Saturday, February 26, 2011

Catch Up

Im not even sure i can REMEMBER what Ive done over the past 4 days!
Wednesday evening 16 Frigid slushy horrid km.  I changed my route due to blowing snow and no shoulder to run on, and made the 16 km very very boring LOL up Pictou and down College.  There were challenging spots, like white outs at the field edges, blowing face on, slush, had to walk where there was boulder sized snow/ice balls too numerous to avoid SIGH.  At the end of the 16 I was sore in the hip but not really tired. I figure after all this snow running Im going to be SO strong. But it likely will not translate into speed at all :(:(:( Endurance I have, speed is not my friend.  It was -6 with wind chill of -14 (or more) and I was so frozen at the end when I was running the roads back and forth to make up the 16 km, half into the wind, half not :(
My hair was frozen into icicles and I could not feel my face so smiling was really funny ;) my hat was frozen to my sunglasses (for protecting against wind and snow) and my eyelashes were frozen. For the first time my nose froze shut!  LOL I could not breath for ages :) Good times.

Wednesday night I tried the foam roller.  That was an entertaining experience.  It's much harder and more uncomfortable than it looks. no idea if it actually did any good or not.  

Thursday morning was Kenpo X. I didnt get up early for it as I knew I would be able to go to work later.  I did not know that I was going to be taking Taylor to school; she was a little bit late because I tried to finish (skipped the cooldown oops). The rest of the day was busy.  Again I foam a little better (I watched some videos on it).
Friday I was stiff and sore. I woke early after having a disturbing dream about jumping off cliffs, and since I could not sleep I went down and put in the DVD....X Stretch. Im not getting up at 5 am to do X Stretch LOL.  It was ok but not a workout and IM not getting outta bed for it. LOL  I was struggling anyway, so stiff and unbendy.
It was must interrupted anyway; Scott kept going up and down, he was late for milking and got his car stuck in the driveway in his haste. After the third stomp in, when 2 of the kids were awake and I was getting no where, I went out and steered the car out of the snowbank while he pushed, and then I did a few more minutes of Stretch before stopping it to get the kids off to school. I dressed and had a nice long run, 10.4 km around town.  SIDEWALK HELL.

As I am running I have all these pet peeves I am cataloging...I never seem to remember them which I suppose is good, but there are some running themes. Why can drivers not slow down?  And not drive so close to me? Am I really so much in the way that you cannot slow down and wait for a safe chance to pass? I do believe they are trying to teach me a lesson; I dont belong on their roads!  And some of these roads; there are no side walks and the banks are not plowed back and there is NO WHERE to go but up the snow banks SIGH. 
Flicking cigarettes out the window at me; I mean really that is just rude.  And if I flicked a gum wrapper on the ground someone would say Im littering. Right?
I ran up over the train track hill and a few steps ahead the sidewalk looked relatively clear.  After all the slush I was on it was a relief. Until I realised it was not clear but was REALLY thin Ice.  and the puddle underneath? About 3 inches deep.  I am kind of glad I had on my trail shoes since I only got a little bit of seepage instead of soaked.
But those trail shoes. stiff as a board. And slapping the road like flippers. Im trying really hard to love them, think they are awesome on snow. But omg. stiff.  Still so hard to loosen up. I tried stretching while I was running but it didnt do a lot of good :(

Busy day so nothing else was really accomplished.

Right into Saturday; up early for hockey but so tired!  And it rained and snowed on top so roads were treacherous. Only 6 skaters and 2 goalies made it to hockey; 3 on 3 hockey is super hard LOL lots of skating for us :)  Good workout but again very tired.
Annika had hockey so I did get some skating time for fun in there; but the rest of the day has been spent celebrating Taylor's 13th birthday :) She is a teen now.  And has been acting it for a really long time :)

I sure do hope tomorrow improves but I am not holding my breath. It's supposed to be super cold and there is a lot of hockey going on.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

