Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Report: Active!

Sunday; a good, overly active day! :/
Won the game playing with the other team as Goalie....ok that was super fun. I would totally do that again. Of course it wasnt that hard...the team I played for played awesome defense and we didnt play the most skilled team out there; a lot of the really good players were away at a tournament;
Which is part of the reason we missed Lorna and lost our game afterwards SIGH. It was a good game tho.

Soccer; we won that game; rare as we have only won one other game ever! It was good; I was super tired but I tried hard and did ok and Marilyn put in a really nice goal to take the game.

So I kinda had a sore back during the morning run; continued to be sore all day just inside my left shoulder blade; added heat and heat and heat...
By morning could barely stand up straight. Sharon said my ribs were "out" and put some of them back (stubborn) and I put heat on it the rest of the day; by Wednesday back to normal!

Tuesday went to PEI and got new sneakers and a new track coat. Asics Gel Cumulus 11 again; maroon. Nice sneakers that work ok for me; not in a hurry to change although I looked awfully hard at some Gel Nimbus.

Busy Tuesday night so Wednesday evening finally got out for another run; 8.2 km in 50:21...did 8 km in just under 49 minutes. Speed might be coming along; foot was rather sore afterwards tho. Reducing milage this month has not cured the sore foot. SIGH.Ice Ice Ice..

Run tomorrow?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Run

Somehow Sunday has become a rediculously busy active day. A bit too, in my opinion. Something has to go! (and that would be soccer, ya know?)
Friday and Saturday were not active days. Friday was really busy and Saturday I just couldnt get myself out of bed; Really, after the early hockey game I was just wrecked; exhausted. In attempts to listen to my body more, I rested.

This morning I joined the Hubtown Running Club for their first official run. It was warm and snowy and slippery and quite fun to run with friends :) 5.4 km in 32:30 which is....omg 6:01 a km which is right around the pace i need to run for the Cabot Trail Relay! OMG. So if nothing else, maybe running with this group will help get used to running that pace. ON a regular basis. Tuesday night is another run but again, busy. We will see.

This afternoon is hockey; and I offered to play goalie for another team in the game before ours. Im not a goalie. Ive never done it. Ive always wanted to try it and it seemed a good opportunity so I said sure I would do it. OH my. LOL.
Then right after that our team plays. I wont be much use for that ;) sorry team! If I had known I was playing goalie I might have skipped the run. Maybe. Likely not. hehe

then this evening there is a soccer game. Im going to be completely useless for that. But I do feel more rested this morning than I did all of yesterday. So I think that rest day was just what I needed.

Not sure about a plan for this week. Will check in later.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unplanned rest day and Interval Day

Didnt really plan to not do ANYTHING yesterday but some times it just works out that way. Between the storm and the working and hockey game in Halifax there was no time for activity. SIGH. Still dying to try out my new SnowShoes. Its going to be great once I finally get to use them. :)

Weather is better today; mild and not snowing. Its been lots of wet weather lately; the cold didnt last long last time but its been flurries and little snows for like a week off and on. Little accumulation until yesterday when we did have a storm worth mentioning.

Was back out running this morning doing a fast 5 km interval run 5X400 M of under 5:45 minutes/km. VERY slow inbetween because legs felt heavy leaden and was somewhat nauseated. Could be from lack of sleep (less than 6 hours) and not an adequate breakfast. And not enough water. Must get more water.

No plans for tomorrow as schedule is unclear; Try another 10 K on Saturday.

Wishing for sleep now but too busy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running when sick

I wonder how people do it; running when they are sick. Im so not good at it!

Sunday was a totally busy day. In the morning I saw the pony then played 2 hockey games and after a little rest I played a soccer game. No rest for the weekend, for sure.
Monday I planned a short run after work; around 4 pm I became so incredibly tired I could barely drive home; making supper was slow; fell into bed a little after 6 and stayed there until morning. Aching joints made sleep very uncomfortable.

