 2 nice days off last week in a row (not busy at all) lol and therefore when Monday came around and it was time for another long run, I was readier.
My modified plan called for 11 miles, so I figured about 18 km would cover it.  I started out from Toni's house with her, we did about 4. some km then she gave me cold water and drove me into town, and I completed the rest from there.  I ran up to the end of Pictou and down College and through a sub division til I was done. Except in the sub division, there were bees!  UGH I have never been bothered by bees before. It was AWful!  Because I did what I shouldn't do!  I ran, and ya know, ya cannot outrun bees. So I swatted. All no-nos.  Anyway I lost some time there and some years off my life but didnt get stung.  I continued along but when I noted I was going to be a little bit short I didnt care. I just got into the car and went home. 
Whew. It didnt feel as hot as the 23C that it was; actually a pretty nice run.  I had lots of water which was better than usual.  17.86 km in 1:54:30.  Usually that .14 km would drive me bonkers.


After the good run, I had Tuesday off, And I believe I painted. Thought about doing something else but other than trotting around with the dogs, I didnt.  Painting takes a lot of energy.


The painting is painfully slow getting done.

Wednesday was back to running; I think it was muggy warm and maybe a little rainy 8.6 km Regular / General 52:35 465 kCal 6:06 min/km.  If I ever get up to date I might remember.  took the kids to the goat after Annika's away soccer game in the evening.

Thursday 9.9 km Regular / General 1:02:15 538 kCal 6:17 min/km. I am not sure why 9.9 km. I am all about the odd numbers recently, after years of running til they were rounded out.

I meant to do hills on Thursday but I did not.  Still painting, kids out of school.

Friday morning the kids went to school for an hour. During that hour, I managed to meet a friend for a bike ride.  We paid more attention to cadence (Ive been doing it wrong) and went pretty fast.
                        30.03 km Bike Ride 1:23:59 605 kCal 21.3 km/h
Included a couple of stops, a water break, some town driving ie. crazy traffic and drivers and stop lights.  Average speed would be way off.

After we climbed off the bikes soaked with sweat (HOT) we went for a run, since someone wise said that is the most important part, running off the bike to get used to that cruddy feeling of jello legs.  It took about 5 minutes for the feeling of ugh to go away.  We ran for another 5 minutes, a total of just under 2 km.  Fun :)

Im still a little confused about cadence on the bike; is it the number of times your bike tire spins, or the pedals go up/down?  I tried to match Lavinia's feet but was slower so Im wondering if it was tire rotations and she had the counter thingy? :)  Anyway biking is goooood cross training!

We spent some time walking the kids around town, since it was their last day of school and they had some treats to collect; free ice creams, candy, slushies.  We likely walked a couple of miles before heading to the pool for some relax time.

Saturday was a sort of a rest day.  I think.  Where is my head?  I was gearing up for a long run on Sunday before we headed off for a night away, so I didnt do much on Saturday. I cannot remember Saturday.  Im pretty sure I went to bed early, anyway.  ok wait, I went for a run with Toni but she wasnt feeling well so she turned back and I went on, 6.8 km I think but I will have to check my watch. And then I rested. for the next morning.

Sunday morning I got up a little early, and felt immediately nauseated.  And dizzy. So very dizzy. It was gross. So I didnt get out at 7 like I hoped but more like 730.  I really thought I might throw up, I was so dizzy. But when I ran it was a little easier.
Week 3 long run was a step-down week. So I only had to go 8 miles (12.8 km).  I went through Greenfield over Greg road, back down and across College back to Old Courthouse, then home. It was actually not a bad run, I did pick it up near the end because I heard a train coming and I did not want to be caught behind it.  I sort of wish I had taken some water to drink. But I didnt think I would need it on 13 little km. Sad right?  lol some regrets. 
13.16 km Run / Jog 1:25:26 821 kCal 6:29 min/km
Coming down Old Greendfield Road I saw a dog that I had met before, that chased me across the road and grabbed my pantleg. The owner was outside too but the dog saw me first, and I shouted to the man to "watch his dog" and he grabbed at it before it got too close. UGH. 
Sunday was Canada Day and after I ran we dressed and headed to the Parade. The kids were to be on the 4H float in the parade but with few people showing up, I climbed on as well with some other mamas, in my short skirt, and sat on a bale rather than watching the parade from my lawn chair.  That was fun ;)
And that brings week 3 to a close.

Quick Catch Up Training Week 2

Now the end of week 3, it's a good time to catch up week 2 :)

Off schedule by a day now, thanks to Johnny Miles and not wanting to do more of a run on Father's Day since we already took up half of it with the run :)  So long Run Sunday became Monday.  And it was HOT. 
I arranged to meet Toni at the end of her road for part of my long run; I had some trouble getting there. Left house a little late, but more, I had terrible ankle and calf pain.  I stopped to stretch a couple of times but was having no relief from it.  I stopped 3 times before I got to the end of Toni's Road at about 6+ km.  By this time my feet were feeling very numb.  Really?  I recognise that. Shoes tied too tight.  Total rookie mistake.  Sadly, ankle pain was already too noticable to go away completely, but the rest of the run after that was more comfortable.
After leaving Toni at the end of College Road I ran around to McWilsons and stopped for some ice water.  Im not sure they were actually going to give it to me. Ice water!  But I got the water, and ice; the cubes would not fit into the top of my handheld so I had to chew them to fit them in.  That was a refreshing experience. Afterwards the bottle was so cold I could not hold it long, so  I passed it hand to hand. It was still better.  It was hot and still a bit of a slog back to my house. I finished with 17.3 km on the log. 1:56:17 included a lot of stops to strech :P

Tuesday was a rest day and rest is all I did.  lol I dont remember what else I did; it was a long time ago. I didnt do anything difficult.

Wednesday I went to the park after dropping off kids, and did 8.76 km on trails in 56:32.  Ive been mapping them on the iPhone with MapMyRun which automatically logs and posts them for me, much easier but it means carrying the phone. Whichis likely a good idea anyway, to have the phone there, but its carrying something. SIGH.  Trail run was fun, no falls. I saw 4 deer there; no fear at all!

Later in the evening we met with Alicia to do a run/walk which became more of a walk/walk, but was good for leg stretching and killing time. 5.8 km 56:24.

Thursday I met Toni for 8 km run; 50:33 minutes. Dont remember details but we've done everything in Bible Hill lately.

Friday it was hot and I was totally busy so I went early on my 8 km loop which somehow is 8.7 km ;) and felt pretty good.  51:52 was time. Rest of busy day spent getting Taylor ready for her show, and taking the other kids around; Annika still had soccer and I had ball hockey in the evening; so much activity for that day!  Ball Hockey was ok, we tied the KFC team 1-1. 

Saturday; I guess that was a rest day. Maybe did we paint?  No, I took the little kids to the Hershey Track Meet in Dartmouth. It was cold and drizzly all day; good running weather but not good sitting around weather. They each did 2 running events and 1 field event (Soft Ball Toss). It sure was an experience.  LOL.  Annika really just wanted to play all day ;) she did her events and then went back to playing. She qualified for Atlantic Track Meet in Soft Ball Throw but we are not going to be able to attend that.
Holly 400 M

Annika 50 meters

No running for me; after the day chilling in the stands I just wanted to warm up. Think I might have gone to bed early.

Whoops looks like Sunday was also a rest day. I had good intentions, the weather was good; but Taylor had a show with her calf at her EastGen event, and we spent a few hours watching her showing her calf, and the rest of the day cleaning up from it. I have a feeling I am forgetting something but it wasnt a workout for sure ;)

2012 km Goal