Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I love intervals!  Even if they are hard to get in thanks to routes and hills, I love intervals. Because there is always the promise of that break in the middle, even if it's jogging. LOL I like how I feel after intervals, tired but not wrecked, and Intervals require no special route or track or anything.  I suppose one might rather call them Fartleks if they are not on a track and perfectly paced, but call em what you want. I like them.

This is the first Wednesday run Ive had in 3 weeks!  Not sure what happened, Oh wait, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy labs started 3 weeks ago and Ive not run since on a Wednesday.  Im busy in class in morning, lab in afternoon, and class at night. Im beat on Wednesdays!

After the (tough) long run on Sunday I took 2 days off on advice of someone who should know more than I do.  Resting the sore knee which gets a little worse every time I have a long run.  It's weird, something pulled in back of the knee I suppose but it's not bad enough to stop running, just uncomfortable.  And once the marathon is over and those long long runs are a thing of the past, the knee should be fine ;) I'll rest then.  But I did take Monday (rest day) and Tuesday (Cross Country Meet) off, and threw in a Wednesday Morning run with some intervals.

after taking the kids to school I had this teensy window of time to run. If anything had gone wrong I would have been short, and late for lecture.  Ugh.  No time later tho, to run and then shower,  so it was a must-run or forget it kind of morning.  Straight to the trail and no time wasted getting started; ran a km warm up then alternated 1 km sorta fast (under 6 minutes a km; still really tired and not pushing it) with a slightly (30 seconds) slower km between.  Finished with 3 X 50 m strides which felt awesome :):) all in all a good run, despite hot humid weather. What is with this weather?  it's 25 C on almost the last day of Sept. No complaints here, but it's certainly out of character for around here.  The sudden cold snap is going to be really hard on us LOL

Little time for stretching before getting off to work but made it, and now a lot tired while preparing for the lab this afternoon UGH.  i prefer morning workouts because this is certainly sleepy time ;)

Run tomorrow?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Last Long Run of the Marathon Training


The last long's done. 

What I am hoping, is that it is no indication of how the marathon is going to go.

What did I do wrong? If I don't figure it out, Im toast.

Error #1:
its been a long week.  I was very busy. I only got 2 runs in rather than the 4 that I should have.  And the last of those was 3days ago.  I needed to get out yesterday (Or even Friday) for a little run to loosen up. I was tight and uncomfortable for the start.

Error #2:
Way late start. I have decided Im a morning runner rather than the evening runner I used to be. At least for these long runs.  I had breakfast, snack, coffee....and waited. I had a bowl of cereal. and waited.  I don't really feel as tho I was properly fueled this day. Which didnt start until like lunch time.  The morning was hectic and weird and pointless.

Error #3:
run on a new route.  It had potential.  We drove around this morning making sure that the trail through the woods actually went somewhere and it supposedly did (waste of 1.5 hours but needed to know where it would end up!)
It was a beautiful wood road trail to Brookfield that had potential. I mapped it so knew which end we were better off starting at to take advantage of some long down hills.  And less uphills. We started in Old Barns and the map lied! It was a lot of rolling hills which should not shock me but I was still like..>Really? another hill? Sigh.  We made a wrong turn and werent sure about getting through to the other end of the trail but we did make it across the covered bridge and onto the little trail.  It was beautiful by this time, warm (too?) and sunny. Lovely fall trail. for awhile.

End of the trail and longer than expected because I could not run it exactly like I mapped; had to readjust and I think it was longer. M was super tired (played hockey just before we started) but luckily we were running towards her house, so she had a rescue on the road, and we parted.

Error #4:
Forgot Ipod. this is my time for enjoying some music and I forgot it!  UGH.  I was so bored.  And gads, at the end of that pretty woodsy fall road was the road to Brookfield and it was SO BORING! 

I got to the highway at a little over 20 km and stopped to eat the other half of my bar.  I had some chomps too. Maybe Im not eating enough of them?  Drinking a lot of water? I refilled my bottle from Margie's before she was rescued by I was out by this time.  Store coming up.  Bought more water.  And started back towards Truro.

Error #5:
From Brookfield it seemed like all up hill. A lot of  hills.  I don't know about a wall but I know I was a hurting unit by that time.  Hips, and really, legs, calves were tight and aching.  And the back of my left knee (and sort of the right) was very painful. I used to feel this running in college and wrapped my knee then for it. Wondering if I should get a knee wrap? and try it out this week? hmm.

