Monday, December 19, 2011

Deja vue

Because it is Monday again. Good intentions never seem to lead to follow through :)
Last Monday was exhausting. Lol it's not like anything even happened. Went to work, went home, repeat. Emotionally exhausting can be quite debilitating. After going home I put on some running clothes and went out for a run, taking road up to the Warren Road trail and then I crossed a big gully and came up in someone's back yard and then took road the rest of the way home for 9.6 km In 58:30. It was kinda fun. Somehow Monday night I forgot about a meeting; just too many things to remember right now.
On Tuesday despite good ish weather and decent temps I waited for someone to be free to go running with; and then she couldn't go! I'm hating running late in the day, I'm usually tired and almost always starving ;) I'm deciding at least right now I'm a morning runner ;) I went much later than i wanted. But I got 8.8 km in about 55 minutes SIGH it was nice out.
Wednesday just was a total write off.  I might have gone to Halifax and shopped my behind off.
On Thursday I managed a short 5.2 km run which I did at tempo and time was great right up until almost the end.  Then I unfortunately ran into 2 dogs that chased me right off the sidewalk onto the road and would not let me pass.  I inched past them trying not to let them too close...and I kinda yelled to the no one listening "would the owner of these DOGS please come get them??" but no one took me a bit to get past them and once I was far enough I started running again, they followed but from a distance til I got to the next cross road and crossed into the campus again. GRR. But it's MY dogs that are the problem? The 5.2 were done in 30:25 including dealing with the dogs so the running part was ok.

That evening Annika's team had a hockey practice; 45 minutes of skating time in.  The kids claimed I made them work harder than usual :):)

Friday was a nothing day. Ive been spending a lot of time working on Christmas presents that are WAY behind schedule. I should be working on that right  now!

Saturday was 7 am hockey scrimmage which was good :)  50 minutes of play time :)

But no run. I just didn't.

Sunday morning I got out for a run after the kids went to Church; 10 km in 1:01:15 which for my lack of real effort was better than I thought. Weather was CRISP.  I could not feel my ears.

After a short rest and some soup I had a hockey game; Our entire team was there for once and we won the game 4-2.  Our second win of the season!  SIGH.  Yeah we are struggling a bit.

After the game we had some sweets and drinks for Christmas and that party just went on and on until it was time for Annika's game a few hours later. WHere did the day go? LOL.  Annika's team had a great game and afterwards there was a potluck; I had not planned to go but I did, skipping our last soccer game SAD :( but when Annika looks at me with those BIG eyes and says Mommy you're not going to leave me are you? Won't you stay?  I can't say no to that.  After catching the end of Holly's game it was late and Annika and I climbed into bed :):)

Now it's Monday and I have a bit of a head ache and upset belly (hmm) and Im super tired.  Great start to the week :D


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Gaspegirl said...

Hey girl! Great to hear that all continues to MOVE in your neck of the woods. I really wish you were closer so I could run with you. I am missing the running so I decided to make it a part of my weekly routine again and I think that my butt is going to thank me (it is really sore today:)

In case I don't check in again till after the holidays, HAVE a MERRY Christmas!!


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