Monday, December 26, 2011

Posting on Christmas

It is Christmas Day (only for about 25 more minutes) and it's been a long haul to get here but here we are, on the other side of Christmas again for another year.
Our family is very lucky to be healthy and mostly get the gifts they hoped for again.  I often think we are overdoing Christmas but I have no idea how to go back from here.

this week has not been too active; I was making the kids some christmas gifts and was spending tonnes of time working on that; knitting is not an active sport but rather a fairly inactive hobby LOL. So maybe possibly tomorrow morning first thing Im outta here for a run.

Tuesday last I pulled of a quick 6.66 km run (i know right?) in about 40:30 minutes.  It is now getting very cold on runs. And now it's snowy!  I also had tonnes of yummy food at a work christmas lunch; lots of desserts too! lol

On Wednesday I managed a lovely sunny (cold) 10.4 km run which was very enjoyable but I have no run since. SIGH.  My mother got me some grippies for my shoes; supposed to be good on ice. I cannot wait to try them out, seeings it is not only cold but snowy and icey here.

Wednesday night I played hockey with Holly Against her team; those kids did not hold back at all!  LOL.  10-12 year olds are tough! lol The parent team did beat them and we played nicely with lots of passing, to make a good example LOL.

Thursday morning was an early morning on the ice with Scott's work friends. With few spares our scrimmage was a lot of work and those players were also very very good.  Another tough workout.

I wish I could consider shopping a workout. We did about 5 hours of that.
The kids had their first of 2 Drama presentations at night and they did awesome :)

Friday was a rest day lol meaning I basically knitted and shopped.  It snowed all day. and because of the cold, the snow stayed!

Saturday I was up early. Ive been sleeping very poorly past couple of weeks, waking early after late nights to work on the kids' presents while they sleep. most looking forward to sleeping some after christmas.

I took a break and played Saturday hockey with the girls. It was good fun :) We only had a couple of spares so again  it was a hard workout with loads of skating sprints!

working on gifts and cleaning house until Christmas Eve, when we finally had a break for a family gathering :) then knitted til 2 am. Seriously. But got all of those stockings complete enough so that Santa could carefully fill them! (now I have to make myself finish them ;))

Christmas day was a lazy jammie day and although it was sunny it was terribly cold and we totally didnt get dressed. I comtemplated a run in my grippies and new under clothes but instead I had a long nap ;) I mean really after all of these 4 and 5 hours a night sleeps I have some catching up to do. Back on track tomorrow!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Deja vue

Because it is Monday again. Good intentions never seem to lead to follow through :)
Last Monday was exhausting. Lol it's not like anything even happened. Went to work, went home, repeat. Emotionally exhausting can be quite debilitating. After going home I put on some running clothes and went out for a run, taking road up to the Warren Road trail and then I crossed a big gully and came up in someone's back yard and then took road the rest of the way home for 9.6 km In 58:30. It was kinda fun. Somehow Monday night I forgot about a meeting; just too many things to remember right now.
On Tuesday despite good ish weather and decent temps I waited for someone to be free to go running with; and then she couldn't go! I'm hating running late in the day, I'm usually tired and almost always starving ;) I'm deciding at least right now I'm a morning runner ;) I went much later than i wanted. But I got 8.8 km in about 55 minutes SIGH it was nice out.
Wednesday just was a total write off.  I might have gone to Halifax and shopped my behind off.
On Thursday I managed a short 5.2 km run which I did at tempo and time was great right up until almost the end.  Then I unfortunately ran into 2 dogs that chased me right off the sidewalk onto the road and would not let me pass.  I inched past them trying not to let them too close...and I kinda yelled to the no one listening "would the owner of these DOGS please come get them??" but no one took me a bit to get past them and once I was far enough I started running again, they followed but from a distance til I got to the next cross road and crossed into the campus again. GRR. But it's MY dogs that are the problem? The 5.2 were done in 30:25 including dealing with the dogs so the running part was ok.

That evening Annika's team had a hockey practice; 45 minutes of skating time in.  The kids claimed I made them work harder than usual :):)

Friday was a nothing day. Ive been spending a lot of time working on Christmas presents that are WAY behind schedule. I should be working on that right  now!

Saturday was 7 am hockey scrimmage which was good :)  50 minutes of play time :)

But no run. I just didn't.

Sunday morning I got out for a run after the kids went to Church; 10 km in 1:01:15 which for my lack of real effort was better than I thought. Weather was CRISP.  I could not feel my ears.

After a short rest and some soup I had a hockey game; Our entire team was there for once and we won the game 4-2.  Our second win of the season!  SIGH.  Yeah we are struggling a bit.

After the game we had some sweets and drinks for Christmas and that party just went on and on until it was time for Annika's game a few hours later. WHere did the day go? LOL.  Annika's team had a great game and afterwards there was a potluck; I had not planned to go but I did, skipping our last soccer game SAD :( but when Annika looks at me with those BIG eyes and says Mommy you're not going to leave me are you? Won't you stay?  I can't say no to that.  After catching the end of Holly's game it was late and Annika and I climbed into bed :):)

Now it's Monday and I have a bit of a head ache and upset belly (hmm) and Im super tired.  Great start to the week :D


Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Again.

I cannot believe it's Monday again. I feel very much like I am behind and not getting things done :( it's been a wretched week :( Ive been inactive and sluggish and so busy at work and home :(

Monday; no time for anything; got the kids out for a walk. We went up the hill in back; it was SO muddy. Mistake not wearing rubber boots.  Not sure why I didnt. we walked total about 2 miles, half up hill and half back down. Steep trail we took's an old stream that spends half the year wet.  The dogs had fun but really wanted to be let off leash. If just Certain Dog would come was a super nice day tho and I wish I had made time for that run.

Tuesday I did make time for the run, worked from home a bit and in office for a couple of hours.  Did not make a lot of headway on the To DO list tho :( 8.4 km done in 11 C temperatures (I Know, December 6...too bad it was drizzly) 52:47 minutes.  Just in time to pick kids up from school lucky me.

Had to take Annika to hockey practice afterwards; went home for Holly's skates and took her on the ice too. We did a lot of skating drills and some shooting as well :) good hour skate.
The kids did not go to their school Christmas concert that night (for the littler kids...they are in choir so should have gone).  We had a 4H meeting/christmas party and I just didnt think they should have to miss that too :( Trying to do it all can be really hard.

Wednesday and Thursday totally fell off the wagon.  Noticed the cat, who is 17 and has been losing weight lately and sleeping a lot, and peeing a LOT, was looking particularly ragged :( Wednesday was busy with work and running around for kids and I dont really remember what else we did.  But by the time we got home it was dark and there was still stuff do to. Im working on knitting up some Christmas presents for the kids but that means I am on a bit of a deadline.  Like, Christmas is coming. There is no extension.  I thought I would go to basement and toss in a DVD but I did not.

Thursday was similar.  I saw the cat was bad, after taking the kids to school I went home and hung out with him, did my work from there :(  He couldnt walk very well and would cry in his sleep and when he tried to turn around. Not eating for days now, only drinking :( I wasn't sure he would make it through the night.  Told kids he was sick, so lots and lots of tears. Friday morning was even worse. The cat was worse,he couldnt walk and was completely out of it. the kids were worse. I took Holly to hockey practice and we had a nice hour skate, then took her to school and visited with Annika; she was sad in school.  went home,  and my poor 17 year old cat passed away that morning.  We were so lucky to have him as long as we did. It's still a bit surreal that he's gone.  Im still looking for him and I swear I hear him in the middle of the night. The kids have never known a day without him.

