Friday, September 10, 2010

Surviving the Cross Country Runners and still Finding the Time

To get those runs in for my own training; it is going to be challenging.  Now a lot of those hours I would normally be getting my work done or my runs in is going to be spent running youngun's around on trails LOL.  And once things get going, I do feel I should be able to run with them; at the moment I am finding it challenging just to get organized.  I worry I won't measure up.  I worry I will mess up. I worry a lot.

Ah well. We've met a couple of times now and no one has died LOL. But sometimes these things bite you when you least expect it. I think we are doing ok. They might hate me.  Im not sensitive LOL I want to teach them to run longer and faster.  Maybe I can.

First run was just an easy out and back. Second was an easy around the park with some extended stretching and some core work.  Tuesday will be our first Speedwork.  I hope that it goes ok.

My running is not really a priority right now while we go through this transition from summer happy to fall crazy.  Work is busy; kid's school is busy :) We are lucky to have a friend that will pick up the kids from school and watch them until someone comes to get them without breaking the bank and the kids are really having fun there.  And CC is 3 days after work. Unless I learn to get up at dawn (which is later all the time) I am not sure when I am going to be running LOL.  Night never works; Im very tired. Morning is hard to get out of bed.

Wednesday I wasn't too committed to a run, but I did get a very short and easy jog in with the team. Tuesday Im going to attempt to do intervals with them but it's kind of hard to coach and run too. Maybe someday.

Thursday I intended to run at some point; Could not rouse early thanks again to Annika and her restless sleep.  Class, Lab, Practice, kid supper, no help, and a nice Lightening storm that kept on rumbling made running during the day really hard.

On to Friday for another try. I worry (yeah) that running a mid week long run so close to the weekend long run is going to be hard.  But after class and a couple of hours of computer work I changed clothes and headed out for a run.

It was quickly apparent that I had made a few errors. When I went into the building it was raining and chilly.  When I was heading out, the sun had come out, and the heat was up. With all that rain, it was very humid. the heat coming off the road was unbearable. That combined with my "getting used to" air conditioning was a challenging condition.  And I was hungry.  It was past dinner time and I hadnt had lunch. In fact I didnt have supper last night; just not hungry.  So I had no energy almost right away.  It was a long struggle to get that run in. I readjusted the route to go back past the college to grab a drink of water and headed back out but had cramps and stitches the entire way.  I walked a couple of times and felt a little better by the end but really, it was a crappy run.  12 km in 1:24:35 which is the crappiest time I have had in ages.  7 minute km.  Ugh horrible. 

Ah well at least there are a few things I can fix.

Tomorrow I might rest before another long run on Sunday.  Which better happen before it gets hot ;) supposed to be sunny.  Sunny and cool.

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