Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beautiful sunny run

I simply cannot wait until spring! Really! So much! Can you tell?
I love spring! Its so new and warmer and sunny (except when it rains). I shouldnt complain; at least I can run in snow, not so much in rain.

But runs like this morning always give me hope; it was sunny and I could feel heat in the sun; real heat. It leaves me desparate for spring! lol

Did spin the bike a bit yesterday morning but day was too busy to get at anything else.

Today - I went up Valleydale which is an 8 km look. after 5 km I sped up to 5:30 or less/km. And kept it up for about 1.2 km. Im so not designed for speed but if I plan to run the Cabot Trail Relay I better practice speeding up :)

Run total wasnt great; 8 km in 53 minutes, 6:37 average.

But runs are slower in winter eh ;)

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