Friday, February 5, 2010

Brr a run at -25

was rather unpleasant. But as it was supposed to get windier this afternoon I dressed, geared up, and got ready to run as soon as the kids were dropped off at school. lets face it; if I left it til it gets warmer, Im waiting til Monday. And waiting til afternoon just gives me more time to find a reason to skip the run. So its just plain better to get out and do the run before the get up and go leaves me hanging.

Its been ages since I ran this cold; I decided to try something new and pulled out a balaclava. Stupid thing lol. It just wasnt right; Ill have to fiddle and bring a backup- i had a stocking cap but no scarf. So I wore the balaclava. It was loose around the temples...and too heavy to breath through so I kept pulling it down...and it was soggy from my breath and carrying many icicles. And I could not adjust the headphones that kept falling out of my ears. Grr. lol

Other than the new hat choice I had basically the same outfit I had for a -12 run. Brr. Core was just fine - a tank top, long sleeve shirt, fleece and wind resistant running coat. Gloves kept my fingers warm once I got going but my fingers were SO cold when I started I had to keep blowing into the finger tips. Feet were ok. But my legs in the weather-resistant tights were COLD. I will add another layer to the legs next time. My legs were tingling and numb feeling.

It was actually pleasant running away from the "very light breeze"; I considered unzipping a bit for being too warm. But then I turned so that the "very light breeze" was more on my face...and instantly had stinging cheeks and numb lips. No longer too hot. I was making up a nice sweat under the clothes...the neat wicking material leaves me with this fine frost all over me lol My hair was frozen into haircicles.

And every footfall felt like a tonne of bricks. Cold shoes are not very flexible. I felt very tired. But not "I need to stop" tired...just tired. I actually struggled for the first 2.5 km (decided not to turn back after the first km "test" run; it was actually very nice til I changed direction). Then the km floated by for another 3 km to give a total of 5.6 km in 38 minutes that didnt feel too bad (but for the frostbite on the cheeks that is still stinging...6 hours later.)

Saw Chiropractor today; she adjusted my sore foot/heel and we will see if the tips she gave me will help. Its not going away, despite my reduction of km...partly for the heel and partly for the weather. Ive been biking a bit-I wonder if that is helping or at least not hurting?

Spring I need you back soon!

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