Sunday, May 30, 2010

Getting Ready for the Relay

Weather SUCKS here.  Seriously. Cold Rain?  lol.  I love NS in May.  Sunny and 25 one day and raining and 5 the next.  I didnt run on Thursday or Friday; could not make myself go out.  I did get dressed and ready; and it was cold raining. I just stayed in bed lol.  Friday was the Rally Against Racism and I got cold accompanying the grade 3's to the park so I did not rush out to run in it some more. Just very tired and tired of the cold.

Saturday morning we were packing up to leave for our drive to Cape Breton and I went for a "cob web" run to stretch. And UGH I was pretty tense.  Ankles, knees, hips; all very uncomfortable.  It is likely a good think I went for the run.  Before getting in the car for hours and loads of driving. 4.4 km.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hump Day Wednesday Between Runs

Ugh feeling so very tired and quite upset stomach; running despite it all. :( Hope this passes soon! It was a terrible night!

Took the kids to school and met Deb right there to go for our walk/run on the trail; about 35 minutes and 3.25 km spent there. Left right from there to do a run; planned Fartleks but I don't think I really did them well.  I tried for more effort for periods of time but was tired or got distracted and didnt stay on them very well and I have no idea how effective that is lol.  lots of hills in that run route tho; up the McClures Mills Connector and down Truro Heights; up Robie to King where I stopped.  9.6 km and 1:01 minutes. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rest Over - Back at it! lol

Monday was a well earned rest day; called this past week a cut back week with the race coming; cut the miles slightly and the 12 km run became a 10 km race and a ball hockey game ;) Day of rest on Monday much needed so that running could continue today!

Have another run coming up this weekend; Im not used to them being SO close together but this Cabot Trail Relay is extra special and being run for Chris this year because he cannot run it.  I ran the Bluenose anyway because that one is for me; Im running the relay because I really feel strongly about running it. :)

And it's really no longer than my long run; in fact it is about 2-4 km shorter than I would be running on my own this weekend.  Only thing different making me nervous is the speed; the Bluenose is the first long race I've maintained under 6 minutes a km and it was barely.  I wont be able to do it for 16 km.  SIGH and I am sure there are hills.  And Taylor has a swim meet. Its all so stressing.

Back at it this morning; an easy 6 km became a fast 6.5 because I ran with Margie :):)  With our less than 40 minutes we kept pace with the race on the weekend and came in at about 5:57 minutes per km.  Oh well it was a nice run before the rain opened up and soaked the world lol we managed to avoid almost all of the rain. 

Tomorrow some sort of speed work then trails in the park on Thursday :)

Bluenose 10 K RR

Been a couple of days so enough distance has passed between race and report; do NOT want the entire thing to be about dodging walkers, rude runners, strollers, and what is with the dogs?

Bit more prepared for the hills this year; they were far less painful :) The weather was absolutely perfect; if we had started 1 hour earlier it might have been cooler but OMG It wasnt raining! It was only breezy!  Sun was shining!  Success if you ask me :):)

So I was awake around 430 am; someone in my bed was awfully loud and it wasnt me.  Didnt really sleep after HE was awake and so when the alarm went off at 530 I was still pretty groggy.  GOt ready to go, got the kids all up and out the door by 630 ish.  Took them to the grands, picked up friends, and off to Halifax!

We got to the Metro Center rather early and were able to get good parking so we left our bags in the car rather than checking them which saved us a lot of time and stress in line ups.  Stretched a bit, took in the atmosphere, and said hi to a few friends on the way to the bathrooms and back. Multiple times.  My routine is 3 times hehehe. One of those has to be ON the start line. (well not RIGHT on the line; there are portapotties there).

We made our way up to the start line as instructed and realised as we walked WAY around all these fences that going out another door would have been more efficient. It was a long walk around.  Then we were corralled into the start chute.  This was awful. the Half Marathon people were also crowding in which meant afew things...since they were leaving after us, they took up space; we had to squeeze around them; they were sometimes trying to get out of the tightly fenced in start line, so were going against traffic and were just so standing there preventing us from getting to the start. SIGH. 
Finally heard the was like Get ready POP gunshot sort of noise....I was like...what happened to Set?

And it took us 4 minutes of weaving to get to the start line. So much for our official time being close to chip time.  SIGH.

