Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fell off the Track a little; But It's All Good.

I was right, Thursday night ended on the couch. It's all good.
Friday was a non-running day and was rather busy. I saw Chiro in the morning and was happy about that. Work went slowly. I got a few things done there before picking up the littles from School and taking them home.  They were supposed to go to hiking club, but it was cancelled thanks to the heavy rain all morning.  The kids got ready and then went to their grandmothers for Drama presentation and for a sleepover. 
We went to Ball Hockey. Our season started with a game in which we were super short handed and against a team we often win against.  There are not many so we remember. lol
We only had 2 shifts of players but luckily we had 2, so we just had short shifts and we won the game 2-1. It actually was another reminder that Ball hockey is super rough and It's not always fun.  I like the game. I really have fun. And I guess I am just going to have to remember that this summer. I like the game. It can be fun.

Saturday dawned cloudy and really super cold. REALLY cold.  I felt so wimpy.  I spent the entire winter being tough and running in snow and ice and minus temperatures, but now a day at 0 with that nasty wind made me a total wimp.  I didn't go out for a run. I actually meant to all day.  I should have done a 6.5-8 km pace run. But I did not.
In the morning I did actually eventually haul downstairs and while doing laundry and cleaning up the rec room I did a P90X Shoulders and Arms workout.  And it was good. Maybe a little boring ;) but satisfying. I chased that with the Ab Ripper X dvd and called it a workout. Still intended to get the run in but did not.

So Sunday morning was early and very sunny.  Not warm but sunny which was good for spirits.  I had time for a nice bowl of oatmeal, coffee and bathroom breaks, put on supper, and picked up some in the house before heading out for the long run.  I had mapped out 18 km and knew exactly where we had to go. We left from Toni's house and did Harmony Ridge which is hellish hilly. like over 6 km uphill.  and then around the same down, with a bunch of rolling hills between.  I hade my carefully mapped plan and we followed it to a tee. We ran extra around Toni's house to get the 18 km in. And because my Garmin died (dead battery) about 4 minutes into the run, we had no idea of time and pace. Time: 2 hours 10 minutes. I was disappointed as we worked hard on those hills and made up some time on the down hills. But ok, whatever, something to work on.
Until I got home and remapped the route. Im not sure how I went wrong; We had ended up running 19.4 km. Not 18.  Ugh. Well that explains the time.  Im actually happy it was mapped in the right direction and we were not short of km.  And it actually makes us 12 seconds a km faster than last week, on those really large hills :) So a bit of a good thing, actually finished it and an improving time :)

The rest of Sunday was pretty uneventful other than getting a new apple tree delivered from New Glasgow so now we have 2 pretty fruit trees in the back yard, very good :) Once they are making some apples I will be super excited :)
On to Monday where I will be taking a rest day, and doing some stretching and strengthening, like...maybe the Legs and whatever the other routine is that Ive not touched yet. UGH not doing so well with this P90X thing.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

On Target for the Week So Far

But I've only survived Wednesday so there are still many days to get off track left!  :)
Sunday's Long run was such a success, that's really good for the motivation. Ok well it was like 10 minutes longer than I usually run 16 km; but those KM are done and that's the point right?
Monday was rest day. It was very dismal weather but there was no rain right around lunch time so I ate my lunch while working (finishing up the last minute marking and submitting marks) and then took a walk. I went the Homecoming 5K route so I would know how  far I went (5.25 ish lol) and headed off.

I was not really wearing the right clothes; shoes were great, but my clothes were too warm and when I got back I was REALLY hot. It was very humid. Lucky I didnt have to teach in the afternoon because Im sure I was a nasty mess. But I didnt have to teach so it was just me and my dampness in my office for the afternoon :):):)  It was a great walk, pushing it for 5.25 km in 57 minutes. A good active rest day.  Would be sore to not do SOMETHING.

