Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend off, Weather has warmed

So glad to say the weather has warmed back up, in keeping with typical NS weather we went from -25 to 0 in like one day. Its all good for me; I didnt love the freezing run on Friday.

Weekend was covered by hockey and soccer although I needed to get on the bike I didnt take the time to do that. The bike needs some maintenance and its hard to run otherwise.

This evening I got back out for a quick run around town while Taylor finished swimming. It was snowing quite heavy but I really like the snow; it was likely around 0. The sidewalks were very slippery and footing was careful.

Time was better at about 35:31 for 5.6 km;not a lot of effort put in and sidewalks slippery. Ankle report? Not much change. Still warms up ok tho so could be worse.

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