Sunday, May 30, 2010

Getting Ready for the Relay

Weather SUCKS here.  Seriously. Cold Rain?  lol.  I love NS in May.  Sunny and 25 one day and raining and 5 the next.  I didnt run on Thursday or Friday; could not make myself go out.  I did get dressed and ready; and it was cold raining. I just stayed in bed lol.  Friday was the Rally Against Racism and I got cold accompanying the grade 3's to the park so I did not rush out to run in it some more. Just very tired and tired of the cold.

Saturday morning we were packing up to leave for our drive to Cape Breton and I went for a "cob web" run to stretch. And UGH I was pretty tense.  Ankles, knees, hips; all very uncomfortable.  It is likely a good think I went for the run.  Before getting in the car for hours and loads of driving. 4.4 km.

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