Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thursday Run without Electronics

As soon as I started out on my run around Valleydale etc route my Garmin died. SIGH. I really love knowing what pace I am at. But ok I can deal. I looked at my Ipod and said " If you die Im going home." No word of a lie, It instantly said, "connect to power". So I did that 8 km without anything electronic to tell me how fast I was going or to cover up the sounds of my ragged breathing. I breath pretty loud. Especially when its cold out and my nose freezes. lol

Not that I mind having no Ipod...but I wonder if I always sound that loud on the pavement. I did miss the way the music paces me.

I dont like to have no actual "numbers" on the fast to here and there, how much further. But I had nothing.

OH well, all charged up now.
Nice blizzard yesterday; didnt run in that. In fact spent so much time coordinating kids and getting back to work, didnt do any more than 38 minutes of Wii. Stupid WiiFit. lol

FOr our birthdays we invested in a Bike Trainer that turns our bicycle into a stationary bike. Im going to love it. Warm basement tho.....going to sweat like hell.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quickie Jan 27

Little 5.2 km run around Truro didnt even burn enough calories to rid me of this bowl of ice cream im eating ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tempo Run

Didnt actually intend for a tempo run; I almost never plan these things but if it seems possible I take it on. Ran from home to the pool to meet Taylor getting off swimming; warmed up a mile, then increased pace for 3 miles then cooled a mile. Rather than one peak I likely had a couple but I kept pushing it right up until it was time to cool it.

Ankle? Sore. Ice soon.

On a good note, I just broke 100 km for the month. Only 1400 left to go! :):)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Sunday Run

Just too much to do. And I admit Im really into the knitting right now so when I do have a few minutes I tend to pick that up rather than go running. It was like -19 this morning without wind so It just felt better to sit inside with coffee SIGH.
But I played a game of hockey AND had a soccer game tonight so it isnt like I did nothing; cross training is important! lol

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was tagged, yeah, by PinkCowGirl and apparently Im supposed to say 7 Fun Facts. I never know what to say in these things but Im going to try. Then Im going to tag 7 people and see if they come back here and tell me what they said (or that they said anything). LOL

1. Despite being able to describe in detail how coat colour is inherited in horses, and dogs, and cats for that matter, I cannot for the life of me gain the interest to learn how to run the Surround Sound System/DVR in my basement. Even tho Im told a 4 year old could do it.

2. I cannot stand tape. Masking tape is the worst although hockey tape is getting to be a close second. Stickers are unpleasant. Especially when they are stuck to the bottoms of socks, on jeans, or god forbid, on me.

3. I would rather do almost anything than deal with a crowd of people. I often feel like my head might literally explode right off my shoulders when there are too many people around.

4. Im running the Cabot Trail Relay this spring! That means I need to take 30 seconds off my km time. I doubt I can do that. SIGH. Im also contemplating a full marathon this year or next.

5. After all those years of teaching stamping classes I would rather do almost anything else other than planning and carrying out one more goddamn class. Including the above mentioned "getting with a crowd of people". I hate it that much.

6. I actually picture and think OMG in my head when something leaves me speechless; with long, drawn out OOOO...MMMMMM...GAWDDDDDDDD.

7. I like brown. I think it should be considered a fashion statement for clothes, acceptable on any scrapbook page, go on any wall in my house, be in every picture and included in most meals. My mother actually calls me bland; I like MANY shades of brown. ;) that isnt bland.

OK I hate tagging people; Im not sure I even know 7 people to tag!

1. Knittingpharm

2. MyPod2

3. Julie

4. Erica

5. Marjorie

6. Imagine That!

7. Yes, I Knit!

Ok I doubt any of those people will actually do this. But someone must be tagged.

not true. I dont usually tag someone on these. WHat is wrong with me tonight?

OH. I just dont want to go mark assignments.


After hockey scrimmage this morning I joined Coralee for a short run up Harmony Road to Miller and around to the rink. 3 km, 24.25 minutes. Very easy running.

And it was cold. Like...-19 with wind chill. It bothered me far worse afterwards; not so bad while running. I thought it was colder yesterday. Brr.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 22

Got out right after kid dropped off at school; Scott dropped me at the school too and I ran home. Well to the bottom of my road. then he picked me up.
8.2 km about 54 minutes (cant actually remember) time.

Nice sunny day; cold. -6 feels like -12 temps. Dressed warmly; sweated a lot lol. Scarf kept nose from freezing.

Heel sucks. I ran hills again and it complained. Not a word from my knee tho. Maybe yesterday's chiro appointment fixed my knee completely ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I didnt run yesterday. I am a little concerned. I trotted around a little bit and my heel is hurting...and my right knee. Right behind the kneecap. ouch. Im getting old.
SO today I got up and its going to snow so Im all like "gotta run before it snows." and I did. And although my knee hurts getting in and out of the car and the heel twinged when I put on my sneaker...neither stopped me from running 8.4 km.

