Monday, February 24, 2014

The Race Wasn't.

It did not happen for me. :( I am sad about missing a good fun looking event but can't really argue with reason; the weather was dangerous and roads were treacherous between here and the fun time. We would have had to cross a mountain that is questionable on sunny days and it wasn't worth the risk to car and life :( If we were closer it would have been a really nice day to run; the winds were not as bad as they could have been and all :/ but it wasn't to be.

I have been doing workouts at the gym I've become associated with and they are really hurting my running workouts :/ Im not sure if Im just getting old or if I am not working out there enough? I can often barely move for days after any workout. The yoga classes I take there are quite awesome but the fitness is killing me. And its getting in the way of my running so I really have to take a look at what Im doing.

Diet is still crap, Im not making any headway there. I just am too lazy to change now ;) If I could resist the stuff the kids are always baking and making....

So nothing new here.

I did a fun race on Saturday with Holly; ran a winter Triathlon/Duathlon called the Abominable Snowman race, with skis, snowshoes, and sneakers. I did the snowshoe/Run part and it was incredibly hard. It was a beautiful day, with warmish temps. Rain the night before took away little of the snow, but left it slushy and heavy :/ So apparently the skiing was tough, the snowshoeing was ok, I never ran in snowshoes before but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I did the 1.5 km loop in 15 minutes plus. then I dumped the snowshoes and went off with sneakers; I had trail shoes but in a foot of slush and water they weren't very useful. 3 laps of 1.5 km were hard :) And wet!  Total time for the 6 km was 49:24 or something like that. But there wasn't a stable step so hips were killing.

And then Sunday morning before the Olympic Gold Medal hockey game (mens) I had to get my long run in so I met some friends at 6 am and we did 14 km. Right from the start I had a sore hip and tired legs from afternoon before, run finished but short of distance and I was nauseous (wtf?) and couldn't wait to get home. Hockey game was awesome, Canada Gold again :) the girls had hockey games for the rest of the day and we were all tired by night. Annika got very sick and we had a fairly sleepless night :)

Now its Monday yet again and Im not sure where Im going from here :)


Char said...

I haven't yet worked out the best way to add in strength work to my running program. Every time I start doing any strength stuff, I seem to struggle with my running. It doesn't exactly give me incentive to continue with it - especially since I don't like strength stuff.

Marjorie Robinson said...

Terri-Lynn, it has been so long since I have come and seen your blog and now I am sorry that I haven't. I know that you will find something fulfilling, both financially and spiritually, to keep you busy. I didn't get to run the 1/2 last year because of a medical emergency with my BIL. Long story short, I am now training for a 10K on June 1st, a Tough Mudder in July and will evaluate how my running is going to see if I will be ready for a 1/2 in August/October. I am trying to reach these goals that I set but my medical issues can throw me off the rails sometimes.

I hope that you are well and you can always email me and chat!



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