YAWN It's going to be one of "those" days

While I am sitting here working on my posture I can write about the last 2 days.  LOL Day 20 of P90X is rest/Stretch. I did neither.  I did Day 20 and Day 22 on the same day :)
Day 20 was Kenpo. I did that early, before work. Misjudged time a little bit, it's been really hard to get out of bed in the morning :( Im not staying up late, Im just tired.  So after Kenpo I got the kids going and discovered 1. the big dog had diarrhea in her kennel and all over that part of the garage. 2. The old cat has moved back upstairs and messed in the bathroom; and a genius of a man cleaned up the pee pad for him but did not put a new one down. HELLO?  You have to understand I LOVE my old cat. I really do. He is 16.5 years old and still quite ok. But he seems to have lost his everloving mind and he wont use a litter box.  He does like to pee on things so we use Puppy Training pads and it works well as long as we anticipate his whims and have them down.  He likes the hard floors (thank god) and this is why I am tolerating this almost intolerable behaviour. I LOVE this cat.  But It does get kind of wearing on ya when he's doing this. I preferred it when he kept it to the basement.  SO there was all this mess to clean up and we were running a little late.
I left the mess in the garage for Scott (I know, terrible, but the kids have to get to school) and I dropped them off and went to work.  Where I worked hard alllll day. LOL It is spring break so I am getting ahead for next week. HA. 
After picking up some kids I went home and got ready for Hot Yoga. We went for our first time. 1.5 hours at about 105 F.  It was really nice. A lot of relaxing, a lot of stretching. Compared to P90X it was NOT hard. It was just sweaty. I spent a considerable amount of energy trying to figure out how to not slip, managing towel and matt just right until I found some stability. The stretches were deeper and I sweated a lot!  I kind of counted that as the next day of P90X, Yoga.  Fair isnt it? LOL

Tuesday morning I waffled; was supposed to go with Scott to the city, could not really fit in the long run I wanted to :( so I got ready for the city (which was promptly pulled away...) I got pissy and plans were remade to go to the city but in my irritation I forgot 2 of the things I needed to do there.  Ugh so I do so need to go back now.
We went to the Running Room first since that was my most important stop.  Actually we went to that mall, got Pete's Fruitique Smoothies, and then to the Running Room.  There I got my covetted Foam Roller, and a Hand Held water bottle.  Just a little one, for those runs that are too long for no water but too short or inconvenient to carry the bigger one. And I CAN refill it, in race or if my long run passes a watering spot. 
So I could not wait to try out the foam roller.  But still lots of Halifax to do.  We visited One Tooth.  Lots of stuff I want but I am patient...
Scott did some calls. we went to Michaels where I got some stuff for a scrapbooking meeting this weekend with the 4H kids. We ate lunch at the Wok Box.  We went to Costco.  That was fun. I got some Quinoa to make for supper. I look forward to that :) Should be interesting. I would like it with Shake and Bake chicken LOL
Then we went back to Truro where Taylor and I went to Chiro and she was fitted for orthotics. She bears weight not so well.  Home, and despite excitement over the foam roller, by the time I got the kids to sleep I was also asleep.  SIGH.  Next thing I knew it was midnight.
So much for that.

This morning I did Day 23 of P90X; Core Synergistics.  I thought it was hard. LOL not so much work out hard as some things I found very tricky to do.  Some times I just thought No way this is foolish and I did something else. Like planks. But I tried VERY hard to do everything they did :)

Now I owe myself a long run today. I plan to go after a lunch and work session LOL work and eat at my desk so I can slip out at 230 and get the run in. My plan calls for way more km than I am doing but I am trying to work them up.  16 planned for today. For some reason that number makes me really nervous. Im not sure why.  :) 18 is far less daunting to me, but I want to get over the 16 first.

Will check in if I make it :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy Times

I often wish we had more hours in a day. Those are the hours I would use for sleeping. Because there are not enough hours in the day for all of we stuff we need to do, and still sleep.