So what do I do? Keep going? Complete no running? I cant do that! lol ok I dont want to do that. Im looking at 500 calories a day here! lol

It hurts to bike (knee). It hurts to ride the pony (heel). SIGH I wonder if it hurts to Wii Fit? It would only take me about 3 hours a day to burn that many calories. SIGH.
On a good note, the weather has remained not too cold and perfect for running; little ice, almost no snow to hide the little ice, not too windy. Im sure it wont last forever, but Im pretty comfy running right now. My gloves get covered with hat gets soaked and my hair freezes solid. Its gross. I cant stand myself! HAhHAhAAHAH!

Monday, January 18, 2010


After resting most of the weekend, got back out there this evening for a short, easy run. I only played hockey on the weekend.

After my run on Friday night I felt a little sharpness in my left heel. When I pushed off my toe. Or stretched. Little ice, but it felt worse later on.
Saturday it was very uncomfortable to walk. Running actually might have felt better but I decided not to go; skating was ok tho because the skate is so supportive and restricts movement; Foot doesnt move much.
Sunday I also didnt run, but I did skate; noted a pain in the right knee, under the kneecap. Just an annoying feeling. More ice, more rest. No soccer; had a 4H meeting and didnt try too hard to get done early as it was first meeting and I didnt really want to run on that artificial turf anyway with the pains in the lower legs.

So to Monday; not feeling quite better (especially knee) but I thought a short easy run would likely be ok. So off....actually didnt hurt worse to run; hurts worse to walk.

So my question would be; do I rest and see if these irritations go away? or run through them? Ive no idea. SO I will try nice easy runs for now :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Above Freezing Again

It was +1! even tho it was raining slightly I had to get out there and get a few km in :) SO I dragged on my clothes and out I went. Ok I realllllly didnt want to. It was dark and damp and chill. but I did; as soon as I dont, I believe it will be easier to skip.
And it was a good run. I ran up the hill (where the crows roost.....EW.) and up the bigger hill. And then down the very big hill. Which got me moving so well I kept up that pace for 3 more km. Then another km cool down and I was back at the pool. Slowing was actually hard; this was all done on flatter roads.
I may be getting a little jumpy on the traffic; I think there are more rude cars in truro than anywhere else in Canada. Blah bastards! Particularly the ones crossing the sidewalks; I can only stay on the sidewalks; I cant vanish from your way just because you want to ignore your brakes. Its so unpleasant to run in town. Damn their streetlights and paved sidewalks lol.

so 5.6 km more done in 35.46 minutes; much cooling off and climbing hills lol was a very good run :)

Longer run planned for tomorrow but Ive no idea when; its a busy day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nice warmer day!

It warmed right up to -2 today which is actually really nice for running; it was very damp and that wasnt so pleasant. But it was a good run; until I finally met up with what I was scared of running in town; a train. On Queen street; there was no other realistic option but to wait. And since I was wet and sweaty and hot and chilling; I got very cold very fast. I walked back and forth along the road waiting and glared at the impatient people sitting in their cars with the heat on and something to do. I was SO shivering and no one said Oh want to wait in my car? of course not lol. It took about 4 songs on my Ipod to wait that train out; I was sick when I saw another engine in the middle of the train knowing that meant it was particularly long. Ugh. By the time it was gone I was chilled through and really didnt feel like running any more but I was still 1.5 km from the college with time running out to be on time for work; SO I had to scoot and try to make up some time :)

8 km in 52 minutes. 61 km down and 1439 left to go lol.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beautiful Day

And today is why we still run in the winter.
It was COLD. I mean breath frozen hanging in the air cold. -15 with wind chill. And sunny with that impossibly blue sky. So on go the clothes and sneakers and Garmin that OMG is out of battery and Ipod to match SIGH better go get some charging started! I digress.

With temps about 0 C I put on a coat over my long sleeved shirt. -5 I add a hat. May keep gloves on.

- 10 with wind chill of -15...I added a sweater and a tank top; and added a scarf. I was too hot. BUT I always end up cold and I needed the scarf because last 3 runs Ive come home with numb frozen lips. Ew. Dont enjoy the thawing.

The snow was crunching and a little slippy but it was perfect for running. And I didnt go anywhere tooooo busy because I wanted to have some space on the side of the road so I went up Valleydale.

8.4 km in 59 minutes isnt setting any records but it sure was nice to get out there.

After class and dinner I went to Hockeyville where there was some pick up ladies hockey and CASSIE CAMPBELL visited the rink for a CBC interview with the Deuvilles and she met us all and signed my shirt ;)

Busy day!

Monday, January 11, 2010

More Brr

I had planned this evening to go straight from work to the pool to run while Taylor was finishing up her practice. Of course I got caught up at the office and ended up coming late so I only fit in a short, 5 km run. It wasnt long enough and it was done too fast with almost no warm up so I felt pretty crappy at the end :(
My legs were restless and twitchy today so I thought the run was just what I needed; they still feel tight and uncomfortable.

44.7 km many more?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Continuing the Run but for how long?

Ok the weather is starting to be a little bit less nice. lol Ran on Thursday before going to work, it was snowy. I like the snow. but my face was cold.

Friday did SFA. No reason. i guess that isnt true if you count Wii Fit as an activity then I wasnt completely inactive. I did Dance Dance Revolution as well but I suck at it; I guess I was still "moving".

