Saturday, August 29, 2009


more UGHS this past few weeks than anything else. Exhibition week was impossible to get in the runs I wanted. UGH. Weather has become cooler tho, so the runs are not going to be as uncomfortable now.
Almost half way through this training schedule now; 6 weeks to the half marathon in October and Im feeling extremely unprepared for anything. Not enough runs, not enough long runs.
Have a 10 K run tomorrow; Cobequid Trail 10K run. Totally not ready for it; had 6 days off running and then went for nice 7.5 km on Thursday. That actually was nice. lol Friday went to massage and now going for a 5 k this morning. Slowly. Will see how that goes. Need to be more persistent for next 6 weeks to get this half in! more UGH. Because fall is really busy and I expect to be busier than ever. UGH. lol

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tough getting the runs in around here Sigh

But still slogging away at them! Ugh the weather has been nasty hot and humid continueing all this week. Im glad we are having summer but not so glad that its really affected my running.
Tuesday and Wednesday running didnt happen. Tuesday was awesome for a bike ride tho. Long and a lot of hills. Must do that more often.
Thursday evening after soccer I went for a run 6.4 km and did 6 400m intervals of faster running. That actually went really well :):):)
Kickass ball hockey game on Friday night. We lost but it was good exercise lol.

Planned for the weekend a run on Saturday (didnt happen) and one on Sunday (LSD? depends on the weather. Currently way too hot. Humidex of 33C. And raining buckets. And I heard some thunder out there a bit ago. SIGH) SO time will tell.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 29 second time around

Hot hot days of summer :) I love them but they are killing the running!
Ive been trying to get up earlier to beat the heat but there is one thing or another in my way! Today it was alarm clock failure.

Saturday went horseback riding
Sunday went horseback riding, beach, and then a ball hockey game (won! Got a goal to boot!)
So Monday became long run day. And I didnt get up early. So I got pissy and went at 9 am - only supposed to be 16 C (94% humidity) and I had the wrong water bottle (leaked all over my back) and the wrong shoes(my New Balance are agony!) and I went anyway.
I sure paid for it. First little bit was ok, I just went slower and walked a lot. Didnt push it much, not even getting much speed up on the downhill portions. Swerved across the road taking advantage of the shade. Around km 7, I felt very dizzy and miserable and nauseous. I took a long walk break (almost 5 minutes, .4 km) and went up a hill. So downhill for a bit, I started running again and felt better at 9 km than I had at 7. But I hit the bottom of our hill (9.4 km) and just couldnt face it. I felt sick again and just stopped dead. WISHING for a ride up the hill. SO I finished that 0.6 km short of the 10 K I wanted, and walked up the hill. Scott did come pick me up about 2/3 of the way up (not sure why) and it was 21 C and I was nauseous and sweating/chills for the rest of the morning and well into the afternoon.
Going to ride my bike tomorrow. Intervals on Wednesday, run on Thursday plus gym?? Rest on Friday.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 26

Thursday was again a rest day; when Scott has to milk in the morning and we have little girls soccer at night running never seems to happen.
Friday morning ran from Queen/Walker to home. Ran 5 km it was HOT HOT. Walked about .7 then ran up Wilson Mountain Road (=hill) until I completed 6 km. Freaking hot. Forgot my bandana so I had sweat in my eyes the whole way; stings. How do people run without something to stop the sweat? Am I the sweatiest person out there? Sheesh.

Day 24

Monday and Tuesday ended up being rest days lol Due to busy schedules etc. Wednesday was a good running day; 6.6 km in. Was supposed to be tempo but really wasnt, just ended up being a hill run.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Take 2 Day 21

Didnt think I was going to get it in but I just got up and went and got my 8 km run done! YAY! :)

It was hot but not too hot, windy but not too windy, and not so humid (88% down to 68%, 18 C) so actually quite nice for a run :)
After I finished the 8 km I wasnt quite home so I did another .7 km very slowly up the hill until Scott came to get me; he had to go umpiring and I was incringing on his time SIGH. Its ok, the rest of the run was all up hill and I dont feel gypped at all LOLOLOL

Tomorrow is stretch and strengthen and with Scott being on Vacation I should actually make it to the gym!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fast Forward to Day 20

after battling fatigue and super high humidity/heats, I decided what I might need was some time off. After a few days the cause of the fatigue became obvious; I have a summer cold. Nasty one. So I did what any smart person would do; I went camping. That was actually fairly restful mentally and a great change of scenery :)

Now it is day 20 and I did a good 5 km run this morning. Schedule for tomorrow is a 5 k Race; I actually planned to do a 5 km in Digby today but am not; could do a 5 km race in Halifax tomorrow but again, Im not. Just not ready for it; still struggling with the cold. But at least I got out again.

Nasty tough ball hockey game last night with lots of lasting soreness. We were short-staffed lol so lots of shifts. WHich works out really well. Ankle concerns the most; not obvious how it got so sore so Im not sure how long it will take to feel better.

Plan for tomorrow is a nice easy 8 km which should be done as early as possible :)

2012 km Goal