Tuesday Scott took the kids to school which let me have a little extra time for a workout.  And of course Laundry and cleaning as well.  But I did Day 1 of P90X again. AGAIN.  Im really wanting to restart but it has to fit with the running so I am being careful not to do 2 leg things on one day; I have done that, and it was not great for the running. I will do Plyo or Kenpo X on non-running days; I am sure they will fit in on the 2 non-running days of my schedule. I mean really. And Yoga can go on the Xstretch Day; Ive only done that program once and it just seemed like a nice stretch but not the best use of my time. Maybe will toss that in on a day I have extra time, opposite to the Yoga X which I feel also stretches but doesn't waste my time.  And I also want to get some biking and maybe swimming in there as well; it is so hard to fit it all in! Argh!

Anyway on Tuesday I did Chest and Back P90X and it was good.  I am SORE now but it was good.  Tuesday rained a lot. Heavy rain. Awesomeness, more roof leakiness. Scott is quite convinced we can get the roof through another year and then put on a metal roof? I am not so much convinced since it rained on my dining room table and how much of our house is going to need repairs? UGH.

It wasn't until Tuesday evening and a lull in the rains that I managed to get out; Holly was sick with a bad headache causing nausea, and Scott was out; I got those kids into bed and went when he got home, which means I had about 20 minutes of light left before it was dark and I totally forgot my headlamp which would have made a lot of sense.  SIGH. But I had a good pace on and did 8 km in about 48 minutes including some slow areas. I am feeling very strong on hills, motoring up without losing a tonne of speed. 
I finished in the dark :)

Wednesday I did not get up and do P90X Plyometrics because the schedule calls for Intervals and I was not going to compromise my speedwork for Plyo!  I waited until evening and then had a wonderful run on the trail; I ran from the In-Laws to the start of the trail and then did my 9 X 400 m Intervals. Im not sure I did them fast enough; it took a lot of effort and my speed didn't seem to stay up high enough. Ah well. I turned back after 6 intervals with 200 m in between for recovery; I planned to take a short cut back to the house but rather, after finishing intervals, I decided to run back to the trail start and hope to catch the family at the church. FAIL.  I had to run back to the house, adding 3.5 km to the end of my intervals and finishing on hills.  10 km total run.

Thursday was easy run day; after ball hockey practice (not intense. not even sweat-provoking. Come a long way.) anyway after practice I ran from the school to home, taking a longer way since PROGRAM calls for 8 km today.  SIGH. I took this road and that road and even ran to the end of my road and back again (over a km up the soul sucking hill).  And still only managed 7.3 km. I gave up and went home. Pace was slow; was tired and didnt have a walk break. And I was bored. And borderline chilly.  Anyway went home.
I intended to do Day 3 of P90X. But I am still sitting on the couch. Its not going to happen. I need some sleep.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Some Achievements

Noted this weekend
Since I started using MapMyRun to log my workouts I have run over 5000 km.  I have spent over 910 hours being active.  Which isn't much in 4 years I suppose....
I have over 500 km so far for 2012.
And not surprisingly most of those hours were spent running. Second: Hockey. :)

Fun statistics!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Long Run Success

Because I actually got the whole thing in! :):) In one go! and there was nothing else that needed doing! :)

Thursday; what a sleepy, stressful day :) lots of marking and time spent trying to sort out how I was going to fit it all in!  I need to not schedule so much :)
Ball hockey Practice at 6 was...not much.  There was no running. And little practice. I was disappointed. We had a little scrimmage on the rocks but some people were late and others left early so it was pretty slow.
I went to the soccer game where we were short of players and therefore there was loads of running. The other team wanted very badly to beat us and the game was rough; I landed hard on my wrist and it was very sore so I did not go to the hockey game; I was not really going to be able to hold the stick comfortably.  Not like I wasnt tired anyway; might have made me more willing to miss the hockey game. Hockey is over now. for all of us! :)