Being sad doesnt make me want to go out and run it off. It makes me want to curl into blankets and sleep it away :( It has taken so much to resist that urge. It's just not an option and half way isnt good.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday we carried on normal stuff. Saturday started with my hockey (an hour scrimmage) and Holly's hockey game was at noon, which she scored 2 goals at, and they won by 1 point.  exciting! The afternoon was quieter.  Annika was at a friend's house but we had to pick her up early for tears and coughing :( she is taking it very badly, losing this cat. Random tears, no sleeping, staring out the window at the tree where we buried him :(  Saturday night we took the kids all to the Bearcats game. It was a good game. Annika fell asleep before the end.

Sunday morning was typical crazy. Scott didn't shut off his alarm so I was awake at 6 am and once it was slightly light I headed off for a run; it was really cold, frozen!  6.4 quick km up the hill and back, 39 minutes. Got Annika off to her hockey game; a nail biting 5-4 loss. She plays super strong on the boards. 
After doing some car switching and getting Annika to church and Holly to a gift exchange, home and more working on Xmas presents and cleaning (fun) then off to my hockey game which we were short of people and we skated our legs off for a frustrating 2-0 loss. :( Couldnt get anything going.
Home to get warm and eat, off to hockey for Annika, another nail biter but they won this game and did so well!  :) then to Holly's game which they won, then to soccer game which we won; home for a snack before getting the kids into bed (really late) so late getting back at their christmas presents.  SIGH Makes for one Sleepy Monday morning all around!

Which is where I sit now. Monday morning exhaustion and now that I've stopped moving, Ive loads of time to contemplate the horrible turn last week when I lost my little buddy :( It's going to be a sad Christmas in my house :(

RIP Little Kitty :(

Monday, December 5, 2011

November Wrap up

Workouts: 36
Hours working out: 32
161.6 km covered.
8 hockey games and 6 hockey practices
3 soccer games
1 yoga
Best Running Week - 46.15 km
16, 361 calories burned
Longest Workout 14.4 km run in 1:22:30

Catching up

Because it's been, you know, crazy busy! :)
Tuesday after school I totally dragged the kids and all three dogs out for a walk.  It wasnt cold and we went up a trail I have always wanted to go up; of course we could not GO anywhere once up there, since it was just a blueberry field with no paths off...there was a little path off and we followed it for awhile through a very pretty mossy woods but the kids were worried we would get lost and I was a little watchful because it WAS hunting season and none of us had any hunter orange on or anything; so we only went a little way and then back to the field :)

 It was super nice and we did get about 2 miles of walking in. Then it was way dark and the kids thought we were going to get killed so off to home we went. After the kids were ready for bed I put in Yoga X and Annika and I did some; I put her to bed but she would not stay so I only got through an hour of it (the hardest hour) and then I had to stay with her. 

Wednesday was a busy day with classes that went on forever and a lab exam that went even longer than forever; it was not an active day for me at all! ;)  The last day of November was very windy, rainy, and nasty ;)

Enter December.  The first day of December was much nicer than November left us.  :) Not warm but much nicer! I grabbed an hour at the end of the day for a run; the littles had no school so they were with their father and after lab I changed and went out into the fading sun for a run around town; ended with 9.6 km in about an hour.  Friday was also a nice day albeit busy; despite the sun and warmer weather I somehow managed to leave my run until it was almost dark; I left from home and ran to a more lit sidewalk in Bible Hill and then through town where I met Scott and he drove me home :)  another 9.6 km again in about an hour.  It was SO cold when I was finished; despite the fact that it was actually +6 C which isnt too cold; it was humid (read: damp) and wind was in my face at the end and I ended up super cold. Stripped my clothes off and put on Scott's sweater to warm up for drive home. That will teach me to not pack some clothes in his car next time.

Saturday morning I was up and out bright and early for hockey; a nice busy scrimmage that left me reallllly tired. the rest of the day revolved around picking up kids for hockey, a little teeeeensy bit of shopping, getting home at almost dark, laundry, and watching hockey before sleep.  No run in. Need a rest day I guess.

Sunday is always so busy but CRAZY busy this weekend.  I was awake and needed a long run (Sunday isnt the day for this but no soccer this week so I went) I got up and did 7.8 km 47:11 before breakfast; then I took Annika to her hockey game; they played like crap lol.  No excuses this game.  After the game I took Annika to her grandmother's for drama while Scott took Holly away for a hockey game and I ran from town to home; another 8.2 km 52:30  all before noon!  Split long run which I hoped would make me less tired.

I did laundry and messed with the internet (it was out) and had some lunch then it was time to go to hockey. this was NOT a fun game; I do not like that team.  I got a goal and we lost the game and if I could say ah well it was fun then that would be good but it wasnt much fun.  SIGH.

After a quick shower and supper Scott and Holly and Taylor were out the door; Taylor to her band concert set up and Scott and Holly to her hockey game. Then Annika and I followed for HER hockey game; we did a huge pump-up in the dressing room and the hockey players actually started working harder for the puck and playing their positions and they BEAT a team they have been losing to most of the year. Yeah, this working hard stuff really DOES work (quote).  I wish I had been there; I left after the first period to get to Taylor's concert on time (which I was) and afterwards it was time to get home. 
Super busy Sunday :)

Now it is Monday and I feel very tired LOL. But it's sunny out and a run must be had at some point today LOL!  Because tomorrow might not be as nice and Wednesday is cold rain!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Over 1600 km for the year

Can't forget that yesterday's run made a total of over1600 km for the year so far. That means that in These last 2 days of November and all of December I only need to run 200 more to meet my goal of 1800 for the year. OH yes and Im not running today. I could do it. I went over 200 km twice this year, and once I was THIS CLOSE.  Its not impossible. Maybe if I start doing some long runs again...2 a week should do it lol.

Tuesday Rest Day

I woke up Monday morning feeling less yeah LESS rested than I was when I went to sleep the night before.  I did not sleep well and when Scott's alarm went off at 5 am I didnt get back to sleep :( I figure burning over 1300 calories throughout Sunday can just be a big draw on your energies!
Once I finally concluded I had been stood up for lunch, I grabbed a snack and went for my run.  It was without a doubt the worst run I have taken in ages. I was dead right from the start. I mean, dragging tree branches for legs rotten.  No matter how I tried to improve my leg turnover, there was no response. I figured since I was going a little shorter (Thinking 5-6 km) I would do some speed intervals HA they were sad sad little intervals. Crept along warmed up for about a km then did 200 m faster 200 m jog for 4 km.  I THINK I did 11 intervals but I lost count. I actually walked once (it was the big hill) because I figured I could walk faster than run.  Oh I walked again later because the roadside had washed out and then been filled and plowed and it was just a mess so I walked.  So I walked twice. I wanted to do another mile to kinda cool out so I went out on a side road then I just kept going and added 3 more km on to make it 8 crappy, miserable km. In the wind. SO slow....52:30 was time. It was dismal.
Ah well it can only go up from there.

After work I had to take one Cranky, nasty little Annika to hockey practice; I almost went alone and left her in bed but I would have been crankier doing that so eventually she got herself into the car and we went to practice; another hour on skates where we did power skating; some Bearcats joined us which was neat for the kids and some of them actually worked hard.  Annika had a headache and she didnt put tonnes of effort into her skates but at least she did the drills as well as she thought she should and then we went home; after supper (creamed peas on toast...I eat too much bread) we all had an early to bed.

Today is my day of rest. Relative of course. Im not going to run. I think I will get the kids to go for a walk.  I saw the Osteopath this morning and she doesnt want me to run on her days so I will just rest. :) And walk. And maybe do yoga. She suspects among other things that my pelvis may not be moving normally due to adhesions from a C/Section 13+ years ago, added to a tailbone broken twice and general weirdness; and we are still working on my knee which is not painful everyrun, just some of them nowadays.  LOL Which is certainly better than September when it actually stopped me from running on hills.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

End of a very busy weekend

So relieved to finally be in bed; wish we could have a longer night.  The kids were up super late tonight and I expect after their full weekend they are going to be very cranky tomorrow morning!

