Saturday, September 4, 2010

Procrastination you are NOT my friend

I have a bad tendency to not get at things while the getting is good.  If conditions are good for "blank" activity, I wait because conditions will be good for a while Right?  Wrong.  Over and over my procrastination, over a coffee, over checking email, has proven to be my running roadblock.  And my roadblock for loads of other things, really.  I need to become a get up and get at it sort of person.

I got up fairly early this morning while waiting for Earl, I thought I would get my 6 km run in, but I would have my coffee first. and a bit to eat.  And checked email.  And then I said, OK Im going to go running.

It sounded like something crashed into the house, the rain came so hard and so suddenly.  Im sitting here thinking...Seriously. And memories of other days that I sat sipping coffee while it got too hot, or while it wasnt raining just to have the rain pop up.  I do this ALL THE TIME.  And this morning was no different; I get up and waste time.  It's wasn't raining and Earl was not here yet.

And then I said it. I'm going running now.  LOL It sounded like something hit the house, the rain came so suddenly and so hard.  It Poured!
For about 10 minutes. Then it was drizzle.  And rain. More Drizzle. And more rain.

I watched for a bit, but I took my punishment like a good runner, put on my older sneakers, left the Garmin and Ipod home, and went for my wet, hot hot hot run.

Ugh it was gross.  The rain felt awesome, the wind was gusty but not harsh, but humidity was nasty, 94% (lol it was raining, isn't that 100%) and 23 C which made a humidex of 33!  Ugh lucky I didnt have a long run in mind. Although I likely could have gotten that long run in.  I had 6.4 km in mind and that is what I did. No idea how fast but I was out and back including walking in and out and loving on the dogs for a while in less than 50 minutes so I am thinking around 40 minutes for the run portion.  The sun came out a few times and It was instant overheat.  So happy when the rain came back. Wind behind me was nice too...wind in front left some to be desired.

But again I was happy to have gone since it was a nice run, and the weather was totally acceptable LOL.  Since Ive been home Ive showered and finished last minute preps for Hurricane Earl's visit. If Im lucky he will come and go fast, and I can get my long 32 km run in tomorrow morning. I am willing however to wait until Monday if I must. Nothing ruins my run faster than wind. Rain? Bring it on.

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