Friday I dunno what happened. I was working very hard on the marking and just kept it up until it was time to get the kids. I had promised them a hike in the park so we hiked while waiting for Taylor to be finished school. we went for almost an hour, then went home where we did loads of yard work.  Raking and burning; things kids love to do LOL. 
Saturday was busy; did not get up super early and therefore everything was a little behind. We had some company; the adorable nephews (and their mom and dad) stopped in for a visit :) And then there was a 4H meeting and the Vet Science group looked at a cat respiratory tract.  After that meeting the kids went with their father to wash and clip some calves and deliver hay to the goat. I got out for a run while they were gone; 8 km in 50:49 minutes. I took it super easy because we had a long run planned for the morning.  Grass is getting so green! We had some rain in the evening and overnight, and into Sunday.

Sunday morning I woke with quite a headache, and was a little slow to get going.  The cats (albeit cute) had a restless night and sleep was not easy to come by. My stomach was upset before I even got out of bed. I could not find my tights. Or my shirt. My foot was sore. It was pouring while I was sitting in my car that would not start. I KNOW RIGHT? Lots of things were saying don't go on this run. The car started eventually but we started our run an hour after we had planned. At least my belly stayed nice and calm and there were no issues on the run. We went way out on a fairly hilly route that surprisingly ended up being right on the 16 km we had planned, for 16.1 km in 1:50:14. It was certainly the slower end of a long, slow run lol.  We were in the rain most of the run but the temps were nice and it was pretty pleasant.
I had a nice bath after I got back, and then set to work on the laundry.  SIGH. It never ends!

Plan for the week? Maybe a slow easy run tomorrow, Maybe not. Hockey is done :) It's awesome! Tuesday-Thursday have their run plans; still on the schedule. Wednesday will be 9X400 m intervals at 5K pace. Rest on Friday. Will see how the weather treats us!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring is flying away!

I cannot believe how fast time is flying!  It is past the middle of APRIL! How did that happen! ;) I realised that I am in week 8 of my training plan, without a confirmed race, or even following the plan very well! I have just over 4 weeks left of this plan and I don't even know where Im going to test out my progress!  And with the cost of most races, I don't even know if I want to.  Maybe I will just save it all up for Johnny Miles as this is the race I have run past 4 years and will likely run again.  But that run is not until JUNE! 
Holly made her soccer team; she will be playing Tier 1 Soccer this summer; it is going to mean a lot of good coaching, with a lot of travel and it costs a lot. Cost is a factor; I don't work during the summer and will miss that pay check. So I can cut costs elsewhere, no races, no vacation.  I will get lots of away time anyway, with travelling with the little missy.  Annika is also trying out for Tier 2 soccer for her age group; that will be travel in another direction I am sure. 
There may also be some lower cost runs I can take part in rather than the larger and more costly ones.
But I will be looking for other ways to spend less money this spring and into summer.

(I still need new sneakers ;)) My sneaker situation is getting kind of serious; My Gel Nimbus now have 1100 km on them; and my newer Gel Cumulus have 700.  They are both past retirement; I really might have to look at going back to my New Balance until I find a decent price on the Gel Cumulus.

Week 8 of my training plan has a long run of 16 km.  I haven't done more than 13 consecutive km yet in 2012 (time and hockey) and it is a little intimidating. But I am going to go 16 km this weekend. Sunday morning, actually. It's in my plan! The rest of the week is a little off kilter; Last night was my 4rth running day in a row so I am not running today, but rather cross training in a spectacular way ;)
Tuesday I did sort of get out for a long run but it was cut short by time. 
To begin with, it amazes me that people sitting in the cars on their butts really figure they have to assert their superiority over anyone on feet. I came to an intersection and was with the green light, meaning I was allowed to cross. The "walk" signal did not pop up, but still, when with the green light, I can cross. But this woman in an SUV was barreling towards the intersection and I hesitated as she didnt seem to be slowing. Sure enough, she jumped into the left turn lane and turned in front of me. If I hadn't stopped, I would be flat. 
But to top it off, as she tears past me, she points up at the green light. 
"OH I get it. Your green light and left turn totally trumps my predestrian right to cross the intersection safely.  Thanks for pointing out the green light, cow."