Clean up from Wednesday/Thursday's storm was fun; Lots of snow and it was heavy and wet! I hope this is not a sign of the winter to come!

Friday was a chilly day but warmed up to above freezing by the end of the day when Dara and I pulled out for a longer run.  We had time so we just kept going until dark and 10.4 km were passed in 1:06:16.  It was a more relaxed run with slower speed.  It was a little chilly to have done our run around town, we went a completely different way than usual.  This time of year it can be really hard to stop for stop lights and stuff with chill coming on very quickly.  I usually hate to even stop for a walk break when its this cold so times are going to be slowing down quite a lot. I expect the weather to start having some irritating effects on my running for the next...5 months or so. :( I am so dreading these short days  and cold temps; it's almost enough to make me want to give up running :(

Saturday morning was Holly's 11th Birthday; we were all up early and out of the house; I had hockey at 7 am and so did Holly; So we were off to different rinks, Scott with Holly and Annika came with me because she had a game at Debert an hour after me.  Played a good scrimmage game for 50 minutes then took Annika to her game; they played well but the wheels fell off at the end of the game and they lost.  They played well until near the end.

After hockey games we cleaned up and headed to the Valley; B and SIL are moving and we thought we should try to help/lend moral support when we could. Once hockey was over we actually had the rest of the day free; that doesnt happen a lot!  So we took advantage and went for a road trip! We stopped in Bayers Lake on the way at Old Navy where we didnt really find anything.  On to the Valley; visited with the family and Had some birthday cake for Holly's 11th!
 It was nice to see the boys and their parents. We got home very late and the kids slept in a little on Sunday morning. They went to Drama and I went for a run. It was not too cold today!  It was above freezing again and weakly sunny!  It was nicer than I expected and I took a longer route.  I have other things planned today; still could not resist the chance to run.  I figured that since our hockey game should be a blowout anyway, what difference could it make if I was a little more tired than usual?  10.4 km in 1:05:30 (stopped to look at some deer lol) on the hilly 10 k loop. 
After a quick lunch I was off to hockey which thanks to some spares was not the blowout I expected but rather we won; our first win this year! 50 Intense minutes!
Got a little bit of rest this afternoon after hockey; then a quick supper and off to more hockey games; Annika and Holly played at the same time in different rinks; I took Annika and left immediately after her game to go to my soccer game;  Again her team played well but they almost blew it completely; they had a comeback to get within a point thanks to one player's hat trick and lost by only one point.  It was a good game.  One of their most exciting games.
Soccer game was interesting; the team we played was very good and has played together for years, summer and winter. You could tell they did by how well they seemed to know where they were going to be and they were set up so well.  They scored early and then again later; we had one goal; the keeper was going to get the ball but I rushed her and she kicked it right into my chest and it bounced and headed for the net; I followed and made sure it was in; :) So we got one goal and didnt blow out that game either.  My second soccer goal was thanks to error on keeper's part.

End of one totally busy weekend!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After Yesterday

We survived the first snow of the year. It actually DID get very nasty!  We got at least a foot of heavy wet snow; luckily my trusty little CRV had no troubles driving on the unplowed roads to get me home safely :) We tucked in for the night and watched the snow.
The morning after (that was yesterday) we were slow to get around. I hopped out of bed and showered and got ready for the day; all before they announced School I looked out and sure enough we were snowed in; snow up to the garage door, road not plowed.  Scott took many hours clearing the driveway but by noon road was still not plowed; at least I could then get the car out and through the snowy road to work.  But It was damp and sidewalks are back to their nasty uncleared state (likely for next 6 months SIGH) and I just could not get myself out for the much needed run!  :(

After supper Annika had hockey practice; an hour of skating made me feel a little better.  We focused a lot on power skating and on shooting; it was quite fun!  Bed time came fairly early due to

Friday morning hockey practice with Holly! It is so hard to get organized for this one :( We have to get to school/work right after which makes it complicated. We try to get ready the night before but it is so hard LOL!

Holly wanted to get to school on time so we left practice early; only half an hour of skating this morning! But it is still a nice way to start the day!  I have planned a run for after this morning's class but it's still snowy out and cold so Im just not looking forward to it! It is hard to compete in a Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge when this weather just makes me want to curl up and sleep; how can I run as much as someone in a warm climate who is comfortably running for hours? UGH It's challenging :(:(:(

Will see how it goes :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My cutiepies
Amazing fall weather; home!

Annika climbing a tree downed in the rainy flood storm

First snowstorm 2011/2012. We got our run in before it got this bad :):) 

I'm Baaack!

Already! bet ya thought I couldnt do it; 2 days in a row? Go me!

Because I am trying to do a better job keeping up and because I dont want to have to write an entire booklong post every single time I do sit down here, and so that I can get a post done in less than 4 days, I am determined to at least write every second day. Or every second workout? Will see :D:D:D

Yesterday was bloody freezing! and really just because I am not ready to give up my lovely fall weather yet! And I might not have to;
Highway webcam
Despite this awesome weather we are experiencing AS I TYPE (I love technology) we are supposed to get back up to the high single POSITIVE temps this weekend like 9 and 8 C!  So even tho my kids have been picked up early from school today (by their dad not me; Im stuck at work) due to a snow storm ;) this is not what we have to put up with forever. At least 2 more days of not freezing to death are going to be mine!

Yesterday was bloody Freezing (ummm dejavue?) but it was Bright and Sunny and we had a spectacular chilly run.  Something about the sun makes it all better. And there is still some strength in the sun right now; it's not gone all weak and sad and with little heat; I can still feel some heat when I stand in the sun (not in the wind) and let it shine on me. I love the sun.  And we enjoyed it as long as possible yesterday; 8.55 km in 53:47 awesome minutes before we had to go back into the building and be responsible employees.  We did some road running and less trail so it was more like winter running SIGH.  Brr. We ran near the high school (at noon) sigh and the students we had to pass were so rude!  I mean, do you have to walk 4 across and block the sidewalk AND the grass? Where would you like me to go? And then to glare at me when we say excuse me we need to like exist here? Ugh.

Today we were expecting this snow, like a foot of it (where are my damned snowshoes now)? and therefore we planned to go before it's expected 12 noon arrival. This snow storm has nothing in common with ME or was 2 hours early LOL. Ah well, we headed out into the snowy brightness and had a lovely albeit a little slippery run around the 5 km loop and including the trail we got in 6.7 km in 42:34 which pace wise sucks but what can ya do with the first real snow of the year?  Fall on ice? naw.  So we slowed down. Too bad the cars aren' many reports of cars and trucks off the road, accidents I hope are not going to actually hurt anyone but will cost insurance companies plenty.  Ugh more.  You would think no one knew winter was coming.  It comes every single year.

Ah well. Listening to the cancellations:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Good "Running" Week Despite

The challenges placed on a busy week could leave me completely paralysed with "I can't do it all" feelings; in fact it has plenty of times when rather than just "doing it all" I go to bed and pull my covers over my head and ask myself  "why bother when it's so comfy here and Im warm and happy". 

But it seems like a bit more of a victory to look back over a week and think " I did do lots this week. I picked it up (literally sometimes) and pulled it together and was everywhere and did all of the things and cleaned lots of the things and got the three "THINGS" where they needed to be...most days anyway lol. The weather has been mostly agreeable for November, and the days are giving us just enough daylight to still be constructive. 

So it's a victory week and I am allowing myself a little bit of a victory rest this morning. Just this morning. Im not doing nothing, Im just doing a lot of it sitting here :):) I will be up and moving soon enough :)

Monday I got myself out of the office and got my run in before picking up the kids. I had hoped it would be a longer run but I did waste enough time that I only had a bit so I took to the trails around Bible Hill (minus the little one with the stream; I assumed it would not be passable in sneakers...or a small boat).  It was a gorgeous day with the sun shining and the wind at least not cold ;) 10.4 km in 1:04:11 which was a little bit more than the time I had (sorry kids LOL).  After pick up we enjoyed some time out in the yard and sunshine :)

Tuesday I had early class and then saw my Osteo; she concentrated more on other areas and we talked about other issues that have been going on; Im hoping to see some improvement to allergies and belly pains. No run that day; I did however skate with Annika's hockey practice which was good movement and activity :) without impact for practices.