And Right out of the gate the dodging started. Yes walkers started at the front of the pack. I dunno, I think unofficial etiquette dictates slow people, walkers, and STROLLERS start at the back of the runners.  Its great that all are out there but be realistic with your start position!  I can never get into a rhythm if I am constantly dodging people!  ITs terrible, really.  And then there were dogs. One lady had 2 of them...leashed, sure but a total hazard with the leashes. SIGH. I avoided her.
Then there was Nantucket Hill. lol steep and really long it went on forever. Now we were passing people on their way back in large numbers. 
So first 2 km were a tiny bit hilly but hard to notice with all the dodging and running on the sidewalk. A lot of cars parked in DO NOT PARK HERE places so to avoid I ran on the sidewalk a fair bit.  Crowds were light and supportive. All good. A few turns here and there but not terribly crowded.  I did get someone's elbow in the head. Tall people swinging elbows are a hazard.  And people who jump to the side. SIGH.
Just after 3 km I was feeling a little tired.  Which should not have happened lol. Maybe it was irritable LOL I dunno, It passed quickly and I managed here to feel as tho I was finally settling into a good rhythm.  Turned and started up onto the bridge. Not so tired here and this side was a more gradual slope; was able to pass a lot of people on this side of the bridge who stopped to walk and tie shoes. In the middle of the road.

Part way across the bridge we met the leaders of the 10 K race already on their way back OMG.  LOL nice to see them go. 

On the other side of the bridge was an awful bottle neck and terrible crush to get to the water tables. Honestly didnt want a water but totally got pushed over by crush of people rudely pushing....and grabbed a water as I went to wet my mouth. It was HOT.  Not complaining but a little wet for my dry mouth was ok. Walked about 15 seconds there until crowd cleared a little. 

After the bridge was Nantucket Hill.  Ugh. Steep, and it went on forever!  And ever!  lol.  at top, just past 5 km, was a turn onto a side road where we had a turnaround a pylon at 6 km :) nice to know that hill was over and there were only 4 km left!  I checked pace; going well here.  Motored up that hill without a problem.  :) passed a lot of walking people.
Downhill to the bottom of the bridge was a nice rest and a chance to pick up some speed :) saved a few minutes there.

Also back through the water zone was slightly less of a bottle neck.  Grabbed a cup because it was RIGHT in front of me but again just wet my mouth (hot hot hot hot hot) and didnt even stop running that time. Wasn't trying to get much into me and didnt care if I spilled some lOL.  saw one chick in a white tank top grab Gatorade...hehehe whoops she should have stopped running.

through the water area and now facing the other side of the bridge; this was my wall last year; it was raining and foggy; and the wind was blowing us back and sideways terribly.  This year sunny and bright and me feeling awesome; chugged right up and again passed tonnes of people; just really wish that people who are stopping would haul it over to the side. They had the bridge divided by 2/3 other side 1/3 this side; unfortunately the crowd had not thinned on the return side (now my side) so we were very crammed and I ran some on the other side of the Pylons to avoid more swinging elbows.

Up to the top of the bridge and back down the other side downhill nice :):) Only 2 km left. Passing walking people.  I kicked it up a bit knowing only 2 km left and a bit more gradual downhill before the flat and then the long slope uphill to the finish line.  at about 1 km left I passed people who were walking; I totally would be running that last bit even if I was beat because unless you intend to walk, who walks into a finish chute? Ok lots of you. Whatever. LOL

Came up that last hill giving it all; wasnt going to finish feeling "great" and with energy.  Leave it all out there.  Last 2 km were done in about 11 minutes :):) yay me!

Finished and checked Garmin: 59:47!  My goal was under and hour and that's like 5 minutes off last year almost!  AWESOME improvement!  I was totally pumped to finish at goal! lol

Spent a little time afterwards chatting and grabbing a few snacks before we left and ;) Dropped the ladies off and went to a BBQ then a nap then a Ball Hockey Game. Monday was a TIRED day lol. But Sunday was awesome!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bluenose Marathon 10 K Race

Place 1112/2321
Name      TERI-LYNN MASTERS         
Bib#    4661
Time    1:03:39.6
Chip    59:45.4
Pace   6:22
Category        Women 30 - 39
CategoryPlace 169/469
GenderPlace 515/1460

A total personal best for me!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bluenose Marathon

The Bluenose run is tomorrow; Im running the 10 K with a few other friends in prep for our alf marathon in 4 weeks.  Its a good Halifax event run all on roads and rather hillish.  :)
Why Bluenose?  Nova Scotians are totally known as Bluenosers.  We are the Bluenose Province.  We even have a boat; the Bluenose II.  But why Bluenose?

