Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Morning Run

I really wish I was better at morning running; I really like it. It's nice to have the run over; it's cool, fresher, and the sunrise this morning was really awesome.
On my way out the sky was pink where the sun was; but on the way back that pink had spread all across the purple clouds and it was quite breathtaking for a little while.
Oh wait. Might have been breathless because of the running. It was a tempo run.  And on the way back I was really moving!
So it was a good run, I didnt push it on the warm up and the cool down was unremarkable; I think that hill is getting easier  ;)  6.4 km in 39:11 was good enough for the effort. Sometimes when Im running I have trouble remembering to keep up the effort; my mind wanders and I slow down a little.  
It was awesome to have that run done early. I had intended to run with the CC runners this afternoon but I forgot my sneakers. OMG Im a bad runner; who forgets their sneakers? I remembered everything else...
A good practice; fartleks ;) fun fun!

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