So on to today; felt little better this morning in fact a little nauseated and a little cramping stomach. But work went ok and after picking up kids I did decide to go out and just do a couple of km. And naturally once I was out there, it was going ok so I went further and although the last 2 km I felt kinda crampy again, I managed 8km in 53:30 minutes.

I just dont get how some people run while sick; colds, flu, other aches and pains. Im just a wimp at heart I suppose. Tired gets me down faster than anything else. And since i could happily sleep away this time of year it can be a real feat to stay out of bed. Because often once I get there I stay there for days. lol this year is going shockingly well; Ive stayed out of bed all 2010 so far! Being busy on the weekends and evenings sure does help! :)

Storm coming tonight so I am going to see if I can try out that treadmill tomorrow :) maybe I will get a coffee and a visit in too!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Long Run Saturday

Kinda starting into a new training schedule aiming for May 29 weekend Cabot Trail Relay. My leg of the run would be 15.6 something km and I have to run them faster than Im actually capabable of; its overwhelming and intimidating but Ive 16 weeks to train and attempt to get faster, and Im going to try my best :)

So until hockey season is over Im making Saturday my long run day. I have hockey at 7 am then nothing until Sunday so Saturday afternoons for now are long run. Ive been running 5-8 km runs since beginning of January so its not exactly a stretch to try for 6 miles (9.6 km) today.

Ran up around Greg road and back up Valleydale. It was nice and sunny and warmish, at about 0C. The wind picked up on the way back but mostly it was pretty relaxing. Again didnt break any records SIGH need to pick up speed! Ugh.

Tomorrow is hockey and soccer. Maybe a little bike trainer.
Monday is a 5 k easy run
Tueday a 30 minute tempo run
Wednesday 5 k plus srengthen; I might use Bike Trainer that day
Thursday rest
Friday 5 k Pace
Saturday calls for a 6 mile run but might go a little further.

And its all weather dependent. And Im going to try out a treadmill maybe on bad weather day if its not bad to run on :)

Have a nice week :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

more snow to run in

Its been snowing all day; didnt add up to any to speak of but made things a little slick. OH and its warm enough that snow is melting into massive puddles on the side walks so feet got rather wet. About 1 C tonight.

Was a nice run; didnt have a lot of time so planned to run for 1/2 hour rather than a distance. Garmin didnt keep a pace until I was about 6 minutes in so accuracy likely is off; about 34:48 minutes for 5.5 km.

PLanning 10 k for tomorrow, if the weather is decent.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beautiful sunny run

I simply cannot wait until spring! Really! So much! Can you tell?
I love spring! Its so new and warmer and sunny (except when it rains). I shouldnt complain; at least I can run in snow, not so much in rain.

But runs like this morning always give me hope; it was sunny and I could feel heat in the sun; real heat. It leaves me desparate for spring! lol

Did spin the bike a bit yesterday morning but day was too busy to get at anything else.

Today - I went up Valleydale which is an 8 km look. after 5 km I sped up to 5:30 or less/km. And kept it up for about 1.2 km. Im so not designed for speed but if I plan to run the Cabot Trail Relay I better practice speeding up :)

Run total wasnt great; 8 km in 53 minutes, 6:37 average.

But runs are slower in winter eh ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend off, Weather has warmed

So glad to say the weather has warmed back up, in keeping with typical NS weather we went from -25 to 0 in like one day. Its all good for me; I didnt love the freezing run on Friday.

Weekend was covered by hockey and soccer although I needed to get on the bike I didnt take the time to do that. The bike needs some maintenance and its hard to run otherwise.

This evening I got back out for a quick run around town while Taylor finished swimming. It was snowing quite heavy but I really like the snow; it was likely around 0. The sidewalks were very slippery and footing was careful.

