Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Stuff

So the weekend was less than what was desired. I have not done p90x in like 3 days. saturday morning I got up for hockey, after which things were crap. There was some confusion about who was going where and taking which kids to what :( and rather than doing the X right then as I should have, I procrastinated with laundry and coffee and some marking and ended up driving Taylor to port Hawkesbury instead of staying home with an hour spare at some point. 2 hours in the car, 5 hours beside a pool, and 2 hour drive home do not make an active day nor did I feel like exercising when I got home at 10 pm. Drained was what I felt; long drive in tones of snow, hours in e hot pool area, and more snow on the way home make me tense and cranky. Driving somewhere I don't know, for that long, way out of my comfort zone. Sometimesit isn't good for you. As much as I enjoyed the swimming, I am still tense about the trip.
Sunday morning was up early but rather than going out in the cold wind I set about marking some tests I am seriously behind on. I Need to do some massive marking tomorrow. finally when saw the wind was not going to die down and temps were dropping I dressed and headed off for a run.
Such a wonderfully sunny day; but bitterly cold! I was dressed wrong as usual; I cannot get it right! I was warm to sweating in minutes under my coat, but head frozen despite 2 hats. One kept slipping up...fidget. Ear buds were cold and being tugged about; fidget. Face mask wet; fidget. Face cold, pull up mask. Wet and smothery; pull mask down. Wet and frozen; numb face, fidget. I was getting very irritable. Finally settled into a stride and went. And on Valley road a freaking dog ran out of a house, across the road nearly missing a truck, And grabbed my leg. I fell into a snow bank and he only pinched my skin but grabbed my pants,...then let go and ran back across the street. I was speechless. His owner was all apologizing but I could barely make words...out of breAth and scared kinda dumb. I muttered things like f'in dog. Bit. Me. Truck. Ditch. Ughh! It was bad. I couldn't stand there getting cold so I ran off and took about 2 km to actually get comfortable running again. Still cannot believe it. I screamed noooo like a little girl lol but didn't want to see the dog get hit. Then didn't want it to bite me. All teeth and hair ick.
So I cut the run short; only 10 km rather than what I needed. Including stopping for the dog I was 1:09 ish :(
so was very tired for our hockey game :( tied 1-1.
Monday is such a long work day I've managed nothing; so tired right now I can barely see this screen. Going to read about dog aggression and go to sleep. Maybe better tomorrow.


Faith Ann said...

A dog bit you?! That is one of my running fears!! I had a huge dog tug free from its owner and charge at me a couple of summers ago and it scared me half to death. The owner barely acknowledged an issue and yet, I knew what their dog's breath smelled like!

Although for different reasons, I can relate to being drained and putting off workouts. I can't wait for spring.

Hope you have a better week ahead!!

Scrappytbear said...

Yeah I know, right???? It was freaking unbelievable. The guy "was" very apologetic but still!

This morning I was more tired than I remember being in ages...maybe I am coming down with something. :(

Gaspegirl said...

Spring has to arrive soon enough... I mean the darn groundhog did not see it's shadow, right! We need some Vitamin D and a little less snow and then we will all feel like Bringing it everyday!

Chest and Back for me today because I have been adjusting to getting back into the routine too... we all have weeks like this!

make it a great day!

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