Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fell off the Track a little; But It's All Good.

I was right, Thursday night ended on the couch. It's all good.
Friday was a non-running day and was rather busy. I saw Chiro in the morning and was happy about that. Work went slowly. I got a few things done there before picking up the littles from School and taking them home.  They were supposed to go to hiking club, but it was cancelled thanks to the heavy rain all morning.  The kids got ready and then went to their grandmothers for Drama presentation and for a sleepover. 
We went to Ball Hockey. Our season started with a game in which we were super short handed and against a team we often win against.  There are not many so we remember. lol
We only had 2 shifts of players but luckily we had 2, so we just had short shifts and we won the game 2-1. It actually was another reminder that Ball hockey is super rough and It's not always fun.  I like the game. I really have fun. And I guess I am just going to have to remember that this summer. I like the game. It can be fun.

Saturday dawned cloudy and really super cold. REALLY cold.  I felt so wimpy.  I spent the entire winter being tough and running in snow and ice and minus temperatures, but now a day at 0 with that nasty wind made me a total wimp.  I didn't go out for a run. I actually meant to all day.  I should have done a 6.5-8 km pace run. But I did not.
In the morning I did actually eventually haul downstairs and while doing laundry and cleaning up the rec room I did a P90X Shoulders and Arms workout.  And it was good. Maybe a little boring ;) but satisfying. I chased that with the Ab Ripper X dvd and called it a workout. Still intended to get the run in but did not.

So Sunday morning was early and very sunny.  Not warm but sunny which was good for spirits.  I had time for a nice bowl of oatmeal, coffee and bathroom breaks, put on supper, and picked up some in the house before heading out for the long run.  I had mapped out 18 km and knew exactly where we had to go. We left from Toni's house and did Harmony Ridge which is hellish hilly. like over 6 km uphill.  and then around the same down, with a bunch of rolling hills between.  I hade my carefully mapped plan and we followed it to a tee. We ran extra around Toni's house to get the 18 km in. And because my Garmin died (dead battery) about 4 minutes into the run, we had no idea of time and pace. Time: 2 hours 10 minutes. I was disappointed as we worked hard on those hills and made up some time on the down hills. But ok, whatever, something to work on.
Until I got home and remapped the route. Im not sure how I went wrong; We had ended up running 19.4 km. Not 18.  Ugh. Well that explains the time.  Im actually happy it was mapped in the right direction and we were not short of km.  And it actually makes us 12 seconds a km faster than last week, on those really large hills :) So a bit of a good thing, actually finished it and an improving time :)

The rest of Sunday was pretty uneventful other than getting a new apple tree delivered from New Glasgow so now we have 2 pretty fruit trees in the back yard, very good :) Once they are making some apples I will be super excited :)
On to Monday where I will be taking a rest day, and doing some stretching and strengthening, like...maybe the Legs and whatever the other routine is that Ive not touched yet. UGH not doing so well with this P90X thing.

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