Anyway, I survived and was off on my long run but I had been marking and left the run a  little late because I had kid pick up at 2.  Had to remap and shorten to what I hoped was about 13 km (all I had time for) and I was pushing it as it was.  No long Slow run.  And while I was huffing and puffing along, some guys stops me to ask for directions!  I mean seriously!  Would you stop someone who was playing football or hockey and ask for directions? Did I not look like I was working hard? Sweat pouring off me...grr.
I couldnt remember street names, trying to tell this guy how to get to a local school, he keeps asking "is there another landmark near the light" or "can you tell me how far it is?" What am I, mobile MapQuest?  I didnt know other than go there turn etc. So off he went after delaying me a good 5 minutes. Next time, Im just going to run away.
Off running again, down busy country road, onto the highway (Yes I run the highway) for a short sprint to town, then off and back up busy town roads to the start for 12.7 km in drizzle and decent temps.  I carried water and was very glad of it; have been kind of thirsty lately. :)
1:22:42 no idea how much of that time was lost with directionally impaired man.

Wednesday I marked long! and then had some snacks in the lunch room with colleagues while waiting for running partner Toni to be available; at supper time we went for a run on a fresh road, but I had lots of snacks so was not hungry ( I HATE running at supper time). Those snacks are good for the diet, knowing I would go home to a totally full supper.  We drove to an out of town road and did a loop that took about 54 minutes for 8.4 km, fairly hilly but a nice change from the usual. We even added a trail!  LOL a nice trail!

Im so glad there was nothing to do after each evening :)

So today is a day off running. At least, outside. Because we planned a ball hockey practice, which Im not running at; then I have soccer game (I forgot about that) and then I have a hockey game. I would love to find a spare for the hockey game. Im tired as it is :)
But it's a day off!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Weekend that was...

Really wow, I mean, leaving me with nothing to say that doesnt sound negative or bad because it wasn't, it was just HARD. I mean really. 
Friday afternoon after school the school took the kids on a hike in the park and I went as well :) It was fun and nice and likely not our best use of time but we did it anyway.

After hiking 80 minutes we went home to eat, pack bags, shower, and head off in different directions. Scott took Taylor to the Provincial Badminton tournament where she competed in Mixed doubles on Saturday, and I took the littles to their Female Festival hockey tournament in the city.
Holly played her first game Friday night at 9. These are children right? SIGH.
We spent the night at my aunt and uncle's house and Holly was back on the ice for a 730 am game.
While Holly was still playing Annika was lacing up for her first game in the same arena (2 ices).  They are both playing on teams that have been put together from local teams. 
As soon as both girls were off the ice, we piled into the car and drove to Antigonish, stopping in Truro to drop Annika off with her grandmother.  Holly and her friend had soccer tryouts (third one) so we drove for over 2 hours for an hour and a half soccer tryout.  It was super sunny out and nice but the wind was SO cold :( the field was neat; artificial turf.  Tryouts went well, Holly scored for her team and enjoyed herself a lot.
Then we piled back into the car and drove back to the city (picked Annika up) for more hockey. The kids got a little sleep in the car but they were tired!
Back on the ice for Holly for their third game (won all three.) Annika was supposed to have a practice time but she was tired so she stayed in the stands with me.
She was super tired and did not have her best game.

Scott and Taylor arrived during that last game from Provincials where Taylor and her partner only lost one Match but due to a points against tie breaker got bronze medals. Im super happy for her, first Provincials and bronze is awesome!

Back to aunt and uncle's house for another night because we were too tired to drive any further.
Annika was back on the ice the next morning for her second game of the festival. Then we had a break and she had her third game.

