Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 29 second time around

Hot hot days of summer :) I love them but they are killing the running!
Ive been trying to get up earlier to beat the heat but there is one thing or another in my way! Today it was alarm clock failure.

Saturday went horseback riding
Sunday went horseback riding, beach, and then a ball hockey game (won! Got a goal to boot!)
So Monday became long run day. And I didnt get up early. So I got pissy and went at 9 am - only supposed to be 16 C (94% humidity) and I had the wrong water bottle (leaked all over my back) and the wrong shoes(my New Balance are agony!) and I went anyway.
I sure paid for it. First little bit was ok, I just went slower and walked a lot. Didnt push it much, not even getting much speed up on the downhill portions. Swerved across the road taking advantage of the shade. Around km 7, I felt very dizzy and miserable and nauseous. I took a long walk break (almost 5 minutes, .4 km) and went up a hill. So downhill for a bit, I started running again and felt better at 9 km than I had at 7. But I hit the bottom of our hill (9.4 km) and just couldnt face it. I felt sick again and just stopped dead. WISHING for a ride up the hill. SO I finished that 0.6 km short of the 10 K I wanted, and walked up the hill. Scott did come pick me up about 2/3 of the way up (not sure why) and it was 21 C and I was nauseous and sweating/chills for the rest of the morning and well into the afternoon.
Going to ride my bike tomorrow. Intervals on Wednesday, run on Thursday plus gym?? Rest on Friday.

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