That part of the run was Miserable.  I was unhappy. LOL not winded and not really tired, just very very sore.  UGH.  And still without music was bored.

Ached all the way home; called Scott to pick me up and ached in the car.  Came in and could not face standing in the shower so I caved to what Ive been avoiding; a hot bath.  NOT AN ICE BATH. LOL  too cold!  It felt super nice and i was almost human at coming out but now I wonder; how is that going to feel tomorrow?
What is the point in the ice bath?

Im wishing for a leg rub right now. It isnt coming. LOL  Im also hungry and believe I was a bit dehydrated and am drinking loads.  I dont think Ive stretched enough. Gotta before sleep which isnt coming in a hurry because Im occupied.

Did arrange rides for the CC meet this week and I was so relieved I almost cried hehehe parents are awesome!  Could have slept before, now am beyond sleep. UgH.

Doubts are starting to set in with the taper beginning. Not so much, did I do enough, but can I even complete this?  Is it going to hurt too much? I was looking forward to the longest run getting over, but now Im not filled with confidence like I was 12 hours ago lol.  Im doubtful because of the pains that set in so early. 

I did come home and see, this run was 7 minutes faster than my previous 32 km; Im also not completely confident in my time/distance assessment LOL but its all good. I certainly wasnt going for a faster time but would have liked to finish it not teary and miserable. 

Doubts are going to take over on the next 3 weeks.  Im sure of it.  PEI isn't hilly they say; it isnt terrible hard they say; Its a good BQ run they say; I would just like to finish on my feet (4.5 hours would be nice ;)).

Gotta stretch.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Park Run

The weather in the park was perfect today. It was coolish (maybe 16?) and while the wind was higher elsewhere, it was less so there.
I ran in the park before the Cross Country team got there, managed in half an hour (little more) to get 6 km in, 38 Minutes flat.  It was ok considering the hills. Started out warming up and climbing Jacob's Ladder then running up to Wood Street and the water resevoir, down Vibert Trail and towards the lower park, back up to Wood Street (oops exploring a new trail) and down to Serpentine, through another wood trail, back to Serpentine, into the lower park, around the loop and back in time to see the Cross Country kids arriving.  It was a good run and although I spent a lot of it feeling tired, and out of  breath, I still think it was a good run.  Im tired this week and thinking this marathon training can end any time ;) It's been way too busy for this sort of running; way too many hours spent when I feel I should be cleaning the house, doing more laundry...even if I do deserve the time for myself occassionally. Long runs are really long.

I got to do some stretching while talking to the Cross Country team, enticing them to run the meet next week, then sent them on a recovery run and followed along, although I took different routes to get that last bit in.  Up Jacob's Ladder, up some hilly trail and back down the Young Street side, back into the park and again back up Jacob's Ladder, down Serpentine and back to do some core work with the team before sending them home :)

The trails are super nice for running.  There were some leaves falling while I was running and it smelled like fall.  Not that I want fall LOL.  The terrain is awesome, the hills are awesome, the possibilities are awesome.  I could be swayed to trail running vs roads. 

Sore tonight? ankle sprained during soccer. Must have retwisted it LOL it's no biggie :)

First Meet

Cross Country Team had a meet this week in town, love local!  LOL  They did so well!  There were some nerves at the start while the junior girls were running, but once in line for the race they focused and got the race done with no puke and no injuries :)
The older runners being seasoned pros had less nerves. One member wasnt' even planning to run, but hopped in at the start and just kept on going.  LOL He won his race.  As did the senior female.  The team did extremely well and I really enjoyed watching and cheering them on. It was a great first race. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Itty Bitty

Run; can be so hard to fit in the weekly ones!  After a great rest day on Monday, I had to squeeze in a run home from the pool on Tuesday to accomplish it!  lol Schedules can be so busy!
8 km in about 50 minutes (no watch). 
Wednesday run; likely not going to happen.  The Cross Country team had their first meet and it was really excellent but time consuming :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

LSD Sunday 29 km

Not much to note; nothing happened;)
started late from Old Barns since Scott's away and the kids had to be at the church. M joined me and we started off on the trail towards the church and then headed off on Shore Road and Black Rock Road.  It was a super nice 12 km loop, I'd always avoided before because I thought it hilly.  It was really nice, quiet, not tooooo hilly, dirt road run. I loved it.

