Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I didnt run yesterday. I am a little concerned. I trotted around a little bit and my heel is hurting...and my right knee. Right behind the kneecap. ouch. Im getting old.
SO today I got up and its going to snow so Im all like "gotta run before it snows." and I did. And although my knee hurts getting in and out of the car and the heel twinged when I put on my sneaker...neither stopped me from running 8.4 km.

So what do I do? Keep going? Complete no running? I cant do that! lol ok I dont want to do that. Im looking at 500 calories a day here! lol

It hurts to bike (knee). It hurts to ride the pony (heel). SIGH I wonder if it hurts to Wii Fit? It would only take me about 3 hours a day to burn that many calories. SIGH.
On a good note, the weather has remained not too cold and perfect for running; little ice, almost no snow to hide the little ice, not too windy. Im sure it wont last forever, but Im pretty comfy running right now. My gloves get covered with hat gets soaked and my hair freezes solid. Its gross. I cant stand myself! HAhHAhAAHAH!


Anonymous said...

Maaaaaybe some ice and some yoga???

Hope it heals fast though!!!


You twas tagged. :)

Ali P said...

Is it tendonitis maybe? Ice and anti-inflammatories?

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