Then the Festival was over and we went home. Home was so nice!  Messy and gross but nice!
I didnt get a workout on Saturday. and I ate terribly.  Just awfuL!  so Sunday when we were home I dragged out the door with Holly on her bike, and got a run in.  And it was a great run. I didnt intend to run hard but after taking Sat off I felt pretty good.  We did the usualy 8.5 km loop. finished 4.2 in about 23 minutes and then 8 km in 45:47.  Climbed the soul-sucking hill for 8.5 km in 51:11. That was a decent run :)
Monday was exhausting. So gross.   For no reason, I was just extremely tired ie. put my head on my desk for 10 minutes tired.
after endless test and marking and meeting, I went home and changed and went for my run. I took Holly to her friend's place and let her hold the car keys for me. BAD IDEA.  She lost the keys while we were out running.  8.75 km in 54:14.  we spent over an hour looking for them, then called for back up keys. 
Now evening was wrecked and it was time for hockey scrimmaging. tired! almost skipped but didnt want to leave them short. It was fun, a nice workout, a little more rough than before but still fun. 
Now it's Tuesday and I really need a long run. I should have one shortly; just ate so will give a few minutes to settle. SIGH.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Managing Time

Have a seriously busy weekend coming up, and we have to really manage our time well in order to get everything done right! :)
Thursday I took the day off running, and managed my time ;) I worked and picked up kids, wasted a lot of time once we got home, which is my bad ;) but I was tired! 
We took the kids to soccer tryouts half an hour away, which took about 2.5 hours; I could have run during that time but I did not pack my run clothes and I was dressed in jeans and really, the wrong bra. As Wrong as could be. :)
As soon as we got home I hopped in the car and went to play hockey; so it was not a totally inactive day. the hockey game was good exercise and really my legs felt very tired after the intervals from the day before.

Friday morning we went for a steady run and despite being tired and wishing the run would end, I felt fairly strong, particularly on hills. These feelings conflict :)  Whatever, 7.2 km completed in 44 minutes on an easy run day :)
This afternoon I am supposed to hike with the kids before we pack up and head for different places in the province for Hockey and for Badminton.  And Soccer. Cannot forget the long drive we are going to do tomorrow for the soccer tryouts. SIGH.
As long as we are smart about our time it should be ok. Although we might skip the hike if there are loads of other parents :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Intervals Done

LOL somehow miscalculated the distance for those intervals ;)
We headed out to town where ground was flatter to get some real intervals done, rather than trying to maintain increased speed on all those hills.  sometimes, we just want to really see what the speed will be like.  On the schedule was 8X400 m at 5 K pace. Not so bad, right?  I've worked up to it fairly regularly. Toni maybe not so much but she is game for anything :)
We warmed up for about 1.4 km before beginning the intervals at about 5:25/km for 400 m then slower for 400 m.  More or less. Got off a little.  The first 6 intervals were ok, we were on some trails and some rocks, but then we were on sidewalks and by the 7th and 8th I was watching my watch for them to end :) Tiring!
But then, we were finished our 8 intervals and we were still so far from the cars!  we went for like almost another 5 km to the bottom of a hill, and just sort of walked the rest of the way.  Total 11.25 km (not counting the walk of shame up the hill; no wait, that's just a long cool out ;)) i about 1:10 minutes. the intervals were strong.  The ending...just long.  Did not plan for that distance mid week :) ah well, another logged workout.
I have been using to track calories eaten, and Im a little disheartened.  Although it is generous with the calories burned in a workout, I am often over daily calories because I eat too much and I am always hungry. I need to do some research because I must be eating the wrong foods endlessly, Im never full for long, I am drinking my water but always feel dry, and I cannot evercise enough to actually lose weight while Im eating like this :(

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Long Weekend was Not long enough!