Back at thein laws house M contemplated stopping, struggling with a headache and a lot of sleepless nights.  She did take a short break and we headed back to the trail to finish the other part of the run; a rather eventless run on the trail to town and back to finish at an almost perfect 29 km. 

All in all it was a good run; we were tired at times and very thirsty despite much cooler temperatures and humidity being down.  I started a little tired; ran Thursday and Friday on hills, Saturday the girls and I volunteered at a college Cross Country meet in the park, and after walking a lot of the course and staying on our feet all day, we went shopping, then to a birthday party where we were up late giggling and reading magazines and watching kid movies :) Im tired, and sore from the hills on Friday (oh and the strides geez) And feeling sore when one starts a long run is tiring ;)

 Im concerned about my scheduling lately and being really tired.  Im getting more used to the long runs and the recovery is generally  much better than it may have been at first, but it's a lot of running. It's more than a half marathon every week!  It's hours of running each week, and a big chunk is on long run day.  And now with the working full time, and coaching the cross country team, a lot of the day is full of stuff that is active and out of the house; there is little time left for home work and house work and those poor dogs ;) It's better when Scott's around because he can help get the kids, shift them from their school to their activities, and let the dogs have more play time. 

I'm looking forward to the training program ending and running having less purpose. I know it's easier to keep running when there is a goal, but I need a break. I don't want to burn out, and I dont want to stop running.  I want to just have less pressure. And the couple of winter time runs I have planned should keep me in training; the Resolution Run and maybe the Hypothermic Half Marathon (2 hours is a long time to run in minus degrees!)

Off to get more sleep and a little more tylenol for my aching hip. ACHING.  Ugh what is that?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rainy Afternoon at the Park

Friday was a rainy, rainy day ;)  it was raining when we got up and it was still raining a little bit when we went to bed! luckily it was sunny and hot on Saturday as promised, since there wass a cross country event in town and we volunteered at it.

I wasn't sure if I was running Friday or not; I 'm tired and feeling like a little cold coming on.  I hope it's just allergies.  This would not be a good time for a cold.  I dont have time for a cold. Or an injury, as I was thinking as I was running down a hill over a wooden slippy bridge in the rain. I simply cannot imagine getting 14 weeks into a program, close to a marathon, and be injured doing something silly like a run in the rain on a trail that is slippery when Im really tired.

Started with Strides, as fast and long a stride as possible, for like 50 meters.  We did them 3 times, and jogged back to the start. they were fun! I loved doing them! LOL

Then we split into groups and one group did a run up through the trails while the other did hill repeats; then we switched and our group did the hill repeats; 6X 30 seconds up the hill at fairly hard effort. It was a good workout, despite the rain. Im still sore.
The team did core while I preferred not to lay on the wet grass; wuss I am. I know it.

A slightly unplanned workout for me; but Im so off schedule most of the time, it hardly seems to matter ;) Im getting the long runs in!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lovely afternoon Park Run

Today I prepared and went out running as soon as lab was over; they were right on time and it was good timing :)  I made it to the park planning to do about 8 km before the CCRunners got there, and I had about 50 minutes to get that done :)
I headed up into the park and climbed for about 2 km then it was up and down for awhile; up trails, down trails, then  finally at about 6.2 km I made it back down into the park, headed up another road, and out onto the side walks where I finished another quick mile and finished at the park with 8.4 km in 50:40.  GOOD TIME considering those trails are tough and nothing but hills! LOL  I didnt think I had another hill in me.
Met the team for stretches and core work, then sent them off into the park for a short (15 minutes?) run if they had not gotten on the wrong trail; and that was someone who said she knew the park!  LOL  Then one of the runners and I ran to another school nearby and she showed me the cross country trails they have behind their school. The trails are mostly mowed field - rough and omg hill.  I almost cried uncle at that point because i was so tired; 8.4 fast hilly km, then by that time, I was at almost 11 km and it was up, up and more up LOL.  At the top I felt better and made it back down and back to the car in about 32 minutes for 5 km.  Slowing down at that point with total 13.4 km done and ready for bed; but alas I had too many stops to make, kids to drop and pick up, and supper to make, garbage to put out, and dogs to deal with. 