I've not done any work all weekend. It all started on Friday. I did not get up in time for a work out before work. Got the kids to school (late thanks to thhe dogs and garbage day say no more) and went to work. It was the last day before spring break and I could not believe how many students started a day early which was annoying. I managed a short run at lunch time; i think it was about 7 km I will check; 6.8 km in 46 minutes including 3 hill repeats of 400 m and a few minutes of walking with a friend.
Since it was day 18 of P90X and yoga day, I totally jumped on sarah's idea to try out hot yoga for the first time. I rushed home and packed some clothes, got my Matt, picked up Sarah, and we were 2.5 hours early :( ugh it was really hard to imagine wasting all those hours so I went home and that is where I stayed :( there was a good supper, I was super tired, head ache. I compromised and we decided to go on Monday night, and I did yogaX in the basement, finishing at about 10 pm. That's perfect since we were leaving in the morning for the valley, should be really tired.
Saturday am I crawled out of bed at 520 for an hour of legs and arms? Back? I dunno what I did; day 19 anyway. Skipped ab ripper for time, figuring I would get back to it later. We drove to the valley in time for Holly's first tournament game :) they tied 3-3 on that. Off to grammy's house for dinner before game 2. Which they won quite well. Holly had a nice goal :) went to New Minas for shopping for Taylor, back to Grammy's for supper, off to hotel to visit team and swim and play, back to Grammy's at 1030 for tired!
Obviously there was NO time for anything else in there. I was kinda thinking, the rink in berwick had a really neat walking track and I thought about running on it on Sunday, but I ended up getting up early ( not that 7 am is as early as usual but still...earlier than everyone else in the house). I ran in the snow and slush to Coldbrook and back; my garmin said 8.4 km, mapmyrun said 9.6. I guess I went with the garmin...55:37 minutes.
Rushed to shower and made it to game 3; despite efforts and an almost goal for Holly, they lost 1-0 so sad :( but then I got to rush back to Truro for my hockey game! Made it with no time to spare! I did not expect that chance! In fact I got to play two games...the second as goalie for the orange team! The first game we played was good for us; I had one of our 5 goals. Second game was a shut out for us; I didn't do much tho, as the players kept the puck out almost the entire game. I needed more to do lol.
I've had enough today tired tonight and day 20 of P90X tomorrow. Last day (not taking a rest day before heading into week 4.) haven't lost a pound by the way...I don't believe.
I'm tired just reading this.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Despite it all

I still dragged butt out of bed this morning to do the workout.  Im still really tired and have some congestion going on; possibly I am trying to fight off a cold but at the moment I am still winning. As long as I try not to get too worn down, at which point I might succomb to the wicked cold my kids all have now.

One hour of P90X Day 17 Arms and Shoulders. this is likely my favorite day ;) It's the easiest workout.  Not that I dont work it hard. It's just the most doable IMO.  Did the weights and then the Ab ripper. And even tho Ive been tired and had work today I put on shoes and hat and went out for a run.  *.3 km up the hill and back, and I really pushed it up our last hill.  51:39 for the whole run, in in less than 50 minutes, hills both ways, and ice. I actually felt pretty good. I was analysing my form; I do seem to run fairly upright, arms not swinging too far forward, striking mid-foot.  Maybe footfall not perfect but really I dont feel like there is a lot to work on. Of course in my head Im running like a gazelle; in reality it is more like a hippo. But I think they are pretty water.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Feeling super tired this week; I think things are stressful at work only because there is a lot to do and not so much time; things are good just a LOT to do. I spend so much time marking and making up lectures; no matter how far ahead I thought I was at the start of the semester, it did not last long. I hope to use spring break to catch up, get ahead. Read. I need time to read!
Anyway, Monday activities did not go so well, it's such a long work day. So Tuesday up at 5 to workout...Plyometrics in the basement. An hour of jump training and ive never felt so sluggish, barely getting my feet off the carpet. The weather report had me out for a run not too much later, before the wind got worse and wind chill; wind warning kicking in. I ran to town and back. It was really windy but not so cold as it was later when temps dropped into minus teens. I thought one direction would be better than the other ( home) but the shifting gusty wind and snow had other ideas. It was hard but I felt relatively strong the whole way. Including the sidewalks of town where the slush still rules, mixed with more dog poo. Can't they clean that off? The rest of the way was on the side of the road, which has gotten super icey but is now easier to run on. As long as I am careful not to slide.
14 km in 1:34 not too bad :) will get faster. Once ice melts lol.
This morning i was up at 5 am but rather than P90X I marked tests. At 5 am. By the time I came ho e tonight I wasn't doing much. I'm wiped out. The kids all have colds, Taylor worst of all. Annika has been coming to my bed. Stress at home is high.
Tomorrow will be better. Workout in the morning if someones plans aren't too difficult to work around.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Stuff

