Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feeling a Change in the Air

Ugh and it doesnt make me very happy!  Our warm weather; that's gone.  Im sure we will see more nice days but that warm summer weather is gone!  SOB.  Fall is certainly in the air. I do love Fall....I just don't love that it is followed by winter and Fall always means I have to start wearing Jeans and Shoes and Jackets.  And put the shorts awayyyyy.

This made my run this morning a different one from my last run. It was a LS Day of a Stepdown week and I plotted out my 23 km and started getting ready. Temperature? 11 C and drizzly out. Gag. 
I procrastinated and slacked off and checked email for almost 3 hours!  LOL Ok there were a few other things went on, like bathroom and getting dressed and company and breakfast...but it took me 3 hours to get out there. And it was COLD. 

The sun came out once in a while and the wind died down once in a while and i warmed up and sweated...but it was that weird hot, like im hot but my hands are numb.


I went up Harmony Ridge again which as the name hints, is a great big ol hill.  This isnt the first time Ive run it and honestly it was better this time. I started right out on the up hill portion and scooted up without trouble.  Downhill was fine, town and home again was BORING but not overly challenging until you get back in my neighborhood where it's up gradual and steeper hills all the way for the last bit.  Like, 3 km.  SIGH.  lol I got my 23 in within the time I had alloted; which wasnt terribly smart of a time because I took a good half marathon time (not the PB) and added enough for 2 km and said ok that's my goal. Duh. lol it was a fast paced run, which the downhill helped but the uphill for 7 km at the start did not.  lol  I finished the Half Marathon distance in 2:13:33 which is 4 minutes faster than my Vegas HM time.  Its supposed to be a Long Slow run!  Average pace over 23km was 6:22 which is much faster than the 7:04 of last week's (albeit) 32 km run.  finished at the bottom of the hill home in 2:26:44 and got Scott to come down and get me :):):)

Another long run in the books :) Next week we are back up to 29 and then our second 32 then it's time to Taper!  LOL that should be a treat!

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Gaspegirl said...

You are crazy lady... it is YOUR motivation for running that helped me begin to move. Then it is my results of the Beachbody programs that kept me motivated. Good luck with the X... you will love it I am sure; and the truth is that it will HELP with your conditioning for running.

BTW, it would be nice if you were closer too so you could teach me to run.

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