Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tough getting the runs in around here Sigh

But still slogging away at them! Ugh the weather has been nasty hot and humid continueing all this week. Im glad we are having summer but not so glad that its really affected my running.
Tuesday and Wednesday running didnt happen. Tuesday was awesome for a bike ride tho. Long and a lot of hills. Must do that more often.
Thursday evening after soccer I went for a run 6.4 km and did 6 400m intervals of faster running. That actually went really well :):):)
Kickass ball hockey game on Friday night. We lost but it was good exercise lol.

Planned for the weekend a run on Saturday (didnt happen) and one on Sunday (LSD? depends on the weather. Currently way too hot. Humidex of 33C. And raining buckets. And I heard some thunder out there a bit ago. SIGH) SO time will tell.

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