According to info from the Run: Legen had it back in the age of sail when the sea was at the very core of our existence, mariners would arrive in the Port of Halifax with noses stained blue by the dye of their peacoat sleeves - the perfect substitute for a handkerchief. (ew)  In their name, we run. 

Interesting.  I will be up at 530 and Im starting to think about packing a bag and getting stuff together. I have nothing for a good breakfast and dont have my usual prerun bananas and last year I assumed that like most runs there would be a bit to eat beforehand but there was not.  I can't do that again! LOL shock!
Run starts at 910 and I do not yet have my kids looked after.  Its going to be hot I am thinking.  Better pack sunscreen!  LOL.  And not a black hat. 

Wonder if my belly is going to settle; little stressed out about some life stuff.

Just Stuff

Took Friday off and have not managed anything for today yet either; we went shopping and are supposed to be gardening and it is windy as hell and Im just cranky.  CRANKY.  I really just need to be aloneeee.

Went to the Bluenose Marathon Expo yesterday which seemed a lot larger last year Lol but was still interesting and some of my favorite potential yet unrun runs were there with booths and I saw this new to me?  New to all? Not sure. has the coolest series of races over the next couple of years (yes 2010, 2011, 2012) where you run one of 3 distances and get a medal. And the medal from last year fits with the medal from this year and makes the coolest frame-able collection of medals :) I want to run the first this year and may actually make it the longest of the three distances (under 16 miles) because I am kinda on a distance roll this year and wont be so sure about next year OR the year afterwards :) Git Er Done this year while Im seemingly fit. :)

Often I spend a little rest time with the running Blogs on the internet, getting ideas, gear information, running tips, and sometimes just entertainment. Sometimes my favorite blogs have little giveaways of gear they have been asked to `review`. How does one get to review, Im not sure.  Wish I could review some running shirts; nothing in this area has been wearable; Im running naked tomorrow apparently LOL.  picked up some short tight capris this morning tho :) not a total loss but my ass was already covered, and my top not so much as yet.  My tops that are now too large are chafing the crap outta me but I have not found replacements yet. 

Anyway one of my favorite running blogs to read is called Shut Up And Run and I can often find something to laugh about there from poo issues to running experiences to funny things kids say and do :)  She has some of the most honest running advice there on her blog:) love it.  This blog has a givewaway at the moment and anyone interested should pop over and see.  There is a running shirt but its too late to help me tomorrow ;)

God help me tomorrow.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quick Run

supposed to be taking it easy ;) took it easy all day then ran out last thing before dark (and rain apparently) for a quick 5 k.  No warm up and decided to go as fast as I could up the stinkin hill uGh 5 k in 30:30 freaking hill and I almost threw up at the top of the hill 5.65 km total 36 ish minutes.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Intervals Weekly

Despite the back off week I decided to do my speedwork today because I can very quickly forget how that feels and settle into a nice easy lope that I can maintain for ages but doesnt really push me very hard.  Fine for regular runs but not so much for the races I have coming up :) 
I manage to fool myself quite easily into doing these intervals; I decide on a distance (ie today it was 800 meters) and how many intervals I am going to do (schedule said 8 so I though I would do 4...its a back off week ;) no need to race tired this weekend).  Then I go out and do those number at that distance....and then one more.  If I can do 4, I can do 5 :)  So I did 4 plus one more :)  Warmed up around the block for a mile and cooled for a mile and completed 9.2 km total in 58 minutes of intervals plus rest between :)

There was a group of people there at the track sitting in the stands (once they finally all gathered...took them almost half an hour to complete the group) and a few of them would walk/run around the track for a while with these weight vests on and then pass them on to someone else.  No idea what they were doing lol if they are there next week I might ask :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Easy Run - Back Off Week