So the weekend was less than what was desired. I have not done p90x in like 3 days. saturday morning I got up for hockey, after which things were crap. There was some confusion about who was going where and taking which kids to what :( and rather than doing the X right then as I should have, I procrastinated with laundry and coffee and some marking and ended up driving Taylor to port Hawkesbury instead of staying home with an hour spare at some point. 2 hours in the car, 5 hours beside a pool, and 2 hour drive home do not make an active day nor did I feel like exercising when I got home at 10 pm. Drained was what I felt; long drive in tones of snow, hours in e hot pool area, and more snow on the way home make me tense and cranky. Driving somewhere I don't know, for that long, way out of my comfort zone. Sometimesit isn't good for you. As much as I enjoyed the swimming, I am still tense about the trip.
Sunday morning was up early but rather than going out in the cold wind I set about marking some tests I am seriously behind on. I Need to do some massive marking tomorrow. finally when saw the wind was not going to die down and temps were dropping I dressed and headed off for a run.
Such a wonderfully sunny day; but bitterly cold! I was dressed wrong as usual; I cannot get it right! I was warm to sweating in minutes under my coat, but head frozen despite 2 hats. One kept slipping up...fidget. Ear buds were cold and being tugged about; fidget. Face mask wet; fidget. Face cold, pull up mask. Wet and smothery; pull mask down. Wet and frozen; numb face, fidget. I was getting very irritable. Finally settled into a stride and went. And on Valley road a freaking dog ran out of a house, across the road nearly missing a truck, And grabbed my leg. I fell into a snow bank and he only pinched my skin but grabbed my pants,...then let go and ran back across the street. I was speechless. His owner was all apologizing but I could barely make words...out of breAth and scared kinda dumb. I muttered things like f'in dog. Bit. Me. Truck. Ditch. Ughh! It was bad. I couldn't stand there getting cold so I ran off and took about 2 km to actually get comfortable running again. Still cannot believe it. I screamed noooo like a little girl lol but didn't want to see the dog get hit. Then didn't want it to bite me. All teeth and hair ick.
So I cut the run short; only 10 km rather than what I needed. Including stopping for the dog I was 1:09 ish :(
so was very tired for our hockey game :( tied 1-1.
Monday is such a long work day I've managed nothing; so tired right now I can barely see this screen. Going to read about dog aggression and go to sleep. Maybe better tomorrow.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hill Repeats

It did not warm up but I did get a run in; hill repeats 400m X 5.  7 km total, almost 52 minutes. OMG the slush. Hills in slush should be about equivalent to 10 repeats! Ugh. One direction was SO cold. My ears were frozen. I was very happy for my balaclava to cover up to my eyes but i didnt put it over ears and they were aching numb when I got back to the car. At one point it was snowing so hard, I could not see the top of the hill. But from the top, in the distance, I could see the sun setting and it was glowing purple and red and pink. SO nice!


So I spent some time thinking over the past couple of days and although I had some wonderful insight as to thoughts and what I've been doing, Im not sure I can make any conclusions at the moment LOL
So I am not even going to go there right now.  And Im not even sure this is the blog for doing that. But something has to change.

My head is all over the place.

Wednesday I had a very nice albeit short run that I did not mention. Somehow over looked a run? this is The Running Blog isnt it? :)  5.15 km once I made my last loop around the pool where Taylor was swimming and the littles were being dropped off.  It was not too fast thanks to messy sidewalks but I believe the colder weather is helping the slush become more stable.  The things we celebrate....stable slush.

Thursday I did get up earlyl I wore my workout clothes to bed LOL and I did find it got me going a lot easier. Someone suggested that for early morning runs but I find some of my running clothing WAY to restrictive to sleep in.  Those people must have really small breasts and no pinching running bras. Or be men.  Got Day 13 and Kenpo done.  I did not dislike it as much this time;  I was a little more coordinated and really worked hard to put effort into the movements and not just be arm flapping and foot flinging. It's as hard to figure out what they are doing as it is to do it.  Im talking to myself the whole time.  And falling over LOL

The snowshoeing did not happen and I was too lazy to go by myself so I planned to do a short run before picking up and delivering all the kids around but work did not let me do that; So I planned to do some cardio on the bike trainer after my night time meeting but did not do that either.  Nor did I get to sleep really early, nor did I see my favorite TV shows.  So what did I do? No idea.  But I didnt do that stuff.

