Sunday, May 16, 2010

LSD 18 km Sunday!

Saturday a lot of circumstances caused  me to wimp out on my easy 6 km run; I did however do 3.26 with Deb in her 2nd walk/run workout of her new running life, so it was not a complete write off either :) Just resting some very sore legs for Sunday...

Which dawned nice and sunny and....yup. Windy. WINDY as hell.  OMG. 

But with the awesome weather and the time crunch (ball hockey tonight) I had to get moving and only an hour late, I got out there and ran that 18 km.

Went through Bible Hill and into town where I met up with Tonya and she ran 5 or so km with me which was SO nice because I have been lonesome ;)  Had a few stops, accidently turned off my Garmin so not so sure of the times or the distances but I think with Tonya's keeping track I only lost 1.5 km and that worked out with what I had mapped so Im going with that.  I mean really who cares?

Hit the trail after town and ran to Old Barns where Scott was waiting at his parent's place for me.  That part of the run was Brutal; wind head on and no shelter from it. Lucky it wasnt cold but it was so hard running into the wind like that. Would have been easier to run from Old Barns back to home .lol but I guess I just need to keep practicing in wind or other weather conditions that I dont like. Maybe should nap now hehehe

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bobbie said...

I totally hate running in the wind also!! So far it has been a VERY Windy year and I hope it is about to change!

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