With 2 races coming up next two weekends I should be backing off a bit.  My program doesnt know but I know that Im feeling pretty tired and I have a race each weekend then a half marathon 3 weeks later. So I took yesterday off completely and felt pretty good this morning for a run. One of my programs (im only following 2 at one time...neither really closely) said 6 miles run (um no) and the other said 5 km.  So I set out from town and ran home and it was obvious I wasnt going to be at an even 7.2 km (4.5 miles) when I hit the top of our hill and I was like "where will I run to get the even miles...then I thought Well...I already ran a miles more than I was supposed to...maybe I should call it quits. So in the middle of the hill I just stopped and walked the rest of the way. 6.44 km in 41 minutes (easy pace?)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

LSD 18 km Sunday!

Saturday a lot of circumstances caused  me to wimp out on my easy 6 km run; I did however do 3.26 with Deb in her 2nd walk/run workout of her new running life, so it was not a complete write off either :) Just resting some very sore legs for Sunday...

Which dawned nice and sunny and....yup. Windy. WINDY as hell.  OMG. 

But with the awesome weather and the time crunch (ball hockey tonight) I had to get moving and only an hour late, I got out there and ran that 18 km.

Went through Bible Hill and into town where I met up with Tonya and she ran 5 or so km with me which was SO nice because I have been lonesome ;)  Had a few stops, accidently turned off my Garmin so not so sure of the times or the distances but I think with Tonya's keeping track I only lost 1.5 km and that worked out with what I had mapped so Im going with that.  I mean really who cares?

Hit the trail after town and ran to Old Barns where Scott was waiting at his parent's place for me.  That part of the run was Brutal; wind head on and no shelter from it. Lucky it wasnt cold but it was so hard running into the wind like that. Would have been easier to run from Old Barns back to home .lol but I guess I just need to keep practicing in wind or other weather conditions that I dont like. Maybe should nap now hehehe

Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Rest Day

Rather tired this week :(  Trying to get back on schedule for this week so took today as a rest day and did go for a very long walk in the park with the kids for some fresh air :) Ready for a nice easy run tomorrow morning then another 18 km on Sunday morning :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trail Run with the Moose :)

We went for a trail run this morning; I want to do this weekly!  This morning I took Maggie Moose along.  I said I wasnt going to let her run with me til she was like 18 months old but I just couldnt wait. What if I just do it really gradually?

She was super excited to go; hopped up in the car, got her gear on; totally ready.  And she was amazing :) She trotted along beside me like she was totally trained to do that.  She's the easiest dog ever!  lol She never had to exert herself; its not like Im fast and I took the trails easy today and had some walk breaks for her.  She didnt veer off the trail or check out other dogs and people, but stayed right with me!  :):) She's a rock star!  lol I love this dog!The trails were awesome again; I dont thinkI took the same one twice and still managed my 7.4 km with ease. Got lost a few times, had some off-trailing too in order to vary the footing :) some trails were little more than a cut out at the moment for mountain biking.  :)  Weather wasn't very warm; it was just above 0 when I went out. But the sun was shining :):):)

7.4 km in a little under 53 minutes (walk, map check, pee break) for a nice easy run.  AND my yearly milage went over 500 km this morning :):):) only a little behind for the year now LOL and this training plan should take care of that :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Speed Work - Intervals

Got out to the track this morning to run some Intervals; Im realllllly trying to include speedwork weekly (tempo and intervals) as well as pushing it on most of my runs to keep the speed constant. And it is working although I have concluded I have a very small speed range; Uncomfortable over 630 (Yay) but not comfortable for very long under 530. Averaging about 615 or so these days without much thought.

Ive been doing intervals of 400 M but decided that I should also include some longer intervals now to start getting some maintainable speed memory (endurance in speed) and I slow the longer intervals down and do them when more tired to train to maintain speed (or effort if speed is missing) while tired.

So today I warmed up with a mile then did 2X400 M at about 5 minutes a km, then 2X800 at about 530-540 minutes a km, then 1X1600 at about 6 minute pace. (545 more often). It wasnt easy :) but it isnt supposed to be! lol
I rested between with a slow run for 200 m after the 400 m intervals and then 400 M after the 800 M. Cooled out for a mile then stretched and went home :)

Is all good:)

The rest of this week should be more relaxing; trail run tomorrow morning in the park of about 7 km, may take Friday off and bike instead, easy run on Saturday 6 km steady, and Im trying to take my long run back to Sunday. This week is supposed to be a 12 km step back week; I think I am still switching it with next week which is the Bluenose 10 K and do another 18 km this weekend. Again weather dependent.

