Thursday, April 12, 2012

Intervals Done

LOL somehow miscalculated the distance for those intervals ;)
We headed out to town where ground was flatter to get some real intervals done, rather than trying to maintain increased speed on all those hills.  sometimes, we just want to really see what the speed will be like.  On the schedule was 8X400 m at 5 K pace. Not so bad, right?  I've worked up to it fairly regularly. Toni maybe not so much but she is game for anything :)
We warmed up for about 1.4 km before beginning the intervals at about 5:25/km for 400 m then slower for 400 m.  More or less. Got off a little.  The first 6 intervals were ok, we were on some trails and some rocks, but then we were on sidewalks and by the 7th and 8th I was watching my watch for them to end :) Tiring!
But then, we were finished our 8 intervals and we were still so far from the cars!  we went for like almost another 5 km to the bottom of a hill, and just sort of walked the rest of the way.  Total 11.25 km (not counting the walk of shame up the hill; no wait, that's just a long cool out ;)) i about 1:10 minutes. the intervals were strong.  The ending...just long.  Did not plan for that distance mid week :) ah well, another logged workout.
I have been using to track calories eaten, and Im a little disheartened.  Although it is generous with the calories burned in a workout, I am often over daily calories because I eat too much and I am always hungry. I need to do some research because I must be eating the wrong foods endlessly, Im never full for long, I am drinking my water but always feel dry, and I cannot evercise enough to actually lose weight while Im eating like this :(

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