Wednesday was yet another warm beautiful sunny day and I took advantage running out the door for a "short" run which is better than nothing LOL and I did 3 Hill repeats on the College Road hill before heading around the rest of the 5 km loop for total 6.7 wonderful km in 41:05 for a 6:07 / km pace :) Nice for on that hillllll.  Hills are your friend right?

Thursday was not the day I would hoped for lol Scott was away so I was off to school early and the kids went to school with their grandmother ;) Between classes and Lab I had to run home for the dishwasher repair man, he was an interesting man, rather rude IMO and after he finished telling me our dishwasher wasnt in as "asthetically" as it could have been, proceeded to preach about college students and vets and played with the cat. All the while I was wanting to run and needed to get back to class;) ah well I did get some housecleaning finished :) After kid pick up there was supper and then Holly had hockey practice and then bed time stuff with kids as Scott still away SIGH I was SO much extra tired on Thursday, not sleepy but that weary " I cannot walk any further than I have to" day :( I also felt a bit boggy-headed and sore throat/stuffy/congested feeling; I took some Cold FX that night (3!) and then the next day twice (6!) and then another that night and 2 on Saturday and one on Sunday and amd feeling so very much better :) Back to just sleepy lol for now!

Friday AH I love Fridays lol Class was ok and after class I had a run with Dara :) We went on the trails around BH (the dry ones at least LOL) and came back up to the college with 9.3 km behind us :):) It was a good run :) Still feeling a little crappy that day so it was good to get that run in; after lab was over it was home and into bed!  Meant to go to the tree lighting in town but we were all way tired and chose instead to get to bed earlier and be able to function on a busy Saturday/Sunday.

Saturday is the first day of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge at  which is an activity and eating right over the holiday challenge to remind us to stay active and don't totally forget to eat well between the festivities.  Saturday was a super busy day in a super busy weekend!  It started at 7 am when both Holly and I had hockey games :) 50 minutes of sprints and crashes lol totally high impact cardio for my challenge :)  Score 5 points! 
After our hockey efforts we had a nice breakfast (not so healthy french toast ) and then headed off to Annika's game in Brookfield. She played well; she has been playing defense with the other little girl on her team and their coach calls them Girl Power :) She is getting so good at poking away the puck and has little hesitation when she is going for the larger players!  Even when she falls!  It was very much fun to watch!
The weather was amazing with full sun and cool temps (like 6 C), and after Annika's game I stripped off to my running clothes and ran from the rink in Brookfield to the rink in Truro! It wasn't that far; its relative right?  I did a long run of about 10.something km last week and thought this week I could go up to 13 since I am sort of rebuilding once again; Im not sure why since winter is about to set in and that totally limits my longer runs; ever run 10 miles at -15? Freaking brr you just cannot stay warm.  But anyway while I can I am making longer long runs again. And since I have had not a single peep from my wonky knee I thought this would be awesome. 
And it was.  I mean, how much better can it get, sun shining, not too cold but not too cold, and I don't know if it was the net downhill despite rolling hills, or the temperatures, or the slight tailwind, but it was like the fastest and easiest run ever!  First 5 km was justover 28 minutes, 10 k was under 58 minutes (fastest this year?) and 14.4 km were finished in 1:22:27 for a 5:43 pace!  I mean seriously, who expects that after a morning hockey game and on a LONG RUN?  When my pace should have been at least a minute slower? It just felt so very very good!
I did hit a truck on this run;) I saw this fellow coming out of a parking lot towards the sidewalk I was on; traffic was heavy and I could see he was not going to get out of that parking lot any time soon but he seemed to think he might have a shot lol....I knew he was not looking my way and when he stopped I hesitantly kept going but then he started coasting onto the sidewalk and still did not look my way.  So I Slapped the front of his truck hood; scared the absolute crap out of him I know!  I waved and said "HIIIIIII" and then when he was stopped and likely considering the huge load in his pants I ran across in front and continued on down the sidewalk.  I'm just so tired of people who don't consider pedestrians and  block the sidewalk or just keep driving despite the fact that there is a person there.  Sitting comfy in their warm cars with their heated seat and they cannot stop for the people on their feet in the chill because it might make them 4 seconds later to whereever they are going.  I'm glad I at least am watching out for THEM since I would be a flat runner otherwise. Multiple times.
So a total WIN on the long run this week.  Can I keep up this trend? Snow is coming soon!
After the game we went home and I rested and puttered and did some housework before supper and the Santa Parade!  The kids were all supposed to be on the 4H Clifton float although Annika decided last minute to jump off and she hung out with me instead.  We had a long walk (1 mile but with a 9 year old) after meeting the float to where we were meeting friends to watch it; the walk warmed us up considerably!  LOL.  The parade was nice, I like nighttime Christmas parades with the twinkling lights and the Sweet Candy Christmas theme was cute :) Long walk (1 mile) back to parade start and the car which was stuck on the dyke (long story) lol and then we had drinks with friends before heading home. I was SO glad we could sleep in the next morning!  Or not.
Sunday morning I could not sleep in :( I tried very hard but I just could not do it! :( So I got out of bed and sat in my living room doing bows and knitting a sock until the family got up :) We had some breakfast and then they all went to Drama/Church while I stayed in my jammies and finished up some housework/bow work and knitted a little more (I tore the sock out eventually tho).  Annika decided on Drama over hockey for that morning; her game was an "extra" and I had told her before we knew about it that she could go to Drama; she has a solo in the Christmas play and really wanted to go and practice it with the group!  She has to get a little louder tho! I really missed her hockey game but sure did enjoy the quiet Sunday morning at home. 
Sunday afternoon I had a hockey game; another 50 minutes of high intensity for my challenge!  unfortunately things did not go exactly to plan and after my second time hitting the ice with my head (thank god for helmets) I had to admit to headache and nausea and sat a shift.  A quick concussion test after the game confirmed a mild (not serious) concussion and other than some memory lapses for the time after the game I actually ended up fine (with enough Tylenol).  Annika had a hockey game a couple of hours later so I rallied for that; the bright lights and yelling were a bit hard on my head but more Tylenol had me out of the rink and off to our second soccer game which was a 1-0 loss (lazy goal went in :( we should have had it) I had a few headers which may not have been well thought out but all in all it wasnt a bad game. I was pretty sluggish but without many spares I played almost the entire game (one break).  Another 50 minutes for my challenge!

So Monday morning was a groggy morning that dawned too early with a splitting headache that the Tylenol had some trouble catching up with;  I did sleep right to my alarm which doesnt happen often; maybe that is because of the kids who were up way past bedtime and cranky? Or the one that started throwing up and missed the toilet so she sat in her little foul puddle and kept puking onto her hands and feet?  OMG the stuff nightmares are made of!  Her father dealth with the mess and I took the poor little (cleaned and bathed)creature to bed with me. That's my role. Comfort.  He does puke. I hug.  But it was a late night.

Monday I wanted to get a run in since I had not "run" on Sunday.  I had to pick up the nighttime puker from school due to a sore belly (ok she was NOT sick. But once the school call comes Im obliged to pick up.)  so I did not get a run in during the day. Before supper and when there was still an inkling of daylight I headed up the hill and OMG was immediately struck by a) how COLD the wind was...what a change from the weekend; and b) how dead my legs were. I felt like I was dragging two pieces of firewood along. or some boat anchors. It was awful!  LOL But I got those 6.6 km done in 41:27 so it was not a complete loss. My head was much better and I was just glad for some fresh air.

