Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 2 of 84

I dont even know if I HAVE 84 days to the Johnny Miles weekend. But what can ya do ;)

Today was a 3 mile run. That's 4.8 km. And Im freaking tired. Needing more sleep, I believe. I started at Sobeys on Prince and ended at Sobey's on Prince. LOL and it was pretty much exactly 5 km. In 35minutes 19 seconds. Better than Sunday but without that wicked hill. I started out faster than I finished. But I didnt get winded, or too slow; just really bone tired. Needing more sleep. Why dont I sleep? Well last night was very windy and noisy :( didnt sleep well at all.

There was snow yesterday and last night but by the time I ran this afternoon the sidewalks were clear and dry. I did run in town for hope of better footing.
2 mile run tomorrow.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 1 of 84

Went to the gym. of course I stayed late at work and I didnt get a tonne of a workout done. But they cant all be winners. Worked arms and back; Didnt do treadmill or stair climber to be fresh for a run tomorrow :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday March 29

After a busy few days today was the perfect day for a run and fits into my schedule nicely since tomorrow is not a running day. And since Sundays are long run days, I put in a relatively long run; havent run 5k since winter with Tonya.
It was a goooood run! Hilier than I expected,but that could work in favour (hills are your friend) and when Im running longer I will make sure the steep hill is downwards :)

Tomorrow is a gym day; stretching and weight training. Maybe a bike ride.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aaaaaaaaaaand we are back

from the unplanned stoppage of fitness training. Energy is at a serious low; motivation is matching it step for step BUT I went to the gym this morning and found to my pleasure that a nice easy 2 mile run was not painful and I didnt get out of breath and there was only one cough so I feel pretty good about my fitness level after another lay off. Time to start training for that Half.

I did decide to try a shorter, more condensed training schedule since I feel like I am already 6 weeks behind on the 18 week one. lol Thanks to the advice of a friend/runner Im trying the Hal Higdon Half Marathon training for Novices. I am slightly concerned about the fact that there is no 13 mile practice run in there somewhere but I dont think everyone does the full distance before they run it the day of...so we will see how it goes.

And at the worst if I dont feel ready in the weeks before I can always run the 10 K run instead; not like its a failure or anything ;)

So Gym this morning was a warm up for starting the seriousness of that training schedule next week. I walked for 5 minutes then ran the 2 miles then walked for 5 more minutes. I didnt enjoy fighting with the treadmill to keep it going so someone is going to have to fill me in on how to keep the damned thing going. Pissed me off to no end.

After I ran I did arms and back strength training and while doing that I have loads of time to assess other people's running styles and compare to my own ;) I wonder what I look like on that treadmill? ahhaha
There was this one chick in high top plastic sneakers and plaid pajama pants; another chick who appeared to be in pretty good shape but ran on her toes the entire time she ran; her heels never touched the floor. Ouch. Then there was the really fit looking fellow who hopped on the treadmill and proceded to walk with quite a swagger/wiggle at a rather slow pace; Im assessing him at really gay. lol I seriously have NOTHING else to think about while lifting weights. Not my fav time.

Cross training is going to include biking. We have an awesome loop here for biking with loads of hills and when we leave our road the loop brings us back around; it should be challenging and interesting ;)

Anyway need to go get some real work done.
Going back to the gym tomorrow tho :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Training Plan

but I dont know when I am going to actually manage to get this plan on the road...Been totally kicked down with cold and fever and aches and pains. Seeing the doctor tomorrow morning and hopefully will be on the mend.

but need a plan either way; going to have to cut some of it out at this late date but this is the plan to now:

Week 1:
3 runs of 3 km each; think Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Run the Thursday one at a faster pace then the others; think normal pace rather than a little slower than usual. Sunday - the LSD run of 7 km.

Week 2:
Tuesday is 4km, Wednesday 3km, Thursday, 3km, Friday - off, Saturday, 3km. Then finish Sunday with another 7 km LSD.

Week 3:
Mon: off, Tues: 4km Tempo, Wed: 3km Tempo, Thurs: 4km Steady Run, Fri: off, Saturday: 3 Steady Run

That's where Im at right now. So far I did manage to get 3-3 km runs into one week but the 7 km is eluding me due to being sidelined by coughing fits. And Sunday is not a good day for that anyway; I have hockey and soccer to consider lol. Not so bad when they are not the same day tho :(

Im not sure when I will actually resume training.
ETA: Doc says pneumonia. Im down for the count.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ugh more bad news for training

My cold has yet again returned. The third relapse will result in another trip to see the doctor and see if there is something that can be done besides puffers which didnt seem to work but instead made things worse.

Was supposed to run 7 km today but with the coughing could only manage just under 3 on the treadmill. it was brutal. Each coughing fit left me dizzy while trying to run through it.

Did arm and back work before heading home.

Hockey was a good workout; coughing lets up while skating ;)

Soccer game tonight if it isnt cancelled.

2012 km Goal