Friday, April 13, 2012

Managing Time

Have a seriously busy weekend coming up, and we have to really manage our time well in order to get everything done right! :)
Thursday I took the day off running, and managed my time ;) I worked and picked up kids, wasted a lot of time once we got home, which is my bad ;) but I was tired! 
We took the kids to soccer tryouts half an hour away, which took about 2.5 hours; I could have run during that time but I did not pack my run clothes and I was dressed in jeans and really, the wrong bra. As Wrong as could be. :)
As soon as we got home I hopped in the car and went to play hockey; so it was not a totally inactive day. the hockey game was good exercise and really my legs felt very tired after the intervals from the day before.

Friday morning we went for a steady run and despite being tired and wishing the run would end, I felt fairly strong, particularly on hills. These feelings conflict :)  Whatever, 7.2 km completed in 44 minutes on an easy run day :)
This afternoon I am supposed to hike with the kids before we pack up and head for different places in the province for Hockey and for Badminton.  And Soccer. Cannot forget the long drive we are going to do tomorrow for the soccer tryouts. SIGH.
As long as we are smart about our time it should be ok. Although we might skip the hike if there are loads of other parents :)

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