So that brings us up to today. Seriously it is Tuesday. I started this post on Saturday!  Gads why is it so hard to write? Because its a long post! I need to get back to posting short daily posts lol.  I will add some photos when I get back home.  Today I have a run planned with Dara (in about 20 minutes). But nothing else. Snowfall warning for tomorrow but we are already planning a pre-snow run. Thursday might not be a running day; with expected RAIN on top of the snow. I might get a  workout done at home (yoga? OH PLEASE yoga!). 

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, November 14, 2011

“Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”

November so far has been an awesomely busy crazy month. I feel like we rarely stop running around and when we do I fall asleep almost instantly!  UGH! 
Im still not sleeping so well, so it's nice when I get to go to sleep early. It makes the 430 am mornings much nicer.  I wish I could sleep right through to my alarm, this sleeplessness is getting a little old.  I actually almost fell asleep in class yesterday while I was supposed to be watching student presentations. They were good but I was just that tired!

November 1 was the day after Halloween :):):) The weather was super nice :)  I did not get to go running until slightly later in the day, and I had been paying attention more to the weather eye on my desktop for temperatures rather than going OUTSIDE to see how to dress for runs; What a mistake lol.  It was way warmer than the temp said it was. I had worn a shirt and a vest over my shorts and it was so warm! I had to ditch the vest but they dont tie around your waist so well so I ended up hiding it in some bushes to get back to it later :)

Around 6 km I felt some cramps :( I had taken care of all sorts of GI business all day including drinking my coffee and eating right but still felt a little hungry and had some awful pains from 6 km to the end of the run. :( Did some trails and some road loops and ended up at about 13 km by the end :( but had to make a pit stop in some bushes when almost back to the end :( biggest FAIL to date LOL.  But 13 sunny km in 1:21:44.

The belly pains have continued to be a problem ever since November started :( Every run I go for is plagued by pains and it feels like my stomach is slapping around in there.  It's kinda gross. It has turned the last half of every run into a nightmare.

Wednesday is very busy and has been a rest day lately :)

Thursday was maybe very rainy?  I cannot remember if that was the day I ran in rain? It was a long time ago :):)  I have been having some issues with time managing; I just dont always use the time that I have; I just try to get one more thing and one more thing done :( and then I run out of running time :( but I have still been getting runs in; just shorter ones.  Thursday was 7.8 km in 49:44. Not great time. 

I cannot believe how much hockey the kids have been playing LOL and then there is mine as well :)
Friday morning Holly had hockey practice and I took Annika as well which was fairly painful lol.  She is not a morning girl! Had a nice skate :)  And then a busy day at work. Friday is becoming another rest day, at least for a couple more weeks :)

Saturday was 7 am hockey for me :) Then some bows were done; it was a little snowy out UGH I know snow! And after dinner we went to New Glasgow and visited my grandmother and aunt; then we visited another auntie and her family for supper :) nice :) then we bought a new dishwasher which still does not work SIGH. 

Sunday morning was Time Change day! Fall is a slightly easier switch than Spring; we gain an extra hour. But of course at night, it feels an hour lated than it suddenly is, and I feel it!  Annika had hockey but since I was up nice and early I managed a quick run in the barely-light out!  lol.  6.6 km up the hill and back in 39:20; had to hurry a little to make it in time for Annika's practice; it was not a game weekend. After my hockey game in the afternoon (1-1 tie) I took Annika to her hockey practice where we did tonnes of skating drills :)

Monday back to work and back to runs; I made the most of my time and did 10 km in 1:01:30. I went on some trails and roads around Bible Hill again; it's great to be able to use the trails as long as there is decent weather!

I am currently not making the most of my time; I should be out running right now but I am looking at finishing this 4 day old post now, before I allow myself the luxury of runnning. And while letting my dinner settle. 

Still struggling with the time change, Tuesday was a sluggish awful day LOL which I forced myself out the (work) door in some awful wind for another 10 k run. Wind is not my friend and it has been keeping me from running a nice (albeit flat and boring) BH loop around Farnham Drive.  It's just too windy out there on a still day! LOL  I make up for it by running other places ie. trails, town streets which buffer the wind a little.  10 km in 1:02:44 was acceptable lol.  Getting some good kms in this month so far!  Trying not to fall off the wagon.

Wednesday is still a rest day LOL

Thursday I managed time badly again and was left with a smaller window of time; if I dont get it done before picking up the kids chances are I will not get it done.  This was a niceeee sunny day and I didnt want to waste as much as I did inside!  LIke I am right now!  LOL write write!  Last Thursday I did run the trails alllll the way around the office area for 11 km (could have made it further, given the time).  It was great, lots of crunchie leaves :) 11 km in 1:10:06 SiGH.

Friday was Memorial Day so no school for kids, no work for me; and some super nasty weather.  It rained hard; temps were wonderful but 55.8 mm of rain and huge winds had this awesome floodplain town under water. Roads were flooded out, bridges closed. Holly had 7 am hockey and on our way home I enjoyed some high winds/rain driving. My window would not clear!   we stayed cosy in the house most of the day, watching movies and fluffing bows.  When we did venture out it was hard to get anywhere for closed roads.  I did decide not to run before the day; I mean really, I don't have to prove Im hard core by running through weather like that. I could. I choose not to.
I run through those tunnels :):):)  the road did not survive; it was torn up and floated away! 

Saturday dawned nice and early and somewhat less rainy/more sunny.  It was clear when i went to my 7 am hockey scrimmage and most roads, although not all passable, were at least not under as much water.  Holly had hockey at 10 am and we had to make several turnbacks trying to get there.  Annika had hockey at the same rink 2 hours later and we had to get to town to pick her up; saw some water damage and flood.
Saturday afternoon eventually I got off my butt and went for a run; was a little apprehensive about my route as some of it had been closed as of that morning but I found all roads and bridges repaired (somewhat ) and passable.  nice weather for a 8.5 km run 51:38 minutes and it ended in dark!!!!!  Yeah time change is biting my butt!
Sunday was a VERY busy day. Although I suppose I could have gotten up at 5 am to go run early, I REALLY wanted to sleep in; first time I stayed in bed past 6 am in over 2 weeks!!  So I luxuriously slept in until 7 am (restlessly) and then got Annika off to hockey for 9 am.  ZZZ.  After some yard work and clean up, I had my hockey game at 3 pm.  We started slow; I felt like I could not get my feet moving and was doing some awful bonehead things but we picked it up and I scored a goal on a rebound and a teammate scored to get us tied where the game ended :)
We stayed at the rink because Annika played a great game at 5 pm then I had to hurry over to Bible HIll or our first indoor soccer game; it's always such an eye opener, really, to restart something especially something not done in like 2 years; Im so glad I had the summer of practices with the girls team to remind me; and I think Ive learned a thing or two from hockey about keeping on moving; I scored the goal in our 1-0 win over a "pretty good team" and we had no spares, just all played the whole game. It was awesome.

This brings us to RIGHT NOW where I am still not running despite temps of 14 C out there (NOV 14 huh?) but it's windy SIGH.  I need to go out and run right now if I am going to get it in before picking up the kids from school.  Time management is not my friend!

Now we are up to date for another week :) My little workout journal/blog idea has taken some hits this year in the post department. I need to update more; the entire point is to be able to keep track of training, and if I cannot remember the runs, that's not working. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November, End of October Wrap Up

Finished off October with a few less miles than I had hoped for; only 112.9 for the month :(:( this is far below my goal, 50 below September's total (which was low) and 50 below last year.

Im not really on track for my goal of 1800 for the year; Im 350 km off! and I only have 2 months left for this 350 km. I don't think IM going to make it this year! :P
In October I was on the ice 11 times.  :)
I did 27 logged workouts; Activity was almost 22 hours.

11,288 calories burned with these activities :)

Longest run was 1:39:31 with 16 km run and 960 calories burned. 