There just are not enough Holidays or hours in those days to be enough!  We had Easter weekend, which was so slow to come, speed past!

Thursday was a crazy day. CRAZY. So Crazy I almost forgot to go play soccer. Twice. In the morning I worked from home due to feeling very weird; spaced out, dizzy (no comments) and headachish.  I could feel crap moving around my sinuses (ouch) and found light and noise very hard to handle.  So I worked at home until I ran out of work and then I worked at the office for awhile; until it was time to take Taylor to Badminton Regionals Day 2.  Mixed Doubles.  They won most of their matches to finish in 2nd by 1 point, so they are on to Provincials in a week! 
While watching these games, marking labs, and chatting, I was getting text messages from various sources; someone needing a ride, someone freaking about the hockey schedule for the kids this weekend coming up, and someone else freaking about our hockey team for our tournament this upcoming weekend falling apart.  Everything, this coming weekend.  Kids in hockey tournament. Me in Hockey tournament 5 hours away. Taylor's Provincials. Holly's soccer tryouts.  Cue hyperventilating, heart palpitations! lol. 

I ended up having to drop out of the hockey tournament in Glace Bay :( It came down to how many parents these kids have (2) and how many places we have to be (4).  And that's not even counting the Fredericton Spring Show, Same weekend.  Taylor has to go to the bottom of the province Friday I cannot be going to the top.  There are chaparone issues with her being the only girl advancing from her school.  Someone has to be there for her first Provincials!  :)
The schedule for the kids' hockey tournament is terrible.  11-12 year old girls having to play at 9 on Friday night and then at 730 am the next morning? someone is just being mean or stupid. Im betting on Stupid.  Holly keeps getting switched off of her team; Im completely baffled as to why they can't keep her straight.  It makes her sad.  Anyway during this mess I got an email reminding us about soccer which I did completely forget; I got there a teensy bit late.  I played a game with another team first and then followed it with a game for our own team. Had a tie and a loss :( but not by much :)  Soccer season certainly winding down.  The activity helped relieve some tension! ;)

Friday was a Holiday (Good Friday) and a much needed one. Everyone is tired of running around, so we tried to do less of that.  I played hockey at noon, then after lunch we visited the goat. It was a nice sunny but windy and chilly day.  After visiting the goat the kids went on to wash the calves and I ran from goat to home.  It was 8.53 km of headwinds.  LOL I think it was a net downhill run with some rolling hills but the wind made it pretty brutal and I was pretty tired.  So it was a pretty awful run. Thankfully the sun was shining and It was warmer when I arrived at home so I puttered a little in the yard before going inside to warm up. Run done in 53:42 minutes. 6:17 / km pace.
Saturday was some last minute shopping without the kids.  After we completed what we had to do I still made it to noon time hockey where I played Goalie ;) The kids coloured some eggs, and we amde a cake. Then for the rest of the afternoon we did a little running around (I have NO idea where) and we ended up at home about the same time that the snow arrived.  A run did not happen. 

Sunday was a complete rest day. Nothing but a nice lunch was done. There was a lot of snow, and ya know, that silly Easter Bunny, he put eggs out in those snow banks.  SO there was some outside egg hunting going on. 
Honestly, into day 2 of writing here :)

So they hunted their eggs outside and inside and Easter morning was over in about 10 minutes :) let the egg eating begin. And then the Easter dinner, the napping, the tv watching. The weather never did get very nice so it was good to stay in and rest.
Monday was another Holiday for the kids and also for me although I did pop into work for a few tasks that needed doing.  I had the most massive headache complete with nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. It was miserable.  I wondered if it was due to the lateness of my caffeine delivery system (no coffee til 1030) but since 2 of the kids have also experienced massive headaches since (complete with nausea) and the third was ill last night, I suspect we had us a "something".  seems to be past now.

