Saturday, February 13, 2010

Long Run Saturday

Kinda starting into a new training schedule aiming for May 29 weekend Cabot Trail Relay. My leg of the run would be 15.6 something km and I have to run them faster than Im actually capabable of; its overwhelming and intimidating but Ive 16 weeks to train and attempt to get faster, and Im going to try my best :)

So until hockey season is over Im making Saturday my long run day. I have hockey at 7 am then nothing until Sunday so Saturday afternoons for now are long run. Ive been running 5-8 km runs since beginning of January so its not exactly a stretch to try for 6 miles (9.6 km) today.

Ran up around Greg road and back up Valleydale. It was nice and sunny and warmish, at about 0C. The wind picked up on the way back but mostly it was pretty relaxing. Again didnt break any records SIGH need to pick up speed! Ugh.

Tomorrow is hockey and soccer. Maybe a little bike trainer.
Monday is a 5 k easy run
Tueday a 30 minute tempo run
Wednesday 5 k plus srengthen; I might use Bike Trainer that day
Thursday rest
Friday 5 k Pace
Saturday calls for a 6 mile run but might go a little further.

And its all weather dependent. And Im going to try out a treadmill maybe on bad weather day if its not bad to run on :)

Have a nice week :)

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