Lifetime Totals (since MapMyRun :))
Total Kilometers

Total Hours


Total Calories

Neat stats.

Busy Times. Nothing to say about it.

I know this busy time will end only to be replaced by another busy time. Over and over I hear people say to us "you are too busy you have to cut stuff out" and Im just rolling my eyes because what can I cut out?  Really, only the things that I LIKE. The rest are here to stay. The kids are not over-scheduled; they are in like 2 activities each. unless you start adding up school stuff like choir and band LOL. And I have to work, I have to run, and I want to play hockey. What should I cut out?

Bows will be over soon.  That is a time suck lol.  Spend half my waking hours dealing with those things, including spinning them up, running all over town dropping off supplies and bows to different people.  I look forward to the time I am going to have when making bows is finished; time to clean my house, care for the pets,  clean out the car.  SIGH.

Running is going as well as can be. The weather has been rainy but I have gotten in runs in my spare (HAHAHAH) time. I swear, if I dont prioritize this shit it doesnt get done!  Im all about prioritizing myself some days!  We all need to come first once in awhile. (as long as the kids are looked after of course. My first comes behind them first. HA.)

Since last week there has been.... a lot of hockey and a lot of bows.

hockey practices and games X 8. the weekend was relatively hockey free with only 2 games for each of the kids. I played Sat morning and also Sunday afternoon; I played goalie for a team that occassionally calls me and I had a great game; they are good defense and I didnt let any goals in.  Neither did the other goalie so it was 0-0 at the end. But at least I didnt lose it for them. I cant score from my net.  In the game with my team, I did not score and we lost 3-0. No bitterness, nothing more to say about that.  (SIGH).

Thursday no running happened. Between working and office hours and hockey practices there was just no time left for any more.  Evenings are SO not happening right now.  We ran out at dusk to hunt up some pumpkins from the local pumpkin farm ;) and carved them on Friday.

On Friday morning I skated at hockey practice with Holly's team. Im not convinced they need me in any way but I like that early morning skate and figure I might as well be on the ice as sitting in the stands with a coffee. The kids had no school and they stayed home with a parent running in and out once in a while.  The rest of the day was a blur of meetings and classes and long lab; Anatomy lab has hit the stage of Cat Dissection and therefore are long and smelly ;)

Friday night we ran home and dressed the kids up for their parties; Taylor was invited to 3 parties and asked to babysit. She chose one of the parties. The two small people went to the 4H club party and had a total blast; they won the costume contest as Thing 1 and Thing 2.  It was a late night.

Saturday morning was super early with hockey pick up game for me and Holly had a game of her own. We left Taylor and Annika sleeping soundly and went out into the dark.  SIGH.  After my game the kids cleaned and I did bows til I wanted to wrap myself in wire and then I went out for a run; my "long" run consisted of a pathetic 10.3 km but it was nice weather and I was happy to get out. Time to start building up a few more miles to finish off the year before weather gets too nasty and runs are cut short by freezing temps. I think last winter my longest run was 16 km and I near to froze.  lol my handheld water bottle did freeze.  But the nice 10.3 km in 1:02 was a nice treat with the weather being seriously sunny (and cool not cold.)
In the afternoon the kids had a choir concert (halloween theme) and then they went to the Bearcats game and their grandparents for the night while I did some wild and crazy bowing. 
Sunday morning was the sleep in...til 730 am.  then we got around to going to Annika's hockey game and then I bowed until my games in the afternoon;  then I did more bows til bed time. Partay going on in here.

Monday brought more work and school and bows.  A freaking cold 5.1 km run was to be had; I didnt dress warmly enough as I should have had my light vest on, and I was really cold for most of the run.  I did it quite quickly to fit in between classes and the 5.1 km was about 29 minutes.  (its all relative right?)

After work We got the kids fed and off Trick or Treating (Happy Halloween) while I did YES more bows and then T and T til the kids went to bed; then I spent a couple of hours marking OH the fun the joy.  Bringing us to an early Tuesday morning class and lots of exhaustion going on.

Im looking forward today to a rise in temps from 3 yesterday to 7 today; Im waiting my run until later this afternoon in hopes the temps will go up and up and up.  The rest of the week looks to be above freezing temps and somewhat sunny by times.  Want a nice long run today as tomorrow there might not be a run at all. Thursday morning Im hopeful for a good run before seeing the Osteopath.  Will see :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cross Country is really OVER :(:(:(

Cross Country season ended on Monday and although this gives me a teensy bit more time to do things like write blog posts and spin off bows, and maybe even some work stuff, Im still intensely sad to see it end. The reality that some of these kids I will not see anymore because they are going to graduate is setting in. While there will be times I will run into them and see them at the end of year party, it wont be the same.
But all good things come to an end and there will be new kids next year...SIGH.

I did get my run in last Tuesday afternoon before picking up the little kids. It was good :) I ran around town a bit, down through industrial park and up to Walmart.  Across from Walmart/Kent there was a small field and I had to stop and watch for a bit because there was an odd group there; 3 deer and a fox were staring back at me.  They were so close together! One of the deer pretended it was alarmed that I was watching and put on a little snorting, hopping away show...but none went far. Pretty cheeky.
8.05 km 47:38 minutes.

Wednesday I saw the Osteopath again.  Im not sure if you can tell a difference after 3 visits or if I should be? No idea. But with a little less running and seeing her my knee doesnt seem to be bothering me much at all. Wednesday was therefore a rest day.  I had some spare time in the afternoon and the kids and I went for a nice walk.

Thursday was pouring rain!  LOL It was a busy day for me with Scott picking up the kids and my lab going late; it was easy run day and I hirried to the park in my work clothes to send the XC kids off on their last easy run before deciding what I was to do. It was not just raining there were rivers everywhere but it was super warm; 19 C!  I found a small group of dedicated runners and Lavinia waiting for me there so I changed quickly and Lavinia and I headed up into the park behind the kids and wandered around on the trails for an hour!  It was SUPER pretty; leaves on the ground everywhere (hiding roots and bumps oops) and tonnes of ankle deep water. After the first while trying to keep feet dry (ha) I gave up and just paddled through the water.  Some areas were foggy and were like running through a dryer vent; hot!  Other areas were cool. The river was running way high and the falls were exciting! Where was my camera? In my dry car ;)
Estimated 10.5 km in 1:02 ish. Pretty fast considering we walked up some of the steepest hills.  One of the best runs I have had lately :) I need more run companionship!

Friday was clearer and cooler.  I made it to Holly's hockey practice for 6:40 am and had a good skate with her for 50 minutes; brutal way to start a long work day LOL
We met the XC team at the park for their last hard workout before Provincials and the end of the season :(  It was not too hard a workout, 4X30 seconds then 6X90 seconds with equal rests.  I did the workout with them although not toooo hard LOL.  afterwards there was a little bit of Parkour (which seems to be them clowning around and climbing everything in sight) "Parkour (sometimes abbreviated PK) is a method of movement focused on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency. Originally developed in France, the main purpose of the discipline is to teach participants how to move through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing and jumping. Traceurs (parkour practitioners) train to be able to identify and utilize alternate or the more efficient paths. Parkour can be practiced anywhere, but areas dense with obstacles offer many different training opportunities."  Then they had a contest to see who could gather rocks and build an inuksuk fastest. I think I see more team-building opportunities next year :)

Saturday was busy "sigh" with hockey for me, bows, hockey for Holly, Hockey for Annika, and then more bows before the 4H Auction fundraiser in the evening. Not an early night.
Sunday there was more hockey for Annika (X2) and me (X2) and Holly (X1) plus Taylor had Drama, the kids all went to church, more bows got "done", and we had the XC Pasta Dinner party at Lavinia's place.

We had a little bit of yoga before heading in to the fooooood which was so good and there were games and coach presents which were SO incredibly sweet :):):) Im so going to miss my team!