Now house is clean, most things are done "enough" so I can ignore them, and Im ready for sleep.  likely have to get up later to let those dogs out LOL.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Morning Run

I really wish I was better at morning running; I really like it. It's nice to have the run over; it's cool, fresher, and the sunrise this morning was really awesome.
On my way out the sky was pink where the sun was; but on the way back that pink had spread all across the purple clouds and it was quite breathtaking for a little while.
Oh wait. Might have been breathless because of the running. It was a tempo run.  And on the way back I was really moving!
So it was a good run, I didnt push it on the warm up and the cool down was unremarkable; I think that hill is getting easier  ;)  6.4 km in 39:11 was good enough for the effort. Sometimes when Im running I have trouble remembering to keep up the effort; my mind wanders and I slow down a little.  
It was awesome to have that run done early. I had intended to run with the CC runners this afternoon but I forgot my sneakers. OMG Im a bad runner; who forgets their sneakers? I remembered everything else...
A good practice; fartleks ;) fun fun!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feeling a Change in the Air

Ugh and it doesnt make me very happy!  Our warm weather; that's gone.  Im sure we will see more nice days but that warm summer weather is gone!  SOB.  Fall is certainly in the air. I do love Fall....I just don't love that it is followed by winter and Fall always means I have to start wearing Jeans and Shoes and Jackets.  And put the shorts awayyyyy.

This made my run this morning a different one from my last run. It was a LS Day of a Stepdown week and I plotted out my 23 km and started getting ready. Temperature? 11 C and drizzly out. Gag. 
I procrastinated and slacked off and checked email for almost 3 hours!  LOL Ok there were a few other things went on, like bathroom and getting dressed and company and breakfast...but it took me 3 hours to get out there. And it was COLD. 

The sun came out once in a while and the wind died down once in a while and i warmed up and sweated...but it was that weird hot, like im hot but my hands are numb.


I went up Harmony Ridge again which as the name hints, is a great big ol hill.  This isnt the first time Ive run it and honestly it was better this time. I started right out on the up hill portion and scooted up without trouble.  Downhill was fine, town and home again was BORING but not overly challenging until you get back in my neighborhood where it's up gradual and steeper hills all the way for the last bit.  Like, 3 km.  SIGH.  lol I got my 23 in within the time I had alloted; which wasnt terribly smart of a time because I took a good half marathon time (not the PB) and added enough for 2 km and said ok that's my goal. Duh. lol it was a fast paced run, which the downhill helped but the uphill for 7 km at the start did not.  lol  I finished the Half Marathon distance in 2:13:33 which is 4 minutes faster than my Vegas HM time.  Its supposed to be a Long Slow run!  Average pace over 23km was 6:22 which is much faster than the 7:04 of last week's (albeit) 32 km run.  finished at the bottom of the hill home in 2:26:44 and got Scott to come down and get me :):):)

Another long run in the books :) Next week we are back up to 29 and then our second 32 then it's time to Taper!  LOL that should be a treat!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Surviving the Cross Country Runners and still Finding the Time

To get those runs in for my own training; it is going to be challenging.  Now a lot of those hours I would normally be getting my work done or my runs in is going to be spent running youngun's around on trails LOL.  And once things get going, I do feel I should be able to run with them; at the moment I am finding it challenging just to get organized.  I worry I won't measure up.  I worry I will mess up. I worry a lot.

Ah well. We've met a couple of times now and no one has died LOL. But sometimes these things bite you when you least expect it. I think we are doing ok. They might hate me.  Im not sensitive LOL I want to teach them to run longer and faster.  Maybe I can.

First run was just an easy out and back. Second was an easy around the park with some extended stretching and some core work.  Tuesday will be our first Speedwork.  I hope that it goes ok.

My running is not really a priority right now while we go through this transition from summer happy to fall crazy.  Work is busy; kid's school is busy :) We are lucky to have a friend that will pick up the kids from school and watch them until someone comes to get them without breaking the bank and the kids are really having fun there.  And CC is 3 days after work. Unless I learn to get up at dawn (which is later all the time) I am not sure when I am going to be running LOL.  Night never works; Im very tired. Morning is hard to get out of bed.

Wednesday I wasn't too committed to a run, but I did get a very short and easy jog in with the team. Tuesday Im going to attempt to do intervals with them but it's kind of hard to coach and run too. Maybe someday.

Thursday I intended to run at some point; Could not rouse early thanks again to Annika and her restless sleep.  Class, Lab, Practice, kid supper, no help, and a nice Lightening storm that kept on rumbling made running during the day really hard.

On to Friday for another try. I worry (yeah) that running a mid week long run so close to the weekend long run is going to be hard.  But after class and a couple of hours of computer work I changed clothes and headed out for a run.

