Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's May Now! WOWsa.

Where is this year going? I cannot believe it is May 1!! Work is winded up and new schedules and activities with us and the kids are starting. We expect to be very busy this year with 4H (With the big man being the General Leader and all) and with soccer for the kids. I am playing Ball Hockey again; in fact we have had our first 2 games and they are killing me ;) Currently Im just struggling to get things done when all I want to do is sleep!

I signed up for 2 runs last night so I am now more commited to something besides the relay. The Bluenose 10 K will be first on May 23 and then the Cabot Trail Relay is a week later in CB. Then 3 weeks later will be the Johnny Miles Half Marathon. This is a fairly tiring time for me. I hope I don't feel too much pressure to run run run LOL.

Thursday evening I took the kids and dogs for a nice run on the trail. They have a fun run coming up this weekend and Ive been neglectful of their "training" for it lol. There is no organization to this and no winners so its not like there is pressure but I should get them out a few more times this week.

Friday morning I did go for a run in town after dropping off the kids. Felt a lot of discomfort on the outside of my right ankle/calf. I wonder if I am running funny to compensate for discomfort in the right hip/pelvis that seems to be getting worse instead of better. 7.5 km done in damp rain SIGH NS weather is awesome.

Ball hockey Friday night was a little tiring; we were down in numbers and in fact had to call on 2 new people to get 2 full lines. I dont mind being at 2 lines although I might not have been so wise to run that morning. SIGH. I think we played ok and if we had had more shots we could have beaten that team and I REALLY wanted to lol.

Saturday morning was sluggish; meant to get up and run with Tonya but overslept and ended up being lazy til noon; got Scott to drop me off after we picked up the small kids and I ran home. It felt very downhill although the map doesnt appear as downhill as it felt. It was a quickish (for me) 6.4 km in less than 40 minutes go me. lol Use those hills!

Considering whether to run tomorrow or not; should be a rest day but I might like to move my long run day back to Sundays one of these weeks. Maybe I just need to get the rest of my week back on track. Will check weather.

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