Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1

Called for some hill training; 9 400M hill repeats; but I don't have hills near and Im limited in time so I did intervals on some relatively flat roads instead. 
I was seriously not going to run this morning. Im terrible at staying on a program; I never do.  I try, I intend...
I was so not going to run this morning, it's hot, it's VERY humid, it's extremely nasty out there.  Like a swimming pool.  I am tired and had an upset stomach from a spicy and very full dinner last night; in fact I am up about 3 pounds from Yesterday!  Thanks, Spaghetti!

So I got up and made breakfast and coffee and started to get dressed, and turned on the weather network to have a look at where Earl has gotten to this morning, and I thought it's crappy out there (sunny.....omg when did sunny become crappy?  When it was 20 C at 630 am I suppose.)  And I took off my running clothes and I sat back on the bed with my coffee.
This went on for about 6 minutes.  I drank the coffee and considered the weekend and the HURRICANE and thought about my long run. Saturday the Hurricane should be making landfall around 9 am (at the moment) and therefore, I should have a few hours of decent and cooler weather.  SO If I do my long run on Saturday I might get it in. IF I wait until Sunday, I might not get it in or I might end  up running in wind UGH and I hate wind.  SO I might go on Saturday.  But therefore I need to be on schedule.  SO I put my running clothes back on, and I went right straight out the door.

It was super muggy but not toooooo hot and there was a lot of shade. I didn't find it too bad, except that I was dripping a huge amount.  I didnt have time to do hills = slow.  I didnt have time to do a 3 km warm up or cool out.  But I warmed and cooled a km, and did 9 400 M repeats with 200 m slow job between, and a couple of walks so I could be a little faster.  I did come in with 7.2 km in about 46:50 ish (cannot remember) and felt pretty cocky about it LOLOL

YAY me for getting out there this morning!

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