Sunday, April 22, 2012

Long Run Success

Because I actually got the whole thing in! :):) In one go! and there was nothing else that needed doing! :)

Thursday; what a sleepy, stressful day :) lots of marking and time spent trying to sort out how I was going to fit it all in!  I need to not schedule so much :)
Ball hockey Practice at 6 was...not much.  There was no running. And little practice. I was disappointed. We had a little scrimmage on the rocks but some people were late and others left early so it was pretty slow.
I went to the soccer game where we were short of players and therefore there was loads of running. The other team wanted very badly to beat us and the game was rough; I landed hard on my wrist and it was very sore so I did not go to the hockey game; I was not really going to be able to hold the stick comfortably.  Not like I wasnt tired anyway; might have made me more willing to miss the hockey game. Hockey is over now. for all of us! :)

Friday I dunno what happened. I was working very hard on the marking and just kept it up until it was time to get the kids. I had promised them a hike in the park so we hiked while waiting for Taylor to be finished school. we went for almost an hour, then went home where we did loads of yard work.  Raking and burning; things kids love to do LOL. 
Saturday was busy; did not get up super early and therefore everything was a little behind. We had some company; the adorable nephews (and their mom and dad) stopped in for a visit :) And then there was a 4H meeting and the Vet Science group looked at a cat respiratory tract.  After that meeting the kids went with their father to wash and clip some calves and deliver hay to the goat. I got out for a run while they were gone; 8 km in 50:49 minutes. I took it super easy because we had a long run planned for the morning.  Grass is getting so green! We had some rain in the evening and overnight, and into Sunday.

Sunday morning I woke with quite a headache, and was a little slow to get going.  The cats (albeit cute) had a restless night and sleep was not easy to come by. My stomach was upset before I even got out of bed. I could not find my tights. Or my shirt. My foot was sore. It was pouring while I was sitting in my car that would not start. I KNOW RIGHT? Lots of things were saying don't go on this run. The car started eventually but we started our run an hour after we had planned. At least my belly stayed nice and calm and there were no issues on the run. We went way out on a fairly hilly route that surprisingly ended up being right on the 16 km we had planned, for 16.1 km in 1:50:14. It was certainly the slower end of a long, slow run lol.  We were in the rain most of the run but the temps were nice and it was pretty pleasant.
I had a nice bath after I got back, and then set to work on the laundry.  SIGH. It never ends!

Plan for the week? Maybe a slow easy run tomorrow, Maybe not. Hockey is done :) It's awesome! Tuesday-Thursday have their run plans; still on the schedule. Wednesday will be 9X400 m intervals at 5K pace. Rest on Friday. Will see how the weather treats us!

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