Friday morning nice and early 509 am out of bed.  Had to find some clothes to workout in, slows me down.  But I skipped the laundry this morning LOL.  Back to Day 1/15 of the program; I skip day 7/14 because it is rest day and Xstretch day, and I rest enough on the days I skip LOL. Plus I will likely need a rest day this weekend, with the busy schedule we will be keeping and the long run I am going to attempt on Sunday morning.

This afternoon Im planning a run despite the nasty cold temps; just a short run.  But after shivering at work all day Im not sure I will actually do it.  I am So cold! I have on a shirt and a sweater and Im really cold! my hands are frozen!  Im thinking about running IN the building LOL  might warm up a little!

Time will tell!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hump Day back again

It seems a little bit repetative around here lately.  Work, home, hockey, cleaning, repeating.  I may be needing a little change of routine or a day completely off of everything...or something like that.  Unlikely.
We have had lots more snow; Monday was actually an amazingly sunny and warmish day but I only enjoyed it through the window; It was a long long long day at work. By the time I was finished there it was getting dark and I had to get Taylor and go home so Scott could go out. It is a good rest day anyway :)

Tuesday dawned bright and early and I fell out of bed and into the basement at 5 am for legs and back workout plus Ab Ripper which was so much better since I skipped it twice; no more burning stab in the abs :) healed! (I hope!)  It was good....Scott got some more weights and bands and a matt....looking like a home gym down there, with rec room stuff tossed in for kicks.

After the littles went to school I laced up sneakers and went for a long run; longest I have done in a while.  Couple of weeks anyway. It has been challenging to get the long runs in.  I did 10.5 km and had no time; just guessing at about 1:05 but not sure.  It was pleasant,with temps around 0.  It snowed the entire time :) Hard at some spots.  The ground was much less slushy than it had been; had lots of chances to run on the road as I was on the back roads. Im not sure how much snow we were expecting but Im actually surprised they did not send the kids home from school later in the morning.

Heading up Greenfield Road

Crossing Greg Road

Back down the mountain....Valley Road?

Heading down Wilson Mountain

It was a lovely day for a longish run. I have to start paying more attention to the training program; I am more on a plan for a half marathon than a full; need to start getting longer long runs on the weekend BRRR.

After I went to work for a few hours we went for a noon walk on the snowshoes :) So much fun! My new jacket was FAR too warm for it; it was snowing big wet flakes and I was soaking wet from the inside. 

That was super fun and not so much long enough! We are going again tomorrow :):):)

So Wednesday P90X was a bust; Im not sure what happened, I ended up back in bed.  And after supper, full stomach and very tired and stuff to do. Ive not gone down and done the day.  It's Kenpo.  I just didnt love it.  Not totally looking forward to it.  When I get around to it. Im totally aware of the fact that I could be doing that rather than blogging. But if I do I wont sleep. Im better off going to bed and getting up at 5 am tomorrow :):):)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh wait

Did you notice my lack of a long run this weekend? Yes, again I am lacking a long run.  Worried? very much.  The weather is not my friend. I just cannot fathom being out for over 2 hours in the cold and wind, rain and snow. And running all that time on the slippery ice and slush?

To be honest I am finding running exhausting.  Each step is 1 forward 1/2 back because of the slippiness. I try smaller steps but just have to take more of them, same slip.  It's not so bad when there is little traffic and I can stay on the pavement more, But that is rare and its been a combo of pavement and slush for weeks now. 

What am I going to do about long runs?

How on Earth did I get here?

Sunday night where did you come from? This weekend has been such a blur! I have gotten nothing done! Ugh. Double. Im not ready to go back to work!  Wah!

Ok Well Friday night was a great sleepover, 5 little girls came to stay with Holly and they were so cute LOL It went really well right up until the party ended. Holly started to thrown up, and continued to do so for 12 hours straight, missing her hockey, being really sad. 

I played 7 am hockey then stayed with Holly when Scott took Annika to hockey practice. I took her to her game, and then although I layed down with Holly for a few minutes, I mustered the strength to go for a run, knowing it was relatively warm and  I would likely not be running the next day.  Storm again.  I did 5.3 km in about 36:30 and never mind the freaking slush and ice. I did wear the new trail shoes; they are wonderful in snow, with lots of grippy goodness. But stiff, no padding, narrow.  I can imagine sore knees, sore ankles, and a rubbing on my toe.  Aw well time will tell.