It was quickly apparent that I had made a few errors. When I went into the building it was raining and chilly.  When I was heading out, the sun had come out, and the heat was up. With all that rain, it was very humid. the heat coming off the road was unbearable. That combined with my "getting used to" air conditioning was a challenging condition.  And I was hungry.  It was past dinner time and I hadnt had lunch. In fact I didnt have supper last night; just not hungry.  So I had no energy almost right away.  It was a long struggle to get that run in. I readjusted the route to go back past the college to grab a drink of water and headed back out but had cramps and stitches the entire way.  I walked a couple of times and felt a little better by the end but really, it was a crappy run.  12 km in 1:24:35 which is the crappiest time I have had in ages.  7 minute km.  Ugh horrible. 

Ah well at least there are a few things I can fix.

Tomorrow I might rest before another long run on Sunday.  Which better happen before it gets hot ;) supposed to be sunny.  Sunny and cool.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Calories Burned; Does it matter?

When I log my runs, I always calculate the calories burned on a run, knowing them not to be accurate but an estimate, and still sticking to the extra 500 calories a day as a weight loss tool.  The pounds are still slowly coming off; not at an alarming rate but so slowly one has to look back over months and months of logs to see a big difference. But trends are noted, such as seeing lower numbers more and more often.  It's all good.

But I have to wonder, does it matter to calculate the calories?  Sometimes I think the numbers just keep me honest; If I see I have burnt 600 calories, Im less likely to eat the 600+ calorie Blizzard.  Or if I have burnt 1000 calories, does one more cookie matter? SIGH.

And then I see a run like Sunday's 32 km 3:47:00 run.  2233 calories burned.  What does that mean?  How many of those calories am I going to put back in? Does having burnt them mean I will lose a pound this month? lol Because of that run?  (not to mention 3 more to match it by the month's end).  Is calories burned an accurate estimate of potential weight loss, assuming I will not just eat them right back up again? (lol possible, because Im very very hungry.)  I know it's not about eating less alone, or burning more alone, but rather about eating smarter and moving more. But those numbers. I still watch them and think to myself "Im a calorie burning machine!  Im 1000 calories ahead for this week!  Im going to waste away! LOL".

Not likely. But Do the numbers matter?

A New Challenge

Because Running a Marathon is not enough. Because I'm not busy enough.  Obviously I'm not busy enough. I still have a few minutes to write a blog. I need more to do.  Because Im a sucker.....Im trying something completely new and unfamiliar.

I'm coaching a Cross Country Running Team.  For a local high school.

I've never run Cross Country (at least not on a team) and Ive never been to a meet. Ive never coached running (but how hard can it be? Someone GAVE me the schedule (and you were right it IS good) and with some adjustment it fits; And I know running.  I KNOW running.  I can do this.)


It barely fits with my teaching schedule in FACT a few times Im going to have to get off lab duty.  And get an assistant.  LOL  I will make it fit.

Really the running and stuff is the easy part. You would not believe the amount of paper work that needs to be taken care of. Haha not so funny.  I'm going to be publishing a book.

How is this going to fit in with my marathon training? Well, it's running isnt it? LOL  And A tonne of it is speed work, Intervals, Hills, Fartleks.  Im supposed to be doing those, I will just make sure I get my distances in.  And some of it, they can do on their own. With my instruction and advice.  It's only about 9 weeks tops. LOL. 

SO last night I went to a coach's meeting and was totally overwhelmed by paper work.  And information. I would really just like to run.  :)  I have to get all these forms signed and stuff before anyone can start running; I also have to arrange for drives to meets, Figure out who is running what, and get them to the right places on time.  I have SO many questions :)

After the Coach's meeting I went for my Tuesday run and it did not rain and it was nice except that my watch died; I was going pretty fast too (Tempo Run) and I figure I did the distance (measured at 9 km) in about 54 minutes.  I was aiming for a 6 minute pace and at 7 km I was right at 42 minutes so success :) I may have slowed slightly in the last 2 but not much so Im going with that.  It was SO dark; what is with the streetlights? are they all blown? It was terribly dark.  And Im not even scared of the dark. It was a nice run :)

But Im exhausted lately. Can barely get out of bed but cannot really sleep. Burnout? Only 6 weeks left to go before the Marathon. Can do anything for 6 weeks.
OH yeah. Swim registration and hockey registration this weekend.  Taylor needs bathing suits.  Our schedule's wont get any more complicated by kid's activities LOL.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

32 km long run; another milestone

Again a longest run has been put in the log book; this one not as pleasant as the last one.  I enjoyed the 29 km way more.  LOL
I think  it was waking up tired and sore after a long week and little sleep and feeling a little upset stomach and mentally thinking this wasnt going to be a good day;
Was on time for meeting M but THEN I decided to hide some water bottles along the way for us to find later; even if they were warmmmm lol. Then I was a little late but we were running by 7 am.  It was slightly chilly and much less humid than before Earl who wasn't so scary.  I had moments along the run that I was kinda cold but that could have been my nausea too.