 I had to leave the party early for our 2 hockey games; this season is going to be a little brutal I suspect; some unpleasant changes to our team might be hard to overcome :( I did get a very pretty goal, popping a pass up over the goalie :) Could not do that if I meant to! lol.  I need to learn to lift the puck.

Sunday night could not come soon enough for me UGH!

No running for 2 days; Monday came in nice and foggy and I worked for a couple of hours before heading away to Halifax's Point Pleasant Park for the XC Provincials!  The park is beautiful LOL and we had a nice 2 km walk through on the course before the race start, and I did get a chance to run a warm up with some of the team members :) And spent the day running...from the bottom of the hill to the top and back at least 25 times ;) then to finish and to our cozy tent staging area overand over :) It was another exciting day which came out sunny with fog and temps up and down but no real wind; perfect running weather.  The teams had good races with Senior Boys taking a bronze medal.  Lots and lots of good running and an awesome course (sure, I know I didnt run it ;))

Tuesday was back to early morning class and long day at work; it started raining in the morning but I steeled myself and went for a 6.5 km run after lunch; it was not cold (9C) and the rain (more like a heavy heavy drizzle) was pretty wet.  39:20 minutes.

Annika and the Golden Jersey
After drying up and another meeting I was able to go get Annika and take her to hockey practice; I forgot my skates and was useless in the warm room.  House was cold and damp when we got home; Fall is so hard temps wise as it's often too warm to keep a fire going but too damp and chilly to have none :( so shivery waiting for house to warm up. 

And now it is Wednesday and I managed to get a run in at supper time before going home to family :) 8.7 km 52:45 minutes and I felt awesome BUT had some knee and hamstring issues :(

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NSAC Homecoming 5km Trail Race

Still having fun!  I think I need a vacation. Away from real life.

Managed a run last Tuesday :) 8.2 km in 50:36 which isnt awful :( Just short of what I hoped it would be.  I think Tuesday night I might have taken one of the kids to hockey. I cannot remember LOL Yes it was Annika who had hockey. They were being evaluated.

Wednesday is always a long day not made any easier by a longish lab in the afternoon. I am sad that I cannot join my XC team in a good Yoga workout; work is interferring with my fun! LOL After lab Holly had hockey so more rink time and socializing;)

Thursday I ran before lab I think lol I did a test 5 km run to check pace and was not unhappy to see 28:30 for 5.2 km which is a 5:29 pace.  And I thought it was pretty slow on the roads :) More hockey for Holly that night.

Friday; off to Antigonish for the Cross Country Regional competition. Our runners did SUPER well, trying hard for banners and taking 2nd in Senior boys and 3rd in Senior Girls and Intermediate boys. Our one intermediate girl made top 15 and will compete at Provincials next week :)

So running Friday would have been difficult. There may have been some time at the meet but I would have been sweaty and uncomfortable and it drizzled most of the day so I kind of just didn't. Besides I was running around from place to place trying to see our runners in as many places as possible!  It was a fun day! And I ate at McDonalds for the first time in like a  year.  I NEVER leave that place thinking Hmm that was good. I did have a milkshake and no matter how much plastic is in them and how many calories (560 for a small GASP) I still did enjoy it. I miss smoothies and milkshakes that never seem to get made anymore.

Saturday was the NSAC 5 km Homecoming run. It was on the trail this year, with 2 laps around the Bible Hill Rec Park before heading back up the trail to the ending. That trail is pretty rolling with hills; and at the park we had to climb a steep hill back up to the trail...twice! LOL It was challenging!  I played hockey first thing in the morning and although I knew I might be a little tired I was still kind of surprised at how heavy my legs felt when I was warming up.  It quite worried me!  But once the race started I sort of forgot about it.  Too busy thinking about climbing and coming down! LOL  the weather had started out kind of rainy in the morning but was totally sunny and quite warm by this time and sweat was pouring :) A very humid day; I love NS weather that has us facing snow last week and a Humidex this week. 
So we all started in the woodlot parkinglot, and ran a little loop around to the end of the trail, where we headed up hill. up up up lol.  We ran behind the farm complex, where it was later reported there was a bear the night before. lol  Then we ran along the edge of a drop off to the river, to the rec park. When I made the turn I could see the front runners already heading towards us for their second loop (while I was starting my first).  The loop was about a km long I think. I was passed the first time on the way down. We went around the ball field where there was ankle deep water.  And then crossed a parking lot with some "trash" in it. lol What is WRONG with people? Then back up the hill where I was passed by some members of my XC team :):) Did my second loop and it was slippery in the mud on corners :) and just as I was ending I passed some people just starting their second; that was kind of neat.  I headed back up the trail, never did catch my rabbit as she was quite speedy :) But I caught up to a fellow I ran the Cabot Trail run with, Im not sure he knows me but I remember him, he's been on our team both times I ran it.  We ran together until just before the end when I just couldnt stay with him; I finished to the cheers of my team and friends :):) and was in place 42 overall; I checked my time and it was super close to my watch at 28:20 ish.  I liked my time. I was in the open category which apparently means no freaking category at all; those people between 20 and 39 who belong no place; I was SECOND in that non-category but there is no age-group award for those people; I dont need a medal but it sure would have been nice to have that recognition!  :P Very happy with my run on tired legs and my time :)  We had a half decent meal (with water; no drinks, and not enough rice crispie squares for everyone?) with the team members who came out, and then I had to go to the Ex grounds to see how the Fall Fair Open Holstein show was going; Taylor was working with a farm there with her father and they were busy and showing. I went home for bows and mowed the front lawn before the littles came home. Saturday night was "another" early night for us!

Sunday was WAY too busy with hockey, and BBQ, and more hockey; and a band concert for Taylor; I did not get a long run in. I had thought I might in the afternoon but I was doing bows and it started kind of raining and I was hanging out with the kids and I just did not go. Not like it matters. Im not training for anything I guess :)

Monday I ran my first 4 km with the XC team, we did 4X30 second intervals of not quite full effort, with a rest between, then 2X4 minute intervals of race pace, then 2 more 30 second sprints and some cool out; before heading off to pick Taylor up from band; while I waited for her I took a few minutes and did 3 km in the park and around the school for 7 km total in 40:22.  Thought I might get a little more in later but got busy at home and ended up sleeping ;)

Bringing us back to Tuesday. I have planned to run after lunch and before XC; have to pick up little kids and it's a bit confusing with the Choir and some sort of a sign language thing afterward; I suspect if I dont run before 3 I wont be running at all today SIGH.  And tomorrow is a long day here so I dont hold out any hopes for then; plus I have an Osteo appt and I wont be able to run afterwards :):):)

Running is going ok; life is really busy and as much as I hate to think it; I don't actually think I CAN do it all SIGH.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time Flies when you are Crazy Busy. Don't talk to me about Fun.

Where has time been flying? I cannot believe it is the middle of October (well almost) and students are starting to talk about MIDTERMS and I was like huh? Midddd terms?  Um. Crap. Where is my fall going?

Since we last talked, I have NO idea what Ive been up to. Lemme see if I can remember  ;)

Saw the Osteopath and had another rest day.

Run less than usual.

Spent a lot of time standing in my room spinning up bows and watching On Demand tv and movies.

Started Hockey and Im aching head to toe.

Skated with the kids.

Annika got her cast off. Her arm is more sore now than before. And stiff.

Taylor started school band. She is playing a French Horn.

OH I know where the time suck went. PRO SHOW.  Spent 3 days at the Ex grounds with the kids and their calves. Holly's calf won it's class. Taylor's was buried deep in 7th place.

It rained for 8 days. Starting to look at the shed and think that wood would have made a great ark. Our roof leaked. YIKES.

During that rain we ran the finish line for the last XC regular season meet. Regionals are this week.

KM Count for year has reached 1375 (almost).

Had thanksgiving weekend.  We had company at our house.