Saturday was spent at a swim meet and the way the times fell I didnt really have an ideal stretch of time despite being prepared this time for some running and gym work. Taylor had a 5 hour break; too long to be hanging out at the pool. 2-3 hours would have been ideal lol. Not enough time between any of the other races. lol

Sunday - wasted most of the morning then got in an 8 km run. it was -6; starting to get very cold. My face was numb and my hair froze into sweaty hair-cicles. I started to drip as soon as I got into the house gross lol. And I had frost all over me; even my gloves which stayed on the whole way, where normally I would have pulled them off. Brrrrr it was stinkin cold. lol

Ah well. Winter is here. Now where is that snow?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Run

I really dont see how anyone can have time for the 3500 calories a week and the 35 km a week I want to run ;) between work and kids and stuff Im just thinking unrealistic hahahah.

7.2 km today 47.13 minutes on hills; did fartleks with only somewhat increased and decreased effort; effort rather than speed because there were a lot of hills. its slowly getting easier to maintain a faster speed. Really slowly.

25.6 km done, 1474.4 to go.

Why I run with others

LOL I actually like running alone and setting the pace and going where I want and thinking about what I want and listening to my really loud music. Sometimes its monotonous and sometimes I get lonesome; but I really do love that "alone" time.

So why do I want to run with others?

Accountability. Plain and simple.

Take last night, for example. It was a damp, chilly day. No not cold, Im not complaining about cold. hhahaha just damp. Bone chilling damp. I came home after picking up the kids, climbed into cozy warm clothes, and since the house was chilly and I hate making fire, I got a blanket and snuggled in.

And would have stayed there til morning which would have gotten no exercise done, and would have played havoc on my back which doesnt love laying around as much as I do. I would have fallen asleep, missed the hockey game, gotten no "work" done for the next day, and missed all that quality time on the couch with Scott while he yelled at Team Canada to "come on".

But I had made plans. I planned! a run with Coralee. We are going to go at the least once a week I think. I cant cancel on a planned run. I cant leave her hanging. This worked really well last year with Tonya; we ran a lot of evenings. But so far she's been no show (dig dig) and Ive made a new plan.

So I dragged butt out of bed, put on the running attire, and drove to town. Where there are lights and sidewalks of course lol. Coralee was already there waiting so we took off and although yes it was a little slower than I usually would have run, it was also better than laying on the bed, better than sleeping through the evening, and I added Wood Street repeats....yeah 2 of them hahahahah yuck. And got the workout in. All runs cannot be "go til you puke" runs. Some need to be fun.

So another 5.4 km in, 18.4 total, and only 1481.6 more to go this year.

And a plan to run not only next day, but another date with Coralee on Friday night.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Run Run Run

brr. Running through the winter may be possible but that doesnt mean its always pleasant. And today, was a warm day, relatively. Im not sure I can do another winter of -20. It was like 2 plus today. But damp; very wet and raining at some points. But I got my butt out there and did the run.
8 km today; up in Bible Hill on the sidewalks. Fun. Time wasnt great; 54 minutes. But with the ice and water I guess I will take it.
Hockey and soccer games on the past weekend will have to be sufficient. Taylor has a swim meet in the city this weekend and Im going to miss Sat morning hockey. Im thinking tho on Saturday I will see if there is somewhere at Dalplex that I can do the run. There was at the Dartmouth Sportsplex an indoor track if I had been thinking and taken things to run in. Ok I checked it out; there is a track and I can get a day pass and get access to it all! More than the track ;) I can handle that hahahahahahh
Tomorrow Ive a planned run with a friend; maybe I will hunt up some other friends for the rest of the week. I need to get in 22 more km before the weekend to be on track for a great year end total ;)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Post

Im not training for anything at the moment so its been a little bit difficult to motivate. Hopefully the New Years Resolution will help.
Last year I wrote down almost 900 km of run. I didnt include all the runs and I didnt always get them accurately but when it matters I will have a secretary to do that for me ;) until then I will wing it.
In 2010 I intend to increase distance to 1500 km. Maybe a little bit optimistic but it breaks down to less than 5 km a day so its totally doable. I also would like to shed a few more pounds and inches. I bought a scale today; my first scale ever. It does body fat analysis and hydration status. Now Im not stupid enough to think this would be an accurate measure but it might be interesting and might give an idea of trends. And hydration could be interesting; Id love to see what it is before and after a run lol.
I also want to try to do something active daily. The tv just had a commercial that mentioned that 60 minutes a day of activity. Where do people find the time? There isnt that much I can just leave out of most busy days. maybe I should walk instead of eating? lol. no wasted minutes.

I ran on New Years day. It was cold and snow kept me on the road but I did the 5 km run. I did not run on the 2nd of Jan; a snow/rain mix kept me in, I still have this lingering cold and cough and Im not pushing it in cold rain. I did however play hockey so I did some activity and feel ok about that. Maybe a little Wii Fit tonight? Gotta get back on that thing sometime soon.

Tomorrow- still expecting crappy weather but I will get out if possible even if just for a run up and down the hill. a couple of repeats would do the job.

5 km down, 1495 to go.

2012 km Goal