Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bullet Points

Because my day and even my week as been like that. So here it is, in point form ;)
-right after I signed up for the triathlon in September, my kid's soccer team won their regional playoffs and are going to Provincials. On the same weekend, at the other end of the province. Complicating factors keep it real right?

-in attempt to reduce monthly bills I'm test driving a new car.  A car that is even more like what I want than the one I currently have. It's pretty and shiny and new and can save us hundreds a month. A no brainer right?
-trying to fit a little bit of summer into the end of the summer; the week of exhibition where the kids all showed their calves, we too the youngest to Magic Mountain in Moncton while the oldest stayed here and worked :( 

-runs are still going. Last long run was a little late in the morning again; I ran to town and met a friend for 7 km then ran to home; I started feeling a little "dark" about a km short so called for a pick up. Rather be a km short than pass out on the road. I had water, a snack, it wasn't "that" hot. Not sure what that was. 
-I tried an open water swim at the dyke the other night and couldn't swim out over the mud dark bottom.  Panic set in and I totally froze and turned back. I swam back and forth by the shore for 25 minutes, turning every time the water got a little dark. Chicken. This is not a good sign for my upcoming open lake swim I like a week. I swam at the pool last night and at least I didn't freak ;) it's not the water. I can swim. It's the dark. My mind sees sharks and dead bodies. 
-I dropped in to work today even tho I've no job yet. Every summer I'm off and have to reapply to work again :( classes start in a week and that includes a long weekend, and I've not even been hired yet :( 
-this work thing has left me a little crazy. And maybe a little cranky. 
-yesterday when I ran I felt very tight and tired in my hamstrings, so today I've rested.  I might yet run tonight but I ate and I'm sluggish so who knows. I barely slept last night.
- tomorrow I am taking my bike to Shubie Beach and biking the bike route. 

All I can put in my head right now :( 

Friday, August 23, 2013

August Post

Ugh this was NOT autosaving when my computer gave up on my so I lost my post :( Time is in short supply so now instead of finishing this post, I am looking at restarting :( Its going to take much longer :(

I was saying something about Summertime seeming like it should have so much time but really it does not, and I thought I would write more, but I am so busy out there doing more activities, playing with the kids, and training more, I am not in fact writing more. SIGH.

August training has been a little hit and miss. Since the triathlon I have only swam once, and have biked little :( I am not sure why. Its not a matter of want. I want to. 
I have had a lot of other activities going on that are not specific to training, like Ball Hockey, a tournament on a weekend in which we played 3 games in one day :( I consider that speedwork lol 3 sessions in one day is a lot. Ball Hockey is rough therefore I did not long run the next day like I had planned to. In fact I arranged a bit of a party and then did not stay at it because one of my kids was sick.  Sunday ended up being a rest day but Monday the long run happened.  Always something in the way :)

My Aug 4 long run was an experience as I had planned to take an 11.2 km loop twice, staying close to home and giving me an out.  However I was a little put off stride when near the start a fellow in a car pulled over asking where I was going (which is kinda creepy) but he actually wanted to warn me of a BEAR and her Cubs that were spotted ahead in case I wanted to turn back (which is kinda nice of him!).  I did not turn back, but instead took off headphones and went ahead, running in the middle of the (extremely quiet) road as if that would keep me safer lol and I saw no bears but I was so stressed and nervous about it, I continued on into town instead of going the same loop twice, getting my miles in. 

Long runs are going really well, up to the last one. I think I was getting a little cocky because they were going so well; I got up a little later than planned and did not leave until after 9 am (it's August hello?) and it was hot and sunny, fog had all burned off :(  I felt fine mostly, choosing a route that gave me 2 options to turn for home, but since I felt great I kept going and those last 4 km were a total slog home.  I started with Energenix in my bottle but refilled at BIL/SIL house with plain water; I had a cliff Bar at 18 km but I ran through lunch time and was very very hungry.  Last little bit I was tired and a bit spacey; when I got back to within sight of my house, a neighbor with a dead battery needed a boost so while I was talking to them I felt the black closing in on me; I walked home to get car and felt very close to passing out entire time.  Got back to house, tried to eat; too nauseated so I had water and a cool shower; eventually I ate and continued drinking but I felt dizzy most of the day, and stayed still in the cool living room (doing needle point haha) until about supper time when I felt a little more normal.  It was a reminder that although this summer seems better than last, I still have not perfected this long run thing. Weird since my first summer (ages ago) were so much easier compared to this; there was a few runs I felt awful but nothing like last year.

I have some events upcoming, Triathlon Olympic Distance at Shubie Park being the first, in a short 2 weeks.  Im not ready. Ive really let my training down this last few weeks, and I am going to suffer for it. My swim this week was good, 54 laps quite easily which makes me feel I might survive the 1,5 km I am going to be swimming in a lake (weedy, scary lake) and the bike should be ok but the run is going to kick my ass after the bike since I am not really conditioned well enough for that length of bike ride :( The same weekend my oldest DD is going to Provincials with her soccer team, 5 hours away from the race venue. Its going to take some juggling.

6 Days later I will be doing the Maritime Race Weekend which is a 5 km Sunset race on Friday night followed by a 10 km Sunrise run the next morning.  Looking forward to it but expecting it to be tough so close to the Tri.

2 weeks later, a leg on a Relay race, same weekend as the 4H Provincial Show which 2 of my daughters, 3 of their animals, and 4 of their Lifeskills projects are going to be attending.  At least those 2 venues are much closer together.

2 weeks after that is my next Marathon.  Valley Harvest Marathon has been on my radar for a couple of years, I am training for it currently (which is why my Tri training is so sketchy :()

And then there is the Lucky 7 Relay in November with the same team I competed with last year. We are dressing up as farm animals this year and are team Barn to Run.  (giggle )

That will be the end of my season I believe. There are a few others I wish for, like the Cobequid Trail Race this weekend, and maybe a December run. But Ive not committed to anything else.

More on what we've been doing to come!

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