Hip still uncomfortable and I have had a pain in my neck since I saw Chiro yesterday; adjusted improperly? lol rare. May have start of shin splints in right shin and left ankle still painful (maybe getting worse). If Im still so hurting at the end of the fall I might see a doctor.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rest Day

LOL since it is rest day I obviously did something and went for a bike ride. It was nice; I was cold at the start but warmed up eventually and the rain held off thank goodness...
Wish I could add that awesome 18.4 km to my running total ;)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Long Run of the Week ;)

Sunday (Mother's Day) run didnt happen. Wonderful chain of events all coming together to make sure that there wasnt a good time for it to happen. I would have loved to have had that time and activity to myself; Ive decided Mother's Day had very little to do with mother and more to do with get here see these people get there be seen etc etc. SIGH.

Anyway disappointment of Mother's Day continued to the evening and a Ball Hockey Game that didnt go so well. We played well but some flukey goals and a tired goalie created some goals that were discouraging. Obviously we lost and I didnt really feel like I had a good workout from it ;)

Fast forward through a terrible night's sleep thanks to a kicking 7 year old, to Monday morning bright and early. Bright is being optimistic; at least it wasnt raining.

The training plan said repeat the 16 km week. It does not, however, account for some upcoming races that are going to totally mess that up, so Im sort of modifying distances. Besides I really need to get used to longer distances. I dont see why I cannot continue to gradually increase my distances. :):):)

So today I mapped out about 16 km and then added some to run a total of about 18 km. And I did it at a faster pace than last week's 16 km. right to the end. I do believe, this may be progress. Today's route may not have been as hilly, at least after the first 6 km, but it was still rolling hills and not flat. So Im just going to keep on running.

Next week I will repeat the 18 km, then the week after is a step back week (flip flopped them) and I will do the 10 km Bluenose run; week after that is 18 km again and I am going to be doing the Cabot Trail so I am not even that far off distance :) a little adjustment goes a long way!

Have to see what is on the calendar for this week; need to get the long run back to Sunday so the next 3 weeks can be as normal as possible :)

Had a scare on my Saturday night run that kind of put things in perspective lol I was running past a parked 18 wheeler when this large white shepherd sort of dog raced out from under it with hair raised, teeth bared, and no tail wagging; all bad signs if you ask me ;) I stopped short and held out my hand and yelled No twice; he stopped and stared at me. I stared back at him ( Im not sure that's advisable lol). Now considering what to do, I looked around for owners and eventually someone climbed out of the truck and came around. I had my headphones on so I could not tell what they said; I said Not Cool. I heard some sort of blah blah and I said again Not Cool at All. Then I continued my run.

I was less concerned about the actual bite of the dog, than I was about the past 4 months of training being all for nothing if that damned thing had bitten me!

Hmm where is my head at?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Easy Run

The Hubtown Fun Run was this morning and that meant the kids got to run. Other years I have ran with them but this year parents weren't allowed on the track; I wasnt sure the kids would go without me (littles) but I got them paired off with buddies and run they did!
Holly found Lane
Annika went off with a classmate...
Here come's my littlest runner in the Kiddie KM :) She ran almost the whole way! Not bad for a kiddo who didnt want to go!
Taylor and Cara came racing around the corner in the first of their 4 laps of the racetrack
and Holly and Lane running strongly :)

All finished now :)

They had a really good run :):)

After going home and cleaning some house I did get out (Just before the rain) and did an easy 6 km without pushing too much. Lots of hills.
The plan for long run this week was to go running on Mother's Day before anyone else got up. When I mentioned this there were loads of tears as everyone claimed I should have breakfast in bed....I can't stand tears; I stayed in bed. And everyone slept in of course. Seriously how long am I supposed to wait? I got up anyway SIGH :)

Long run on Monday?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Avoid the Wind and Rediscover Trails

I woke up this morning concerned because I knew it was to be windy and even tho I had not been able to run in 2 days (life was going on) or maybe because I had not been running in 2 days, I was going to go out this morning.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the sun come out while I was driving the kids to school. I was dressed and ready to go, so the sun was a hint that I had to go right now and NOT go home. Home is that whole time-sucking black hole - I go in and can't get back out again and then time is gone and so is motivation. Avoid home. At least for now, while I am hating running from home.