Yeah Nausea. from km 5.5 on.  Jeez I did nothing different; hope Im not coming down with something. It did wax and wane...wasnt' unbearable. But had some shivers and annoyance. Speaking of annoyance, I almost lost it with my water bottle carrier. Why does it misbehave some days?

So 32 km in; took a new 20 mile route over Upper Brookside Road...I honestly do not remember it being ALL UP HILL...and then of course all down which while restful was hard on the body and afterwards there was a twinge in my left knee SIGH. 

Otherwise same route which is now too predictable.  lol new one next week.

Gatorade/Powerade/flavoured water overload today. Gross.
Wondering if I need to try SCaps or something like that?  hmm.   Maybe.

Wishing for some rest tonight SIGH.Aint getting it.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Procrastination you are NOT my friend

I have a bad tendency to not get at things while the getting is good.  If conditions are good for "blank" activity, I wait because conditions will be good for a while Right?  Wrong.  Over and over my procrastination, over a coffee, over checking email, has proven to be my running roadblock.  And my roadblock for loads of other things, really.  I need to become a get up and get at it sort of person.

I got up fairly early this morning while waiting for Earl, I thought I would get my 6 km run in, but I would have my coffee first. and a bit to eat.  And checked email.  And then I said, OK Im going to go running.

It sounded like something crashed into the house, the rain came so hard and so suddenly.  Im sitting here thinking...Seriously. And memories of other days that I sat sipping coffee while it got too hot, or while it wasnt raining just to have the rain pop up.  I do this ALL THE TIME.  And this morning was no different; I get up and waste time.  It's wasn't raining and Earl was not here yet.

And then I said it. I'm going running now.  LOL It sounded like something hit the house, the rain came so suddenly and so hard.  It Poured!
For about 10 minutes. Then it was drizzle.  And rain. More Drizzle. And more rain.

I watched for a bit, but I took my punishment like a good runner, put on my older sneakers, left the Garmin and Ipod home, and went for my wet, hot hot hot run.

Ugh it was gross.  The rain felt awesome, the wind was gusty but not harsh, but humidity was nasty, 94% (lol it was raining, isn't that 100%) and 23 C which made a humidex of 33!  Ugh lucky I didnt have a long run in mind. Although I likely could have gotten that long run in.  I had 6.4 km in mind and that is what I did. No idea how fast but I was out and back including walking in and out and loving on the dogs for a while in less than 50 minutes so I am thinking around 40 minutes for the run portion.  The sun came out a few times and It was instant overheat.  So happy when the rain came back. Wind behind me was nice too...wind in front left some to be desired.

But again I was happy to have gone since it was a nice run, and the weather was totally acceptable LOL.  Since Ive been home Ive showered and finished last minute preps for Hurricane Earl's visit. If Im lucky he will come and go fast, and I can get my long 32 km run in tomorrow morning. I am willing however to wait until Monday if I must. Nothing ruins my run faster than wind. Rain? Bring it on.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

3rd Running Day in a Row! Ugh.

This is why I find it SO hard to stick to a schedule. They suck and they make me hurt.

Im a little torn.  I was planning to stick to this schedule for the rest of the weeks left (5 weeks I believe more or less this weekend) and I wanted to do it well so I could finish my marathon strong and comfortably.  But (but but but) that's 5 runs a week and no cross training, and for the past couple of, ok, months, Ive been skipping the middle of the week intervals/hills run.  And doing just fine; my long runs are strong, my weekly runs are strong, everything is ok, aches and pains are managable, things have been fine.

