Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring is flying away!

I cannot believe how fast time is flying!  It is past the middle of APRIL! How did that happen! ;) I realised that I am in week 8 of my training plan, without a confirmed race, or even following the plan very well! I have just over 4 weeks left of this plan and I don't even know where Im going to test out my progress!  And with the cost of most races, I don't even know if I want to.  Maybe I will just save it all up for Johnny Miles as this is the race I have run past 4 years and will likely run again.  But that run is not until JUNE! 
Holly made her soccer team; she will be playing Tier 1 Soccer this summer; it is going to mean a lot of good coaching, with a lot of travel and it costs a lot. Cost is a factor; I don't work during the summer and will miss that pay check. So I can cut costs elsewhere, no races, no vacation.  I will get lots of away time anyway, with travelling with the little missy.  Annika is also trying out for Tier 2 soccer for her age group; that will be travel in another direction I am sure. 
There may also be some lower cost runs I can take part in rather than the larger and more costly ones.
But I will be looking for other ways to spend less money this spring and into summer.

(I still need new sneakers ;)) My sneaker situation is getting kind of serious; My Gel Nimbus now have 1100 km on them; and my newer Gel Cumulus have 700.  They are both past retirement; I really might have to look at going back to my New Balance until I find a decent price on the Gel Cumulus.

Week 8 of my training plan has a long run of 16 km.  I haven't done more than 13 consecutive km yet in 2012 (time and hockey) and it is a little intimidating. But I am going to go 16 km this weekend. Sunday morning, actually. It's in my plan! The rest of the week is a little off kilter; Last night was my 4rth running day in a row so I am not running today, but rather cross training in a spectacular way ;)
Tuesday I did sort of get out for a long run but it was cut short by time. 
To begin with, it amazes me that people sitting in the cars on their butts really figure they have to assert their superiority over anyone on feet. I came to an intersection and was with the green light, meaning I was allowed to cross. The "walk" signal did not pop up, but still, when with the green light, I can cross. But this woman in an SUV was barreling towards the intersection and I hesitated as she didnt seem to be slowing. Sure enough, she jumped into the left turn lane and turned in front of me. If I hadn't stopped, I would be flat. 
But to top it off, as she tears past me, she points up at the green light. 
"OH I get it. Your green light and left turn totally trumps my predestrian right to cross the intersection safely.  Thanks for pointing out the green light, cow."

Anyway, I survived and was off on my long run but I had been marking and left the run a  little late because I had kid pick up at 2.  Had to remap and shorten to what I hoped was about 13 km (all I had time for) and I was pushing it as it was.  No long Slow run.  And while I was huffing and puffing along, some guys stops me to ask for directions!  I mean seriously!  Would you stop someone who was playing football or hockey and ask for directions? Did I not look like I was working hard? Sweat pouring off me...grr.
I couldnt remember street names, trying to tell this guy how to get to a local school, he keeps asking "is there another landmark near the light" or "can you tell me how far it is?" What am I, mobile MapQuest?  I didnt know other than go there turn etc. So off he went after delaying me a good 5 minutes. Next time, Im just going to run away.
Off running again, down busy country road, onto the highway (Yes I run the highway) for a short sprint to town, then off and back up busy town roads to the start for 12.7 km in drizzle and decent temps.  I carried water and was very glad of it; have been kind of thirsty lately. :)
1:22:42 no idea how much of that time was lost with directionally impaired man.

Wednesday I marked long! and then had some snacks in the lunch room with colleagues while waiting for running partner Toni to be available; at supper time we went for a run on a fresh road, but I had lots of snacks so was not hungry ( I HATE running at supper time). Those snacks are good for the diet, knowing I would go home to a totally full supper.  We drove to an out of town road and did a loop that took about 54 minutes for 8.4 km, fairly hilly but a nice change from the usual. We even added a trail!  LOL a nice trail!

Im so glad there was nothing to do after each evening :)

So today is a day off running. At least, outside. Because we planned a ball hockey practice, which Im not running at; then I have soccer game (I forgot about that) and then I have a hockey game. I would love to find a spare for the hockey game. Im tired as it is :)
But it's a day off!

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