Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Absent for good reason.

Ive been out living.  and running like a mad person from place to place until Im falling asleep in my chair. actually since I sit on a ball at work, It is more like falling off my ball sleeping but either way, Im pretty tired and dying for some sleep time.

What have I been up to since the middle of March?  Still running, some.  As much as I can with hockey and all.  Kids have been busy.  Classes at work are wrapping up and cannot soon enough for me this semester.  Lord college has changed since I was a student.
Tuesday March 20
I need to blog more, apparently. Now that I have changed over from Classic MapMyRun to the new site, I cannot take nearly as good a track of my workouts. Sucks.  Im not pleased at all.
7.75 km 51:30 I almost think this was either very cold or very snowy? But maybe neither. 

Wednesday March 21
7 X 400 Intervals. I had planned to go to the track, it was a super nice day tho so instead I went home and got Holly to join me on her bike while I did these intervals on the 8 km loop.  I wasn't feeling so hot and was SO happy when she asked to walk up the Soul Sucking Hill at the end :) 8 km, 51:46.

Thursday March 22
I dunno what happened this day. Busy at work and everywhere else? Annika had a hockey party and we played against the kids which was fun but hardly life-threatening. LOL  so 40 minutes of hockey.

Friday March 23
Easy 9 km run in 59 minutes. Exceptionally tired this week.

Saturday, March 24
Started off Saturday with a great 9 am hockey scrimmage and then in the afternoon got a 10.25 km run in; 1:07:12 for a time which at the time I thought sucked lol.  It kinda does. That's where I'm at! Sucksville.

am I being too hard on myself? We are super busy and still being active. Or am I being too easy on me, and I have to step it up in the speed and distance department or else it is going to be pointless to try for a PR?

Sunday March 25
I considered that being as tired as I have been, running might be hurting my hockey team as I felt pretty useless and braindead out there last 2 weeks. So no run this week; played our game which we won, and then spared for the black team as their Goalie...which we did not win. Only a couple of goals in but they didnt score any so a loss all the same. Against blue.

Monday March 26th
Since I didnt run on Sunday, Monday is not a rest day! lol Although it was close. After working a long day, we got in a short 5.25 km run ( 31:35) just before heading off to Monday Night hockey at the arena :) a whole long hour of hockey there, not a hard workout but satisfying to play the big ice.  I didnt hit the boards once!

Tuesdaywas nuts.  Annika had dentist, Holly Science Fair, and Taylor had her first day of Districts in Badminton. I watched some of that along with Annika until ti was time for the first day of our 4 on 4 womens hockey tournament.  We had 3 nights of cross overs before quarter, semi, and finals.  Potential for 6 games!  We had a poor season  this year with only 6 wins, so went into the tournament with no expectations.  Our first game was a win against a team we had had some luck against in the season, winning some and losing some.

Wednesday March 28
we had a nice 5.75 km run; note runs this week were very short. This was CRAZY week at work/school. After work I watched some of Taylor's continued Districts and then had a really short run, then watched more Badminton til it was time for another game of hockey; we won this one unexpectedly, the other team had a really good year.

Thursday March 29th was long; took the college program to a zoo a long drive away for a behind-the-scenes tour.  This took all day!  And it was chilly and lots of walking! Got back to town in time to get Taylor home and then we had a soccer game with few spares; I got 1 goal to tie the game.  Then straight off to hockey for game 3 of our cross overs; this team we really did not expect to beat, we lost to them all year. We played well and hard, and won this game as well!  I got 1 goal in this game :)

Friday there was no hockey. It was nice out and after work I changed and went for a run from home; 8.45 km in 52 minutes.  TIRED. It was a stressful afternoon and I really needed that time to be elsewhere.

Since we finished the cross overs in first place, we got a pass to the semifinal game on Saturday.  Thank goodness.   Sat morning was 4rth year project presentations; then I rushed to the kid's 4H County Rally where 2 had speeches (I missed them).  I decided not to run, we had no trouble with the hockey game, winning nicely. I took a rough hit into the boards which twisted my back terribly.  Sat out the rest of the game. After hockey we went to see a lady about a goat (which we bought) and then to a party where I overindulged a bit more than planned.  Got only a little sleep!

Sunday morning got up early (not bright at all) and went for a shortened long run after sending the littles off to drama (too early).  the 10 k loop (10.25 km, 1:07) wonderfully chilly, hilly run. Actually felt far better afterwards. All too soon it was time for the championship game;nerves were raw, back was sore, hard to start out but the game went mostly well; we controlled the play and won the game and the Championship which means we got bragging rights and white jerseys with the sponsor's name on the front.  It was a clean, fun tournament. The rest of Sunday brought some eating, some drinking, and some sleepiness lol. 

Monday, April 2
Long days at work are over, just short days and long days of marking are left. After work we went for a longish short run, 9 km in 56 minutes. Tired all around.
Late in evening we had a hockey game where I played goalie and other than sweating a lot, wont claim to much activity ;)
Bringing us around to today and I have not managed to focus on working or exercising or anything else. My head is a fog and Im accomplishing nothing so far!  Hope that improves soon!

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