Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was tagged, yeah, by PinkCowGirl and apparently Im supposed to say 7 Fun Facts. I never know what to say in these things but Im going to try. Then Im going to tag 7 people and see if they come back here and tell me what they said (or that they said anything). LOL

1. Despite being able to describe in detail how coat colour is inherited in horses, and dogs, and cats for that matter, I cannot for the life of me gain the interest to learn how to run the Surround Sound System/DVR in my basement. Even tho Im told a 4 year old could do it.

2. I cannot stand tape. Masking tape is the worst although hockey tape is getting to be a close second. Stickers are unpleasant. Especially when they are stuck to the bottoms of socks, on jeans, or god forbid, on me.

3. I would rather do almost anything than deal with a crowd of people. I often feel like my head might literally explode right off my shoulders when there are too many people around.

4. Im running the Cabot Trail Relay this spring! That means I need to take 30 seconds off my km time. I doubt I can do that. SIGH. Im also contemplating a full marathon this year or next.

5. After all those years of teaching stamping classes I would rather do almost anything else other than planning and carrying out one more goddamn class. Including the above mentioned "getting with a crowd of people". I hate it that much.

6. I actually picture and think OMG in my head when something leaves me speechless; with long, drawn out OOOO...MMMMMM...GAWDDDDDDDD.

7. I like brown. I think it should be considered a fashion statement for clothes, acceptable on any scrapbook page, go on any wall in my house, be in every picture and included in most meals. My mother actually calls me bland; I like MANY shades of brown. ;) that isnt bland.

OK I hate tagging people; Im not sure I even know 7 people to tag!

1. Knittingpharm

2. MyPod2

3. Julie

4. Erica

5. Marjorie

6. Imagine That!

7. Yes, I Knit!

Ok I doubt any of those people will actually do this. But someone must be tagged.

not true. I dont usually tag someone on these. WHat is wrong with me tonight?

OH. I just dont want to go mark assignments.


Julie said...

LOL.......How much sugar have you had today.I will do it,just give me some time to think of something interesting.

Anonymous said...


I am the same with most technical equiptment...although if I have to, I'll do it. Or sometimes I'll fiddle with it just to prove I can do it...

Speaking of which, I'm seriously considering taking my elliptical apart....the display ceases to function.

Anyway, BRAVO!!!! :)

2012 km Goal