Came home and spend an hour doing P90X Day 10, Arms and Shoulders. Lots of weights and stuff.  I don't find this one too hard but I really do want a few more sets of weights.  Not enough choice. I used Scott's bands but I broke a handle; Im such a brute.

Then off to Scott's Surprise 40th Birthday party. Stayed up too late, drank too much.  Up too early this morning; sleeeeepy day.  It snowed and freezing rained on us last night and drizzled and was windy all day.  Did some work for this week, need a week off to get ahead of work LOL.  Had hockey at 3; scored a goal in our 6-1 win.  came home and put in P90X Day 11 Yoga :) I actually finished the entire 1.5 hours this time. Last time I guess I was one move away from finishing the moving poses and moving on to balance, stretching, Ab work, and Ohhhhmmmms that made the kids giggle.  I did like it better this time; maybe better when Im not so sleepy in the morning? But it is super long. An hour and a half....most days this program is taking an hour and a half; it's time consuming.  I have not done the ab ripper since the other day; hopefully pain is gone away now.

Anyway might take tomorrow off since it's my very long day at work. Need to get a run in, and maybe one Tuesday before our next 6-10 inches of snow comes. Yay.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thankful for Friday Nights.

I love Friday night when the whole weekend is still spread out in front of me and while we have plans and I know it will be busy, it's still a bit more our time and it will be nice. 
Thursday morning, 530 am found me in the basement with P90X Day 8 going on; back to chest and back or something like that. Push ups and pull ups like mad.  I think Im getting more used to it; I didnt have to watch them as much and I was able to do some things better.  Pull ups are brutal. I cannot even do one. I put a foot on the chair and manage to pull up on the bar, but Im not really doing pull ups. I try to remember that even pulling up some of my weight Im doing more than before. And maybe by the end I will be able to do one.

Push ups are better, I can do lots of those, and some are even going really well. Im trying to use good form but sometimes I resort to doing them from knees (such a chick) so that I can concentrate on keeping body straight and do a few more of them. Better than none. Dive bombers were so much better day 2...I could figure them out faster and I did 5 the first time with good form before I dropped on my face. I noticed on Tuesday that I had a pain in my abs - a burning sharp, not a sore ache; and suspect in the puke fest of the weekend I may have pulled something. Thursday I did not make it very far into Ab Ripper...the sharp pain became a stabbing and I am convinced Im going to get a hernia. I KNOW I wont. But jeez. I will try it again soon.

Running conditions in Balmy NS
 Thursday was another day off school - big ol snow storm Blew through! It was awesome, fluffy light snow, a foot of it, And it blew around enough to cancel school again.  I had no classes so I stayed in and worked from home with the kids; coffee and computer in the rocking chair works super well:):):)
Late in the afternoon I threw on the running clothes, figuring there was a chance the roads might be clear enough for a run. They were, barely. I thought the plows had the roads nicely pushed back but the drivers going way too fast on slippy roads must have thought otherwise, the looks I was getting.  and the shaking fingers. Shaking heads, swear words.  I tried really hard to stay to the side; when a wood loaded truck passed me on the bridge I stayed very still lest I slipped underneath; but it wasnt enough. They have way too much faith in their tires.  SIGH share the roads?  My active lifestyle should not be such a burden.
Anyway the slush on the sidewalks was unwalkable let alone runable so I did most of the running on roads. Barely any sidewalks anyway.  The loop was 8.6 km door to door and it took an hour. And 5 seconds.  SO slow!
A bath and sleep by 8 pm completed that night. So I could get up early and do Day 9 of P90X.  It was Plyometrics. The cardio in that program always leaves me a little..."that's it?" It's not that its not hard. Im used to more intense cardio.  And the rests in between? lots of those.  Not that I dont get tired.  Just not enough.
So after an hour of PLyo this morning I did 57 minutes run 8 km tonight while Taylor was at swim.  And the sidewalks were still not cleaned off. SIGH it is like running in sand. And I was weary and cannot believe I did not fall at least once.  SO hard!  Snow running deserves its own category of Hard Core. It was a perfect day; around 0 C, sunny by times, totally nice. (ok a little wind). My loop took me a lot of up hill and then rewarded with some downhill then flat for about 3 km. It's good.

