Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fast Forward to Day 20

after battling fatigue and super high humidity/heats, I decided what I might need was some time off. After a few days the cause of the fatigue became obvious; I have a summer cold. Nasty one. So I did what any smart person would do; I went camping. That was actually fairly restful mentally and a great change of scenery :)

Now it is day 20 and I did a good 5 km run this morning. Schedule for tomorrow is a 5 k Race; I actually planned to do a 5 km in Digby today but am not; could do a 5 km race in Halifax tomorrow but again, Im not. Just not ready for it; still struggling with the cold. But at least I got out again.

Nasty tough ball hockey game last night with lots of lasting soreness. We were short-staffed lol so lots of shifts. WHich works out really well. Ankle concerns the most; not obvious how it got so sore so Im not sure how long it will take to feel better.

Plan for tomorrow is a nice easy 8 km which should be done as early as possible :)

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