Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Training Plan

but I dont know when I am going to actually manage to get this plan on the road...Been totally kicked down with cold and fever and aches and pains. Seeing the doctor tomorrow morning and hopefully will be on the mend.

but need a plan either way; going to have to cut some of it out at this late date but this is the plan to now:

Week 1:
3 runs of 3 km each; think Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Run the Thursday one at a faster pace then the others; think normal pace rather than a little slower than usual. Sunday - the LSD run of 7 km.

Week 2:
Tuesday is 4km, Wednesday 3km, Thursday, 3km, Friday - off, Saturday, 3km. Then finish Sunday with another 7 km LSD.

Week 3:
Mon: off, Tues: 4km Tempo, Wed: 3km Tempo, Thurs: 4km Steady Run, Fri: off, Saturday: 3 Steady Run

That's where Im at right now. So far I did manage to get 3-3 km runs into one week but the 7 km is eluding me due to being sidelined by coughing fits. And Sunday is not a good day for that anyway; I have hockey and soccer to consider lol. Not so bad when they are not the same day tho :(

Im not sure when I will actually resume training.
ETA: Doc says pneumonia. Im down for the count.

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