Now tonight, pretty tired. Having a slumber party for some little girls.  I want to go to sleep; hockey at 7 am. Might get to sleep eventually.

I think my plan is to NOT run tomorrow; 3 days in a row anyway. Will get day 10 in sometime tomorrow; I think it must be legs but I dont remember.
I need to get a long long run in this weekend but I dont know where to go; these sidewalks are killing me with their 4 inches of snow/slush. I need roads somewhere.  14 miles in this weather is hard; calling for more snow tomorrow.  Banks are already at my waist and crossing them has been challenging.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm not scared of NS winter!

Time is not on my side; no run yesterday. Got sidetracked and suddenly I was at the rink watching hockey practice. And it was snowing. And Icey. And I was cold. And tired. A million excuses but fact is no run.

This morning? Back up around 5 for P90X Kenpo X like kickboxing...I am so uncoordinated, I hope that I manage to Figure it out because I spent too much time grumpy about not understanding the moves.

And then even tho we had snow and were getting more I did so go for a run! so hard!with that much snow it was more like running in sand. It was totally fun but so hard and I'm rather sore from it. 4.5 km took over 31 minutes! Fun in the snow tho!

A short snowshoe trek when I got home completed my day !

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whew Where did the time go?

I was right; Friday I did not get the run in :( I felt bad shorting Scott on his birthday as it was, and I just went and picked up supper and cake and went home; thought I might get a workout of some sort in that evening but it just did not happen.  I dont remember what DID happen LOL.  Annika was a lot better by evening; we just had a quiet one.
Saturday dawned early.  I was up at just after 6 to get to a hockey game at 7.  Then Annika played at 830 and Holly at 930 in the same rink 20 minutes away. Tight!  Annika played Goalie and she was pretty darned cute, a little tentative but she did her best!
She then played at 12 in town, and afterwards we went home and I did a weekend worth of cleaning while Scott went to pick up our new furniture and then I squeezed in a run.  I meant to go 16 km this weekend's long run; I managed 8.4 due to time constraints and a faintly upset stomach....sign of things to come I believe. I thought after Holly's 530 game 1/2 an hour in the other direction, I might get more run or some sort of indoor workout in; being's it was day 5 of P90X; but felt very tired and kinda ugh after getting home from hockey around 730 and Annika was all out of sorts so we settled into the new recliner to watch a movie and were well asleep by 10. 
And up again by midnight and routinely through the night; both Scott and I were victim's to the nasty stomach bug going around.  I think that the flu should be counted as the mother of all ab routines.  EW.  Taylor was sick at her grandmother's house; we have all had it now.
I dragged out of bed at 7 to get Annika to hockey for 8; rough tho :( Scott stayed on the couch.
I even dragged myself out to my own hockey game; bofy fluid emissions had by this time stopped and I figured I would not feel worse out than in and the the coldair was was difficult tho but our team had only 4 players plus a spare and I really could not leave them any shorter.  I played the game and felt a little better right after but very tired once home and after some cleaning and bathroom disinfecting I was back on the couch for a nap until it was time for Holly's hockey game at 5.  Still a pretty gross bunch at this time.
And back home and to bed; I really attempted some school work but gave up and succombed to headache and sleep.
Monday....long day at work and I was still pretty nauseous and dizzy; reallly dizzy. And the headache was bad.  I did make it to work after poor sleep and stayed the day (no lecturing; could not spend that much time up in front talking) even making it through a digestive tract dissection lab.  And 2 long Computer labs. after Annika went to sleep I marked all evening. 
Whew not enough sleep today.  But I dragged out of bed at 515 am feeling better than yesterday and did Day 5 of P90X - Legs and Back. I think this was my fav day yet. Although I did not do the pull ups right.  Doing something has to be better than doing nothing. But if I could do one from hanging, it would be 100% improvement.  I pull the chair under.  Finished up with AbRipperX and before 645 I had worked out, done 2 loads of laundry washed and dried, and started supper.  Baked Beans in the crock pot thanks to a recipe HERE Thanks Faith Ann! I will let you know how it turned out; I added extra water because I will not be home all day to check the beans! :)
I do hope to get a 5 ish km run in today before it starts to snow, which is going to once again mess up my run for tomorrow :( I believe 10 km is my plan tomorrow :( Id do it today if I had more time :(

2012 km Goal