Had turkey dinner. Just one. Having leftovers today for lunch :):):)

missed my planned fall Marathon. It was this weekend past :(:(:(

Cleaned up the back gardens somewhat and started the front ones.

Read a book.

I clearly need to get more sleep.

I had like 3 runs last week which is ok; had some rest and actually my knee seems to feel a little better. Rest? Osteo?  Foam rolling? Not doing Nearly enough of that.

Ive not had a long run in 8 days. And that run was shorter than usual. Time is just not on my side, and I was getting that run in between rain showers so I was just lucky to get it done.  XC is almost over and then rather than being easier to get in runs it will actually get harder.  I know. But I use that time to run quite often. Not today :) Annika plays hockey after school and choir.  We had a thanksgiving practice yesterday and that is the only reason I got my run in. 

But today I feel a little more under control. Maybe we will finish painting the shed, cleaning up the lawn, and trimming the driveway.  Maybe. Only limited sunlight left and days are getting cooler. We have had some amazing weather this week; last week it snowed. SNOW!. And then it was like 23 C this weekend. We wore shorts. Confuse much?  Its hopefully going to be nice today at some point. I have some run to do :) 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Humid Weather finally breaks and Rest Day

Monday afternoon running with the Xcountry kids was grossly humid. They were dripping and could not believe how wet their clothes were. Im used to that; been grossly sweaty for a couple of years now.  But it really was hot and humid and they felt legs were heavy and dragging and they were way more tired than they should be. And they were; humidity is not a runners' friend.  I myself was better than expected after the long run of the day before; I actually did some of the km trail repeats that I put them through as well as running to the top of the trail and back down for a total of 5 km in about 31:30 minutes of running.  The km loop we did was a very hilly part of the XC trail here and it was not easy but they did not complain too badly.

The falls, not the XC kids and No one jumped during my XC practice ;)

Tuesday was an easy run day so they ran to the waterfalls and back twice; the second time at the falls  a bunch of them went swimming!
On Tuesday the heavy humidity had stopped and a cool (chilly) breeze had picked up, and I really was not hot enough for swimming but apparently they were, so they dipped in, many of them all the way to the tops of their heads!

I left them after they got out of the water and went up into the park for a longer easy run; was interrupted by a pee break at the top of the park ;) but 8 km in about 50:15 minutes was ok.
My knee has been hurting and has actually "spread" to the back of my leg. Im thinking I need more stretching and foam rolling ;)

Wednesday Im taking a rest day. I had a nice walk on the trail at lunch time of about 3.4 km but I am not running today! by choice! YAY! lol  I might get some sleep. I might get some bows done. Might go for a bike ride. But Im not running ;)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday And I can't wait to be enjoying some Sun!

I hear it's sunny out. I do not even have a window to test that theory.  I open my door and peek out the window of another office and see that, yes, there is sun in the sky although it appears to also be cloudy (that could be smoke from the building across the way). 

Last Thursday was as I expected; I ran with Taylor and her friend and met up with the team doing an easy run on the trails at different areas. Taylor is trying, it's nice to see. LOL Her friend was easily able to keep up over the 3.2 km we did (24 minutes) while running back and forth letting Taylor catch up. A bit harder of a run for her that day as I was not waiting for her as much. She ran with Holly last night and she enjoyed it because when she ran with the 10 year old, she felt fast. LOL

I didn't feel like I was getting very many miles in last week so on Friday morning after lecture and before lab I headed out to do 10 km. It was a slow 10 K with some very tired legs.  I did as much trail as I could and knee was just barely piping up on the hills but enough.  I was very hot and when i did get back to my office (8.75 km cut short due to time constraints) I actually put on a fan and "dried off". It has been humid!  Holy warm YAY!  53 Minutes for the distance.  I had time to eat and sort of made it to lab on time (the clock over there is way fast).  That lab took the rest of the afternoon.

To combat the massive tiredness I have been going to bed lately WiTH the kids.  I dont always go right to sleep but I am trying to feel more rested. But sleep in the middle of the night can be hard to get; there was the 3:55 am dog barking, 4:30 am train, 4:45 am Scott leaving, 5:30a m howling SOMETHING in the back yard and resultant dog barking, 5:55 am kid talking in sleep and batting me on the side of the head with her cast...yeah sometime during the night she crawled into bed with me.  I see an early night tonight although I plan to paint the shed until dark.  Dark is coming earlier now; it's dark by 8 pm completely and getting hard to see by 730.

Saturday I did not run; we spent the rainy day in the Valley visiting family while Scott and my brother starting building his shed.  Lots of driving.  Few better ways to spend rainy days.

Sunday morning it was not sunny as promised but was not actually raining (94% humidity) so after the kids were off to Drama I went for my long run. I decided rather than thinking long run I would break it into pieces lol running a start on the Irwin Lake road and planning to head back at the end of the trail and finish up about 24 km on the trail which gave me an out if my knee was a "pain".
It took me over 28 minutes to actually feel like running; before that I was just going through the motions.  Once I finally felt like running things got a little questionable; why do things always feel like a good idea when you are running but in retrospect are a little silly? lol
Like my decision to keep going after the trail ended, and go right down into Hilden and back to Truro that way?  the trail ended at only about 4 miles so I wanted to get further before turning back and hitting the Cobequid Trail (yawn).  I underestimated how long it would take to get into Hilden tho; I hit pavement at about 10.5 km but did not get to the crossroads until about 13.75 km.  After heading down a 2 km steep HILL. That was not very much fun; knee issues and a cramping calf kind of ruined the down hill for me.  Back into Truro in about 19 km. NOW I had to get back to Old many times have I said I will have to stop running without my phone?  I cannot do math; on the trail I was thinking Old barns in 7 km which is acceptable but that is from Lower Truro not Willow street; SO now I was looking at another 9 km UGH.  I wimped out at 22.5 km at the convenience store to call Scott and see if he could come meet me in another couple of km but a fellow (That I know) at the store offered me a ride and I was all like...Yeah Ive gone far enough LOL So I stretched and then caught a drive back to the start.  My knee?  Acceptable although not as comfortable as last week. I was careful. 
Run done in about 2:22 minutes and a 6:19 Pace. not bad; I could have gone further but chose not to. LOL It is nice to have the choice.  And not overdo things.
I feel a little tired today and a little sore but not terribly. A workout with  the Cross Country team today should work out the kinks.  Will see.
Now going out to see some sun.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

She has a CAST now!

Baby Girl with her still-wet cast
After a trip to Halifax and yet another opinion we now have a cast on the child.  I don't disagree wtih any of the opinions of our now 3 different experiences; the first doctor waiting for the swelling to go down and recommending a cast seconded by the IWK; the second doctor's less-invasive approach to use the splint which Annika was doing awesome with; and the IWK NP opinion that, particularly since it was not just the radius that was broken but also the ulna, a cast would provide best immobilization and would protect best.  So now there is a cast in the house and we will see how long the child is happy with it BUT she is still currently thrilled. Also commented on how heavy it is! 

Not a tonne of running going on this week; Tuesday Taylor decided to discontinue her team swimming (OMG I am still having some trouble with this one) and she wants to run with me. We went for a run in the park and she was a trooper while I dragged her up and down and she wants to go again. NO knee pain at all but it was a short, easy run and often the knee pain doesn's flare up until after 4 km.
Wednesday I grabbed a short 6.4 km run before work, knowing the crazy day later would not allow a run. I actually had a really good run; very little comment from the knee. I wonder if this is the improvement I was hoping for, or just a calm after the appointment I had? That is 3 runs now without pain. But I can still occassionally feel the burn even when just walking. 

Wednesday after the trip to the city we had Holly's hockey, then haircuts.  All the girlies in my house got some trimmed hair (Annika chopped off a few inches).

Today is an an easy run with the XC team. I need a few more km but Taylor and her friend are coming so Im not sure I will actually get them in.  It's such a juggling act!

2012 km Goal