Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Run

Somehow Sunday has become a rediculously busy active day. A bit too, in my opinion. Something has to go! (and that would be soccer, ya know?)
Friday and Saturday were not active days. Friday was really busy and Saturday I just couldnt get myself out of bed; Really, after the early hockey game I was just wrecked; exhausted. In attempts to listen to my body more, I rested.

This morning I joined the Hubtown Running Club for their first official run. It was warm and snowy and slippery and quite fun to run with friends :) 5.4 km in 32:30 which is....omg 6:01 a km which is right around the pace i need to run for the Cabot Trail Relay! OMG. So if nothing else, maybe running with this group will help get used to running that pace. ON a regular basis. Tuesday night is another run but again, busy. We will see.

This afternoon is hockey; and I offered to play goalie for another team in the game before ours. Im not a goalie. Ive never done it. Ive always wanted to try it and it seemed a good opportunity so I said sure I would do it. OH my. LOL.
Then right after that our team plays. I wont be much use for that ;) sorry team! If I had known I was playing goalie I might have skipped the run. Maybe. Likely not. hehe

then this evening there is a soccer game. Im going to be completely useless for that. But I do feel more rested this morning than I did all of yesterday. So I think that rest day was just what I needed.

Not sure about a plan for this week. Will check in later.

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