Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Intervals Weekly

Despite the back off week I decided to do my speedwork today because I can very quickly forget how that feels and settle into a nice easy lope that I can maintain for ages but doesnt really push me very hard.  Fine for regular runs but not so much for the races I have coming up :) 
I manage to fool myself quite easily into doing these intervals; I decide on a distance (ie today it was 800 meters) and how many intervals I am going to do (schedule said 8 so I though I would do 4...its a back off week ;) no need to race tired this weekend).  Then I go out and do those number at that distance....and then one more.  If I can do 4, I can do 5 :)  So I did 4 plus one more :)  Warmed up around the block for a mile and cooled for a mile and completed 9.2 km total in 58 minutes of intervals plus rest between :)

There was a group of people there at the track sitting in the stands (once they finally all gathered...took them almost half an hour to complete the group) and a few of them would walk/run around the track for a while with these weight vests on and then pass them on to someone else.  No idea what they were doing lol if they are there next week I might ask :)

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