I was supposed to play hockey at noon but gave it a miss due to nausea and the fact that I had to take Holly to soccer tryouts right directly afterwards.  She is trying out for Tier 1 soccer this summer which will dictate basically my entire summer.  After tryouts I had a nap and then met Toni for a "long run" which was not that long but longer than usual at 12.9 km and a leisurely pace of 6:36/km (little slower than I want).  But we were tired!  It was good to get done, both a little sore at the end.
But we still managed to get back out a while later for a hockey game at the Stadium where I played goalie (i sweat but didnt exert a tonne of energy).
Tuesday back to work and School and it was a beautiful day,up to 17 when I left work. Nice and sunny. I caught a ride to town with Scott and ran home, only 6.65 km when he picked me up on the hill.  Some nice junk miles.
What is wrong with junk miles anyway?
Now it is Wednesday and Im going to get some intervals in before it is time to meet kids :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holding Accountable

I've got a new running partner.  Found unexpectedly, a hockey friend who runs decided to try me out ;) and we do ok pace wise and flexibility wise, and we have been running together for a few weeks. Im pretty sure that if you come right down to it, she is faster than I am by quite a lot. But no matter what pace I set, She's beside me.  If Im working a tempo run, she chatters away beside me. When we are doing an easy run, she makes sure it's not too easy :) And chatters. She seems to have the gift of chatter, where most days I am still uh huhing and hmm hmmm in answer while I huff and puff through intervals and hills. 
It can be really hard to run with someone; I mean really, its not often you are heading for the same things, and do them in the same pace.  But we are both looking at a spring Half, and are following loosely the same plan. And our working schedules are a both a little more flexible than some, so we can sneak out for noon or afternoon runs, or have evening and weekend runs. It's working out remarkably well, and we are running together a couple of times a week most weeks. 
In fact it's working out better than all right. Last Monday I did not want to run at all. I was ready to bag it; then she encouraged me to go, and I felt better for it. Same with Sunday morning; I might not have gone but she was keen for it so we went and it was a great run. Monday night and tonight she wasnt' keen, but when I suggested a run, we went. and seemed better for it. If they don't work, we run alone. No big deal. But it's a lot easier to just stay in when no one is waiting for you.

Tuesday April 3
I was marking and managed to keep busy until it was quite late. PLans changed and I only had 20 minutes to run before supper; so I did, 2 miles in 19 minutes quite fast. Then evening stuff.

Wednesday April 4
Again it was busy at work and rather than leaving early I stayed quite late before heading over to the school for Badminton and then I got out for a run once the rain started (love it).  9.7 km in 60 minutes, it was a bit of a tempo run on hills (so perceived effort) with a slow start and a slow end . Well end was not that slow.

See what tomorrow brings!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Absent for good reason.

Ive been out living.  and running like a mad person from place to place until Im falling asleep in my chair. actually since I sit on a ball at work, It is more like falling off my ball sleeping but either way, Im pretty tired and dying for some sleep time.

What have I been up to since the middle of March?  Still running, some.  As much as I can with hockey and all.  Kids have been busy.  Classes at work are wrapping up and cannot soon enough for me this semester.  Lord college has changed since I was a student.
Tuesday March 20
I need to blog more, apparently. Now that I have changed over from Classic MapMyRun to the new site, I cannot take nearly as good a track of my workouts. Sucks.  Im not pleased at all.
7.75 km 51:30 I almost think this was either very cold or very snowy? But maybe neither. 

Wednesday March 21
7 X 400 Intervals. I had planned to go to the track, it was a super nice day tho so instead I went home and got Holly to join me on her bike while I did these intervals on the 8 km loop.  I wasn't feeling so hot and was SO happy when she asked to walk up the Soul Sucking Hill at the end :) 8 km, 51:46.

Thursday March 22
I dunno what happened this day. Busy at work and everywhere else? Annika had a hockey party and we played against the kids which was fun but hardly life-threatening. LOL  so 40 minutes of hockey.