Why am I hating running from home? Likely because there are unavoidable hills in every direction. I either run them starting out, or run them coming home; either way I go, there is WMR to contend with. Its long and its a hill and it is unavoidable.

anyway. Sun came out. Yay! I was thinking where am I going to go? I wanted at least 4 miles, and town is getting boring plus its windy so I dont really want to go somewhere too open and unprotected.

Interesting. The power just went out. Nice wind.

So here I am blogging from a new location because Ive nothing else to do. HEY DEB Im at your house! Wish you were here! lol

SO I remembered reading a friend's email yesterday and she and another runner had gone to the park and ran there; there are stairs and hills and it would make a nice hill workout if I went there PLUS the park is kind of a ravine so nicely protected from the wind. Reasonably so. Its not perfect but much better.

SO I ran in the woods. IN the park. On trails. Some very technical trails; mountain bikers use them. :) It was awesome!

Warmed up on the road first. Then I climbed Jacob's Ladder, a very high, very steep set of stairs. Had to walk some of them. The stairs are very open and honestly I get really dizzy. I got to the top and ran down the Serpentine, a steepish paved trail. Ran around the pool thinking to "rest" between hill repeats, then came back around and climbed the Serpentine and this was MUCH easier than Jacob's Ladder although it took longer. At the top I thought I would go down the Falls stairs but managed to miss a turn so I ended up on Vipert Trail which was SO Steep I walked up parts of it.
I spend a good long time on a bunch of these trails; since I was now up in that part of the park I might as well enjoy them. Time and km just flew by! It was quiet and less windy and really just so nice.

My time wasnt Great; I dont care! It was a good run. And I think I counted about 10 climbs, including another Jacob's Ladder; 3 of those were so steep I had to walk, 7 were steep, and 3 were significant long, gradual slopes. But since the whole park is a hill, there was almost no flat. So it was a good long hill workout lol. 10.6 km, 1:16:10 for time. And I stopped to check out maps a few times; I did get lost but never so much I wasnt sure how to get out; I just didnt always get where I wanted to be :):)

I will be repeating this park workout often; once a week would be nice. I would think it would be great training for a potential half Ultra.

And I actually looked at a full marathon training program this afternoon. Top run is only 20 miles; Im not sure that would be enough to complete 26.1 miles. Any thoughts?

Much to think about!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


the Day after the long run I took a chance to run again (Scott away - likely not running next couple of days) and did what I thought would be a nice slow run. Wasnt feeling so well overnight and into morning so didnt have much hope.

Ran on the trail from highway to Old Barns and it was hot and somewhat sunny. :) I like hot. its not hilly and not at all hard; footing is great.

So despite tight in right leg/hip/ankle, ran the whole 6.75 km and did in Tempo style - 41:10 minutes which is about 6:05/km which is really ok for me :) Was happy about that; had a nice 1.5 km warm up too.

Too bad I wasnt able to run today ( learned to play 4 Square tho) and may not get out tomorrow either; going to the Sports Fair in Amherst! Im looking forward to that. Will pay close attention :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Long Slow 16 km Success

After last week's fairly dismal 14 km I did have a better week; maybe more rest was needed after all that travel. Things certainly looked up!

Nice rest day on Sunday with lovely weather, allergy flareups, and a nap (thanks Benedryl lol) and some gardening :)

Monday I woke with a plan; this is very important to actually getting the run in; I have to plan when it is, picture it happening, and then most important key: do not come home LOL. The home is like a sucking vortex; I go in and dont come out! I get sucked into things like Laundry, vaccuuming, dishes, and internet. So most successful runs tend to be ones that happen once I leave the house and dont come back.

I planned a challenging route through Hilden and back to town and then around town to get those last 3 km in. Its very hilly for the first 5 or so km and then there is a very steep downhill km that kills the quads.

Had some upset stomach at the start but it calmed and I didnt hear too much from belly until about half way through but a little eating soon quieted that.

