Thursday, September 2, 2010

3rd Running Day in a Row! Ugh.

This is why I find it SO hard to stick to a schedule. They suck and they make me hurt.

Im a little torn.  I was planning to stick to this schedule for the rest of the weeks left (5 weeks I believe more or less this weekend) and I wanted to do it well so I could finish my marathon strong and comfortably.  But (but but but) that's 5 runs a week and no cross training, and for the past couple of, ok, months, Ive been skipping the middle of the week intervals/hills run.  And doing just fine; my long runs are strong, my weekly runs are strong, everything is ok, aches and pains are managable, things have been fine.

But gee shouldn't I be actually following the plan I am using to get the most out of it?  Wouldn't I get better results if I did it just like it is written?  That's what Im doing this week. And wouldn't you know it, we are having a really super hot week with high humidity and nasty temperatures in the 40's (C) and I'm back working full time and good grief, wasn't there a better week to try this?
Im exhausted. Yesterday I had to DRAG myself out of bed twice!  Last night, I was ready for bed at 7 pm (ok I was ready before that but life got in the way).  This morning I was awake before the alarm ***Thank you intense heat and Annika-with-your-sunburn-and-monsters-in-the-bed-room!  I was awake and had been for awhile but I wanted NOTHING to do with getting out of bed. Cranky, long day ahead, hot day ahead. (still loving the heat by the way; even if it is hard to sleep).  I really tried hard not to get out of bed today and I almost succeeded because when you are super tired and unhappy, you can justify anything.

 "I should take today off, then run a short little 6 km run tomorrow in prep for our long, 32 km run on Saturday". 

"Gee Im already switching up the schedule making the long run on Saturday this week anyway".

"This schedule isnt working for me anyway.  My ankles hurt.  My hips hurt."

"Gawd those intervals yesterday are kicking my butt today.  My legs feel so tight and sore!"

"Does my belly feel kinda sick?  I think it does. Ugh is that a cold I feel coming on or is that allergies?"

"I could really injure myself if I run while Im this tired."

"It's dangerous to run when it's this hot out."

" Well I could always go out and run a shorter route."

"Maybe I should get out of bed. Im awake anyway."

"It will feel SO good once I'm out there."

"It's only getting hotter out there."

"Get your ass out of bed".

"ok I'm up. what now?"

I did get up. Late, but up.  And I had barely enough time to get in the run I had planned.   The plan says 10 km .  which I likely should have run, but instead I took the long way and went 11.6 km.

Back up a bit.  Oatmeal for breakfast, no coffee, just water, the new shoes, sore toe. But Im out.

Headed up Greenfield Road but calves very very tight and ankles complaining. I used the guardrail to stretch and it took 3 attempts before they gave at all. However it did the trick and I was able to continue more comfortably. 

The rest was fairly uneventful; Had water but still felt a little faint and shivery a little past half way; it passed and I was able to take the long route and go 11.6 km in about 1:15:20 (don't remember exactly).  I thought I was pretty speedy yesterday, all those intervals and slow jogs and little walks, 7.2 km in less that 47 minutes but this morning at a steady pace I was at 7.6 in 48 minutes lOL so not so great. 

Really looking forward to a rest day tomorrow (not a sleep in tho; school starts tomorrow so up at 6 am)  but at least I wont run and I will have a long run this weekend if Earl allows it, and then re-evaluate the training program of 5 days.  Maybe a midweek cross training day would be better.

Yay me for getting out there again today!

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