Time was better at about 35:31 for 5.6 km;not a lot of effort put in and sidewalks slippery. Ankle report? Not much change. Still warms up ok tho so could be worse.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Brr a run at -25

was rather unpleasant. But as it was supposed to get windier this afternoon I dressed, geared up, and got ready to run as soon as the kids were dropped off at school. lets face it; if I left it til it gets warmer, Im waiting til Monday. And waiting til afternoon just gives me more time to find a reason to skip the run. So its just plain better to get out and do the run before the get up and go leaves me hanging.

Its been ages since I ran this cold; I decided to try something new and pulled out a balaclava. Stupid thing lol. It just wasnt right; Ill have to fiddle and bring a backup- i had a stocking cap but no scarf. So I wore the balaclava. It was loose around the temples...and too heavy to breath through so I kept pulling it down...and it was soggy from my breath and carrying many icicles. And I could not adjust the headphones that kept falling out of my ears. Grr. lol

Other than the new hat choice I had basically the same outfit I had for a -12 run. Brr. Core was just fine - a tank top, long sleeve shirt, fleece and wind resistant running coat. Gloves kept my fingers warm once I got going but my fingers were SO cold when I started I had to keep blowing into the finger tips. Feet were ok. But my legs in the weather-resistant tights were COLD. I will add another layer to the legs next time. My legs were tingling and numb feeling.

It was actually pleasant running away from the "very light breeze"; I considered unzipping a bit for being too warm. But then I turned so that the "very light breeze" was more on my face...and instantly had stinging cheeks and numb lips. No longer too hot. I was making up a nice sweat under the clothes...the neat wicking material leaves me with this fine frost all over me lol My hair was frozen into haircicles.

And every footfall felt like a tonne of bricks. Cold shoes are not very flexible. I felt very tired. But not "I need to stop" tired...just tired. I actually struggled for the first 2.5 km (decided not to turn back after the first km "test" run; it was actually very nice til I changed direction). Then the km floated by for another 3 km to give a total of 5.6 km in 38 minutes that didnt feel too bad (but for the frostbite on the cheeks that is still stinging...6 hours later.)

Saw Chiropractor today; she adjusted my sore foot/heel and we will see if the tips she gave me will help. Its not going away, despite my reduction of km...partly for the heel and partly for the weather. Ive been biking a bit-I wonder if that is helping or at least not hurting?

Spring I need you back soon!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 days without a run

February has not started so well as far as the running goes :(

Did run Thursday then Friday was very busy; and cold...and snowy...and nasty

And I spent loads of time arranging kids to school and then back home when they called it off part way through the day. And then took the college kids on a class trip. then it was dark and still blowing SIGH.

Saturday was hockey and cleaning house. Sat night out; Sunday morning came tired and with a cold. SIGH. Another cold. Just what I need.

Then Monday was my long long long day and I kinda wimped out on the run. Feeling tired. Of course; I have this cold.

Tueday dawned sunny and -29 celcius. I have this cold. I am not pushing it lol. PLanned to bike at home ;) have the bike trainer from our birthday present; it looks interesting. what happened to Tuesday? Had some company after work (Yeah sure Tuesday is supposed to be my day off Whatever.) then it was cold and dark and there was dinner with the grands and cheesecake then 4H General Meeting and then Tuesday was gone.

Wednesday; Cold again. but also still sunny. So 60 minutes on the bike before work. It wasnt what I had thought it might; I thought when I pedal faster, it would give resistance; it didnt really but I did tighten up the wheel until it was resistance enough then geared up and down occassionally. Wasnt really enough resistance to "stand" on the pedals but it'll be an ok workout.

After work was sunny still and after sitting here until it was almost dark and dropped a degree (-10) I convinced myself to go out just to run to the top of the hill and back; about 4 km.

After I was out, as usual, I felt pretty good and took it a little further, finishing up aith 5 km. And it was dark but Im happy to see its getting lighter in the evenings; it was not pitch dark at 6 pm :):) this will improve my running a lot :)

So back at it. SIGH now to stay on the wagon...

2012 km Goal