But gee shouldn't I be actually following the plan I am using to get the most out of it?  Wouldn't I get better results if I did it just like it is written?  That's what Im doing this week. And wouldn't you know it, we are having a really super hot week with high humidity and nasty temperatures in the 40's (C) and I'm back working full time and good grief, wasn't there a better week to try this?
Im exhausted. Yesterday I had to DRAG myself out of bed twice!  Last night, I was ready for bed at 7 pm (ok I was ready before that but life got in the way).  This morning I was awake before the alarm ***Thank you intense heat and Annika-with-your-sunburn-and-monsters-in-the-bed-room!  I was awake and had been for awhile but I wanted NOTHING to do with getting out of bed. Cranky, long day ahead, hot day ahead. (still loving the heat by the way; even if it is hard to sleep).  I really tried hard not to get out of bed today and I almost succeeded because when you are super tired and unhappy, you can justify anything.

 "I should take today off, then run a short little 6 km run tomorrow in prep for our long, 32 km run on Saturday". 

"Gee Im already switching up the schedule making the long run on Saturday this week anyway".

"This schedule isnt working for me anyway.  My ankles hurt.  My hips hurt."

"Gawd those intervals yesterday are kicking my butt today.  My legs feel so tight and sore!"

"Does my belly feel kinda sick?  I think it does. Ugh is that a cold I feel coming on or is that allergies?"

"I could really injure myself if I run while Im this tired."

"It's dangerous to run when it's this hot out."

" Well I could always go out and run a shorter route."

"Maybe I should get out of bed. Im awake anyway."

"It will feel SO good once I'm out there."

"It's only getting hotter out there."

"Get your ass out of bed".

"ok I'm up. what now?"

I did get up. Late, but up.  And I had barely enough time to get in the run I had planned.   The plan says 10 km .  which I likely should have run, but instead I took the long way and went 11.6 km.

Back up a bit.  Oatmeal for breakfast, no coffee, just water, the new shoes, sore toe. But Im out.

Headed up Greenfield Road but calves very very tight and ankles complaining. I used the guardrail to stretch and it took 3 attempts before they gave at all. However it did the trick and I was able to continue more comfortably. 

The rest was fairly uneventful; Had water but still felt a little faint and shivery a little past half way; it passed and I was able to take the long route and go 11.6 km in about 1:15:20 (don't remember exactly).  I thought I was pretty speedy yesterday, all those intervals and slow jogs and little walks, 7.2 km in less that 47 minutes but this morning at a steady pace I was at 7.6 in 48 minutes lOL so not so great. 

Really looking forward to a rest day tomorrow (not a sleep in tho; school starts tomorrow so up at 6 am)  but at least I wont run and I will have a long run this weekend if Earl allows it, and then re-evaluate the training program of 5 days.  Maybe a midweek cross training day would be better.

Yay me for getting out there again today!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1

Called for some hill training; 9 400M hill repeats; but I don't have hills near and Im limited in time so I did intervals on some relatively flat roads instead. 
I was seriously not going to run this morning. Im terrible at staying on a program; I never do.  I try, I intend...
I was so not going to run this morning, it's hot, it's VERY humid, it's extremely nasty out there.  Like a swimming pool.  I am tired and had an upset stomach from a spicy and very full dinner last night; in fact I am up about 3 pounds from Yesterday!  Thanks, Spaghetti!

So I got up and made breakfast and coffee and started to get dressed, and turned on the weather network to have a look at where Earl has gotten to this morning, and I thought it's crappy out there (sunny.....omg when did sunny become crappy?  When it was 20 C at 630 am I suppose.)  And I took off my running clothes and I sat back on the bed with my coffee.
This went on for about 6 minutes.  I drank the coffee and considered the weekend and the HURRICANE and thought about my long run. Saturday the Hurricane should be making landfall around 9 am (at the moment) and therefore, I should have a few hours of decent and cooler weather.  SO If I do my long run on Saturday I might get it in. IF I wait until Sunday, I might not get it in or I might end  up running in wind UGH and I hate wind.  SO I might go on Saturday.  But therefore I need to be on schedule.  SO I put my running clothes back on, and I went right straight out the door.

It was super muggy but not toooooo hot and there was a lot of shade. I didn't find it too bad, except that I was dripping a huge amount.  I didnt have time to do hills = slow.  I didnt have time to do a 3 km warm up or cool out.  But I warmed and cooled a km, and did 9 400 M repeats with 200 m slow job between, and a couple of walks so I could be a little faster.  I did come in with 7.2 km in about 46:50 ish (cannot remember) and felt pretty cocky about it LOLOL

YAY me for getting out there this morning!

2012 km Goal