Uphill portion was ok...taken at reasonable paces. at about 5 km had some blue jelly beans and water. Then half an oatmeal bar at about 11 km. A few water walks in between. Did not stick to the 10 and 1 walking plan but I did stop for walk breaks every 20 minutes or so.

Downhill sucked. It was uncomfortable. I concentrated on maintaining form and not going too fast.

Did have some complaints from the right hip and knee and ankle. SIGH. Left foot was very quiet. Dont get it. Shouldnt it hurt? lol It hurts for other stuff. lol

fairly flat into town and around town. I so dislike stop lights, and I dont love it when drivers ignore me and pull across the side walk to go into their store, or even park there, making me jump out of the way and often into the road to get around them when they dont quite get off the side walk. There seemed to be more than the normal number of people who just didnt see me; I always fear the old ladies who are hanging onto their stearing wheels for dear life and squinting out the window; I know they cannot see me and their reaction time is going to be SLOW....I try to get out of the way but even way off to the side of the road those are the cars that tend to be closest to taking off my elbows. Them and the kids who think they are SO funny...lets make that running woman jump and crap her pants by driving right up her butt and laying on the horn. Hilarious. None of that today. Just old ladies. Must be old lady cheque day.

SO I get to the end of the 16 km feeling pretty full of myself and walk off towards the car...which I left at the top of the hill so I could cut off at least that much hill at the start of the run. I KNEW I would have to climb the hill at the end to get the car but it was at a leisurely walk and was likely good for stretching tight muscles. LOL it was still a steeeeep hill.

At the top I noted Scott driving around to where I was so he drove me from the top of the hill to my car and I drank a whole bottle of chocolate milk LOL. I often leave up a map of where Im going so that he has an idea of where I am and sometimes this translates into surprises like a bottle of chocolate milk at the end of the run :) Much appreciated. Wish he had found me at the bottom of that hill lol. BUT naw it was a good stretch hahahahahha

So long run success this week. I need to keep doing whatever I did last week to make it a good week :):)

Taking the kids running tonight. Should be fun...Im hobbling slightly with stiffness :)

No rest tomorrow...will do a slow short recovery run, Intervals on Wednesday, Tempo on Thursday, and I should be back on Schedule to get my long runs back to Sunday. Nice 16 km again this week. Gonna plot a new route; New scenery is awfully nice :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's May Now! WOWsa.

Where is this year going? I cannot believe it is May 1!! Work is winded up and new schedules and activities with us and the kids are starting. We expect to be very busy this year with 4H (With the big man being the General Leader and all) and with soccer for the kids. I am playing Ball Hockey again; in fact we have had our first 2 games and they are killing me ;) Currently Im just struggling to get things done when all I want to do is sleep!

I signed up for 2 runs last night so I am now more commited to something besides the relay. The Bluenose 10 K will be first on May 23 and then the Cabot Trail Relay is a week later in CB. Then 3 weeks later will be the Johnny Miles Half Marathon. This is a fairly tiring time for me. I hope I don't feel too much pressure to run run run LOL.

Thursday evening I took the kids and dogs for a nice run on the trail. They have a fun run coming up this weekend and Ive been neglectful of their "training" for it lol. There is no organization to this and no winners so its not like there is pressure but I should get them out a few more times this week.

Friday morning I did go for a run in town after dropping off the kids. Felt a lot of discomfort on the outside of my right ankle/calf. I wonder if I am running funny to compensate for discomfort in the right hip/pelvis that seems to be getting worse instead of better. 7.5 km done in damp rain SIGH NS weather is awesome.

Ball hockey Friday night was a little tiring; we were down in numbers and in fact had to call on 2 new people to get 2 full lines. I dont mind being at 2 lines although I might not have been so wise to run that morning. SIGH. I think we played ok and if we had had more shots we could have beaten that team and I REALLY wanted to lol.

Saturday morning was sluggish; meant to get up and run with Tonya but overslept and ended up being lazy til noon; got Scott to drop me off after we picked up the small kids and I ran home. It felt very downhill although the map doesnt appear as downhill as it felt. It was a quickish (for me) 6.4 km in less than 40 minutes go me. lol Use those hills!

Considering whether to run tomorrow or not; should be a rest day but I might like to move my long run day back to Sundays one of these weeks. Maybe I just need to get the rest of my week back on track. Will check weather.

2012 km Goal