Friday March 23
Easy 9 km run in 59 minutes. Exceptionally tired this week.

Saturday, March 24
Started off Saturday with a great 9 am hockey scrimmage and then in the afternoon got a 10.25 km run in; 1:07:12 for a time which at the time I thought sucked lol.  It kinda does. That's where I'm at! Sucksville.

am I being too hard on myself? We are super busy and still being active. Or am I being too easy on me, and I have to step it up in the speed and distance department or else it is going to be pointless to try for a PR?

Sunday March 25
I considered that being as tired as I have been, running might be hurting my hockey team as I felt pretty useless and braindead out there last 2 weeks. So no run this week; played our game which we won, and then spared for the black team as their Goalie...which we did not win. Only a couple of goals in but they didnt score any so a loss all the same. Against blue.

Monday March 26th
Since I didnt run on Sunday, Monday is not a rest day! lol Although it was close. After working a long day, we got in a short 5.25 km run ( 31:35) just before heading off to Monday Night hockey at the arena :) a whole long hour of hockey there, not a hard workout but satisfying to play the big ice.  I didnt hit the boards once!

Tuesdaywas nuts.  Annika had dentist, Holly Science Fair, and Taylor had her first day of Districts in Badminton. I watched some of that along with Annika until ti was time for the first day of our 4 on 4 womens hockey tournament.  We had 3 nights of cross overs before quarter, semi, and finals.  Potential for 6 games!  We had a poor season  this year with only 6 wins, so went into the tournament with no expectations.  Our first game was a win against a team we had had some luck against in the season, winning some and losing some.

Wednesday March 28
we had a nice 5.75 km run; note runs this week were very short. This was CRAZY week at work/school. After work I watched some of Taylor's continued Districts and then had a really short run, then watched more Badminton til it was time for another game of hockey; we won this one unexpectedly, the other team had a really good year.

Thursday March 29th was long; took the college program to a zoo a long drive away for a behind-the-scenes tour.  This took all day!  And it was chilly and lots of walking! Got back to town in time to get Taylor home and then we had a soccer game with few spares; I got 1 goal to tie the game.  Then straight off to hockey for game 3 of our cross overs; this team we really did not expect to beat, we lost to them all year. We played well and hard, and won this game as well!  I got 1 goal in this game :)

Friday there was no hockey. It was nice out and after work I changed and went for a run from home; 8.45 km in 52 minutes.  TIRED. It was a stressful afternoon and I really needed that time to be elsewhere.

Since we finished the cross overs in first place, we got a pass to the semifinal game on Saturday.  Thank goodness.   Sat morning was 4rth year project presentations; then I rushed to the kid's 4H County Rally where 2 had speeches (I missed them).  I decided not to run, we had no trouble with the hockey game, winning nicely. I took a rough hit into the boards which twisted my back terribly.  Sat out the rest of the game. After hockey we went to see a lady about a goat (which we bought) and then to a party where I overindulged a bit more than planned.  Got only a little sleep!

Sunday morning got up early (not bright at all) and went for a shortened long run after sending the littles off to drama (too early).  the 10 k loop (10.25 km, 1:07) wonderfully chilly, hilly run. Actually felt far better afterwards. All too soon it was time for the championship game;nerves were raw, back was sore, hard to start out but the game went mostly well; we controlled the play and won the game and the Championship which means we got bragging rights and white jerseys with the sponsor's name on the front.  It was a clean, fun tournament. The rest of Sunday brought some eating, some drinking, and some sleepiness lol. 

Monday, April 2
Long days at work are over, just short days and long days of marking are left. After work we went for a longish short run, 9 km in 56 minutes. Tired all around.
Late in evening we had a hockey game where I played goalie and other than sweating a lot, wont claim to much activity ;)
Bringing us around to today and I have not managed to focus on working or exercising or anything else. My head is a fog and Im accomplishing nothing so far!  Hope that improves soon!

2012 km Goal